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National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems Charitable Foundation Supports Deserving Students and Schools, Encourages Public Service Careers, and Inspires others to Give

WASHINGTON--(September 02, 2010)--NCPERS Charitable Foundation, the charitable arm of the nation's leading advocate for public employee pension plans, has become an inspirational source of support for students in need, including many who have chosen careers in public service, and has encouraged others to begin their own charitable foundation.
"Our students work so very hard to achieve their academic dreams, while balancing family life, work, children and community involvements"

The NCPERS Charitable Foundation is supported by individual donations from public employees, public pension trustees, and NCPERS' corporate members. A recipient is chosen annually in the city where NCPERS hosts its annual conference. This tradition began in 2008 in New Orleans when the city was rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

During the past three years, the NCPERS Charitable Foundation has raised over $160,000. These funds have helped repair and rebuild four classrooms in the New Orleans Public School System and fund numerous scholarships to deserving students attending Los Angeles community colleges.

This year the NCPERS Charitable Foundation selected The Public Education Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving public education in Las Vegas, as its 2010 recipient. The Foundation will receive $38,585.

The Public Education Foundation serves the Clark County, NV, School District, the fifth largest school district in the nation. More than 309,000 students are enrolled in the district with 44% the students receiving free or reduced-price lunch. As a diverse, majority-minority district, the student population is 41% Hispanic, 35% Caucasian, 14% African-American and 9% Asian. Since 1991, the Foundation has mobilized community resources to improve Southern Nevada's public schools.

In 2009 the NCPERS Charitable Foundation's honoree was the Los Angeles Community College (LACC). The $28,224 donation helped support $500 stipends to students at each of LACC's nine colleges. Several of the recipients plan careers in public service:
  • Jacqueline Flores' goal is to be a kindergarten teacher/educator.
  • Wendy Ruiz plans to work in government to advocate for foster youth.
  • Oliva Mateo hopes to become an electrical engineer to help disadvantaged communities.
  • Tercius Bufete's goal is to become a teacher/writer.
  • Rafael D. Tadevosyan's dream is to become a high school English teacher.
  • Blanca Duarte also hopes to be a teacher.
  • Thomas Hunt, a psychology major, hopes to one day open his own clinical practice specializing in addiction treatment.
According to Dr. Sandra Lee, the union president at Los Angeles Southwest College, the grants made possible by the NCPERS Charitable Foundation are providing essential to support to these students. "Our students work so very hard to achieve their academic dreams, while balancing family life, work, children and community involvements," Lee says. "They are each so deserving, and I am so glad that through your coordination and diligence, our students were able to be rewarded with these scholarships."

In 2008 the NCPERS Charitable Foundation raised $90,934 that helped renovate and rebuild four deserving classrooms in the New Orleans public school system. The money supported the efforts of the Bridging the Gap Challenge, a project that seeks to improve the learning environment for New Orleans public school students by renovating classrooms, libraries, or media rooms needing restoration.

In 2011 NCPERS will hold its Annual Conference in Miami, FL. The Charitable Foundation's honoree in that region will be announced in February of next year.

The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) is the largest trade association for public sector pension funds, representing more than 500 public funds throughout the United States. Established in 1941, it is a network of public trustees, administrators, public officials, and investment professionals who collectively oversee nearly $2.8 trillion in retirement funds managed on behalf of six million retirees and 14 million active public servants.

Bob McLean, 703-582-9827

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