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Press Releases:

Giant Realm Survey Reveals Young Men Are Bucking Job and Career Outlook Trends

Majority Report Their Lives and Careers are Headed in the Right Direction

NEW YORK -- (August 24, 2010) -- Giant Realm, Inc., a leader in delivering young male first movers to advertisers via its premier entertainment enthusiast communities, today released the results of its quarterly Giant Realm GuyPulse Series. Conducted earlier this month, the study of more than 850 men between the ages of 18-34 revealed that despite recent headlines of diminished job prospects for Generation Y, young men are genuinely pleased with the direction of their careers and lives.
"Young men are a resilient group, optimistic and fairly positive of their current state"

The study found nearly one-third (29.5%) of respondents report "things are going great - I wouldn't change a thing" when asked their overall work and life outlook, and another 44.9% say that things are "okay" and with just a few minor changes they would "be even better off." Only one-in-six (16.2%) say "I need to change directionů and fast!" The study found that nearly two-thirds (64.7%) of 18-34 guys are employed with 40.4% working in jobs they think are good for their careers. Another one-quarter (24.3%) say they are working, but feel it is time for a better gig. One-fifth (21.7%) of respondents are students; and 14% are unemployed - with the majority (79.8%) of this latter group actively looking for work.

"Young men are a resilient group, optimistic and fairly positive of their current state," said James Green, President of Giant Realm. "They have good jobs, they're motivated, they're social, they're spending money and they influence their family and friends. The fact that young men see themselves as being in a good place is good news for advertisers who target this important group to promote the products guys love."

Though 45.9% of all respondents live at home with their parents, seven-in-ten (69.8%) of those who do say mom and dad "like having me at home." Of those respondents living at home, the majority (62.2%) are between the ages of 18-24.

Interestingly, half (50.3%) of all respondents say their parents kick in with extra spending money or help pay the bills all the time, or when asked - even in instances where respondents are gainfully employed (43.7%).

Nearly three-in-five (58.5%) of 18-34 guys say family and friends ask for their opinions on which video games to buy, and a whopping three-quarters (77%) say they are asked for recommendations on which movies to see. Young men also might be seen as a good source for movie recommendations given one-quarter (24.8%) hit the theaters on opening weekends for movies they want to see, and an additional 39.8% say they might go to the premieres if the movie suits them.

About Giant Realm
Giant Realm, Inc. is a rapidly-growing media company that helps marketers reach the coveted and elusive 18 to 34-year old male online. Exclusively representing a publisher group of more than 70 premium destinations, Giant Realm delivers authentic content and caters to communities across a variety of popular entertainment categories. Launched in 2007 and originally focused on video game communities, the company has expanded into film, television, sports, comics, humor and lifestyle. Giant Realm currently reaches millions of guys worldwide every month and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burst Media Corporation. Visit www.giantrealm.com for more information.

Kel & Partners
Jean Nickerson, 617-904-9393, ext. 129
jean @ kelandpartners.com

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