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Toolkit Addition

ToolKit: Floating Windows

It sounds odd. At first we thought it was just another gimmick--perhaps not as dangerous to our PCs as Microsoft's IE 4.0, but nevertheless, we wondered what good it could be.

We forgot about the little floating window and it quietly minimized itself on the task bar.

In error we clicked it, thinking we were opening another window that had the search engine in it.

Little floating windows have their place.

Super Search is sponsored by Web Scout, a veritable treasure trove of information. Their little window is a benign form of push technology that brings you nothing unless you ask.

However, when you're ready to ask, it's right there, ready and waiting.

The floating window is a mega search tool that follows you around allowing you to search wherever you are, in the midst of whichever labyrinth-like site. There are only two boxes in the window. One allows you to enter your search term(s); the other is a pull-down menu with 30 choices.

Of course, the top search engines are included in the menu, but so too are dictionaries, FAQ finders, travel information and the ubiquitous sports news.

Is a floating window an essential? Of course not. It's just another one of many tools that can save a few clicks, a few seconds, and make part of a day a bit easier.

Search Tips

Search Tip: Be Found

Sue Smith, Chief Executive of the The Institute of Employment Consultants, says:

"It is still the people who will always make the difference to how well a recruitment assignment is handled but technology can make the process quicker and more effective in reaching a successful conclusion."

This cannot be overemphasized. Technology adds speed, widens your target market, offers innovative aid in finding new recruits. But an over-reliance on it spells disaster.

Take a look at one of IEC's latest survey results:

"The major complaint against voicemail was its efficiency in stopping the caller getting through to decision-makers - 'more effective than the secretary'".

Do you use voice mail? When a prospect calls you, do they get you? Or, do they listen to a monotonous voice spouting a list of numbers to press? Can they get through to you?

The last time we looked, people still preferred speaking to a human than a machine. Of course, email, online applications, and even video conference interviews have their place. So, too, does the human voice.

Yes, it takes time to answer the phone. It takes time to listen rather than skim a few lines. It takes time to understand questions that are implied in those that are asked. But careful use of this time also forges connections--one that no amount of technology is yet able to achieve and maintain.

Table Of Contents SEARCH TOOLS
  1. Search Basics
  2. Search Strategy
  3. Company Info
  4. Finding People
  5. Resumes
  6. Web Pages
  7. Usenet
  8. Mailing Lists
  9. Competitors
10. Discussion Areas
11. Cheat Sheet
  1. Master Sites
  2. Free Sites
  3. Usenet
  4. Niches
  5. Writing Postings
  1. Newbot
  2. Informant
  3. URL Minder
  4. Other Robots
  1. Starter Tools
  2. Browser Tips
  1. Salary Surveys


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