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Times Are Changing
(December 11, 1997) Schweeeewee! Things are moving fast here at IBN: interbiznet.com. We're wrapping up our successful late fall series next week and have finalized the plans for the Winter series. We've shipped the first issue of our 8 page paper newsletter. Work on the 1998 Electronic Recruiting Index (ERI) is blazing away. We're hiring.

The Winter seminars represent a sea change for us. We will be delivering two seminars in each of 15 cities. One is for managers, owners and directors. The other is for professional recruiters and researchers. We've updated, revamped and formalized material from our 1997 series. Each seminar now includes a continuing education program that allows our graduates to continue to build their skills long after the seminar is over.

The paper newsletter has entered the month long cycle of print and mail. We will be shipping about 50,000 copies. If you want to be sure to get future copies of the newsletter, click the OK button at the top of the page. It will take you to a form that allows you to give us your name and address.

At the same time, we've revamped our occasional newsletter program. When you sign up for the paper newsletter, you'll get added to our list for a (different) electronic mailing as well.

The 1998 ERI represents a solid change for us. With over 15,000 observable recruiting sites, 2 Million plus jobs and 1.5 Million resumes, cataloging and reviewing the material is a huge chore. This year, we will be publishing the industry analysis on paper. Our site by site reviews will be a part of an online database.

To get all of this accomplished, we're hiring. If you're interested in working with us, we're looking for writers, researchers, sales people, electronic marketers and platform trainers. Keep your eye on this page for a button that will lead you to more details. We're hoping to make our placements exclusively from our readership.


(December 10, 1997) Wowee!! Maximum niche overcomes less than modest design. If you're hunting Engineers, you need to look at Engineeringjobs.com.

The model (which is readily repeatable in other niches) is simple. Gather all of the niche related employment stuff under one umbrella. The site includes:

There are tons of qualified engineers in the resume section!

If we were recruiting engineers, we'd bookmark and follow every link in this remarkable site. We're sure that lots of engineers will stop by to get their bearings as they plan their next assignment.

Do Nothing Recruiting

(December 09, 1997) We wish were smart enough to have thought of the sound byte. The credit for "do nothing recruiting" goes to the interesting folks at career crossroads. We have, as promised, included their latest missive in our archives. They rightly note that the coming trend in online advertising will be the automatic posting of material from your site to larger enterprises. You do nothing.

Junglee Corporation currently sets the standards in this area. With major accounts at the online newspapers and Virtual Job Fair, the Junglee engine scarfs material from your site and presents in the format of your advertising distribution company. They've been at this a while and are branching out rapidly.

We were tickled to receive a note from an upcoming competitor in this arena.

Career Cast offers "do nothing recruiting" and "resume mining" for its subscribers.

The site offers attractive packaging wrapped around a potentially powerful service. Unfortunately, as many current casualties understand, marketing is the central component of a successful web business. In recruiting, technology is a distant second. If you're going to play the technology game, you must have the kind of partners that Junglee brings to the game. They do the marketing, Junglee provides the engine.

We wonder about the market effectiveness of CareerCast. With 1 inbound link listed in AltaVista and 1 in Hotbot, the notion that they have traffic is suspect. After all, traffic is a function of inbound links. That makes the utility of this particular example of "do nothing recruiting" academic for the time being. But, if we were in a purchasing mood, we'd buy them and make the necessary marketing investments.


(December 08, 1997) A year ago, we predicted the broad dissemination of job posting boards and all of the consequences. As we were wandering around the Microsoft Site, we came across another nail in the coffin of the classified advertising model. There are two pieces to this story.

If you're looking to hire Developers for Microsoft Office Applications, you need to know about the Job Forum. With about 1,200 Resumes, the site represents an extraordinary look into the Office Developer community. The 1,000 job listings provide an interesting view of the marketplace. This sort of very niche specific advertising is sure to move you closer to your placement objectives.

The second interesting feature of the Job Forum is the intent behind the project. Take a close look at the Job Forum White Paper (3.2M download!). It details the setup of a similar job board, hosted on your machines, for your purposes. While serving the developer community, the Job Forum is also a critical demonstration of the use of Microsoft Office as an online tool. You can even download the application itself!

Recruiting Online:
Advanced Seminar Series

(December 08, 1997): Our educational series has been expanded. We will be delivering seminars in 15 cities this Winter. We will be offering both of our successful courses, updated to reflect the changing web environment.

Seminar I: Management, Strategies and Tactics
Don't jump on the bandwagon to be cool. Don't use technology without a clear view of the payback. This intense seminar addresses the questions any manager, owner or director should ask before continuing to invest in Electronic Recruiting.

Seminar II: Advanced Searching and Sourcing
Learn how to mine the data fields. This one day presentation covers spidering, flipping, and depth searching...all of the tools required to unearth the passive candidate. The course includes a A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools.

Graduates of both receive:

  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Protected Web Site
  • All Course Materials

    Enroll today, seats are still available. There is a discount available for early registrations.

    This is our Winter 1998 Seminar Schedule. We be delivering both seminars in each city.

    Feb 02: San Francisco, CA
    Feb 04: Los Angeles, CA
    Feb 06: Dallas, TX
    Feb 09: Atlanta, GA
    Feb 11: Chapel Hill, NC
    Feb 13: Columbia, MD
    Feb 16: Princeton, NJ
    Feb 18: New York, NY
    Feb 20: Boston, MA
    Feb 23: Cleveland, OH
    Feb 25: Minneapolis, MN
    Feb 27: Chicago, IL
    Mar 02: Kansas City, MO
    Mar 04: Seattle, WA
    Mar 06: Silicon Valley, CA

    Call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

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