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Press Releases:

CCLC Opens First Child Care Center in New York City

Center to Focus on Backup Child Care Services to Save Companies Money and Increase Employee Retention

PORTLAND, Ore.--(December 08, 2010)--Now, more than ever, employers are continuously looking for solutions to help busy employees balance work-life needs. Helping to address this need, CCLC, a national child care provider dedicated to quality employer-sponsored early childhood education, announced plans to build its first-ever child care center in New York City. The CCLC @ 90 Park Child Care Center will focus on providing both full-time and backup child care to local businesses and their working families, as well as to the community.

"Our goal is to give parents the flexibility and peace of mind to make last-minute child care decisions by providing businesses with a trusted and safe environment that they can offer to employees." Companies that offer child care services find that these services are a substantial way to save money and differentiate themselves among competitors. A typical child care center can save a business up to $500,000 each year in reduced turnover costs; this according to BT Alex. Brown (now Deutsche Bank).

Backup child care offers parents resources when their usual care arrangements are disrupted or if their child's caregiver is ill or on vacation. CCLC @ 90 Park Child Care Center is designed to care for up to 68 children ages six weeks to five years. In addition to backup child care, approximately half of the spaces will be available for regular, full-time enrollment by families in the community. The new center is slated to open in the late spring of 2011, and will be located in the heart of the city at 90 Park Avenue near Central Park, just two blocks from Grand Central Station. CCLC is considering additional backup care center locations downtown and near Columbus Circle.

"In meeting with New York City businesses, we've already seen a tremendous interest in backup care services, and CCLC is thrilled to bring this much-needed service to employers and hard working parents," said Fran Durekas, CCLC Founder and Chief Development Officer. "Our goal is to give parents the flexibility and peace of mind to make last-minute child care decisions by providing businesses with a trusted and safe environment that they can offer to employees."

Neighborhood businesses will have the opportunity to partner with CCLC to provide backup child care benefits to their employees. Businesses may also be able to take advantage of alternate benefits including priority access, and tuition subsidies or discounts to increase availability and affordability of child care. Interested businesses can contact CCLC at 90Park @ cclc.com.

Backup care is an important recruiting differentiator for companies. In addition to saving businesses money, offering backup child care reduces turnover and absenteeism in the workplace.

In a study of employees with children in company-sponsored child care programs, 93 percent of respondents said that work-site child care was an important factor in considering a job change (Simmons College). A national survey also found that 59 percent of employees and their spouses missed between three and ten days of work in the last year due to the lack of adequate backup child care. (Workplace Options, Public Policy Polling). New Backup Center to Be Eco-Healthy

In addition to giving employers a unique benefit to offer employees, the CCLC @ 90 Park Child Care Center also will offer an eco-healthy environment for children. All CCLC programs are endorsed as Eco-Healthy Child Care centers by the Oregon Environmental Council and focus on providing the healthiest possible physical space, nutritious meals and stewardship of the environment. One-hundred percent of CCLC centers meet the Oregon Environmental Council's Eco-Healthy Child Care National Standards covering areas such as pesticides, air quality, household chemicals, lead, mercury, furniture and carpets, non-toxic art supplies, plastics, playground equipment, recycling and nutrition.

CCLC utilizes play-based, thematic and multicultural curriculum for all age groups through its proprietary program, which incorporates physical, social, language, cognitive and emotional development. In addition, the centers offer supplemental enrichment programs for accelerated learning.

About CCLC
CCLC is a national child care provider dedicated to developing unique and effective employer-sponsored child care programs. Founded in 1992, CCLC currently operates more than 100 employer-sponsored child development centers. Recognized for its unique approach, CCLC has been honored by Working Mother's inaugural Best Companies for Hourly Workers awards and named to the prestigious Center for Companies That Care Honor Roll for the past two years. In 2009, CCLC also received the Moving Into the Future Award from The Conference Board's Work Life Leadership Council for its Eco-Healthy Child Care initiative. CCLC offers high-quality child care programs for children ages six weeks to 12 years through on-site or near-site child development centers, before and after school programs, summer camps and specialized dependent care programs such as priority access and back-up child care. CCLC has extensive experience providing quality, convenient and affordable child care programs for working families, creating professional work environments for early childhood educators and helping our client realize their goals for recruitment, retention and work-life benefits. For more information visit www.cclc.com, and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ConnectCCLC.

Carey Kerns, 503-872-4986

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