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Press Releases:

Salary.com and PDI Ninth House Partner to Deliver Competency Data and Services

Customers of Both Companies Now Have Access to a Broader Set of Industry-Leading Leadership, Functional and Technical Competencies

NEEDHAM, MA and MINNEAPOLIS, MN, (Sep 23, 2010) -- Salary.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLRY), a leading provider of on-demand compensation and talent management solutions, and PDI Ninth House, a premier global leadership solutions company serving clients on six continents, today announced a partnership to provide data, solutions and consulting services for competencies and skills assessment to the enterprise market.

PDI Ninth House offers its Leadership Competency Framework, a research-based packaged set of real-life competency models for major leadership roles and levels. The Leadership Competency Framework helps companies confidently identify and select individuals who are best suited for new leadership positions, and identifies the areas of concern in the transition from level to level. Salary.com offers a growing job model and competency library of more than 1,600 job models and 1,300 functional competencies, which provide data and structure for typical jobs at all levels of an organization.

Through this partnership, customers of either firm may access the combined leadership, functional and technical competency data of both companies. Job models and competencies enable HR professionals to manage job descriptions, define core, leadership, and functional competencies, and align competencies across the organization. Competencies are an important component in helping companies assess, develop and manage their employees, and provide a strong foundation for talent management, compensation planning and succession planning solutions.

PDI Ninth House and Salary.com are working together to make the combined leadership, functional and technical competency libraries of both companies available to clients, making it easy for companies to obtain the data and services, and generate the industry-leading blended models they'll need for any competency initiative.

"We're working with Salary.com to provide the most comprehensive offering of core, leadership and functional competency data, solutions and services available anywhere," said Paul Storfer, director of talent frameworks at PDI Ninth House. "Both companies have time-tested competency solutions that have been delivered for years. Being able to extend our offerings to include Salary.com's market-leading functional competencies and skills assessment software is a win-win for us and our customers."

"Partnering with PDI Ninth House is a big advantage for us, as we can now add their industry-leading leadership competencies to our growing portfolio of job models and functional competencies," said Brent Kleiman, SVP, marketing & strategy at Salary.com. "It's a powerful and comprehensive offering that will help organizations from every discipline power their talent initiatives and skills assessments."

Existing customers may contact their PDI Ninth House or Salary.com representatives to learn more about the offerings related to this partnership. For more information, contact Salary.com at 1-866-SALARY1 or PDI Ninth House at 1-612-339-0927, or toll-free in the United States, 1-800-633-4410.

About PDI Ninth House
PDI Ninth House is the premier global leadership solutions company with distinctive expertise in accelerating leadership effectiveness to maximize organizational results. PDI Ninth House has 43 years of experience in helping clients identify, manage, develop and deploy superior leaders across all levels of their organizations. PDI Ninth House serves thousands of clients on six continents, including 70 percent of the BusinessWeek Top 100 Global Brands, 75 percent of the Forbes Global 100 and 80 percent of the Fortune 100 firms in the United States.

PDI Ninth House partners with the world's leading organizations, enabling them to address critical leadership challenges with innovative solutions. Our aim is simple -- the well-placed confidence that clients' current and future leaders are distinctively stronger than their competition, resulting in sustained, superior performance. For more information, visit www.pdininthhouse.com.

About Salary.com, Inc.
Salary.com(R) is a leading provider of on-demand compensation and talent management solutions. Salary.com's highly configurable software applications and proprietary content help executives, line managers and compensation professionals automate, streamline and optimize critical talent management processes including market pricing, compensation planning, performance management, competency management, and succession planning. Built with compensation and competency data at the core, Salary.com solutions provide businesses of all sizes with the most productive and cost-effective way to manage and inspire their most important asset -- their people. For more information, visit www.salary.com.

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