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Press Releases:

Recruiters set to embrace online innovation and get even better results from new look website

April 29, 2010

Recruitersite.co.uk announced today that following a successful six months beta testing phase it is unveiling a dynamic new look and a full range of attractive multipost advertising packages.

Originally set up in 2009, recruitersite has seen its client base go from strength to strength as more and more recruitment professionals have embraced its job posting innovation and reaped the rewards of cross-posting their job vacancies to some of the UK's leading online media in one easy step.

As well as the new look, a range of improved multipost advertising packages have been designed to provide something unique, flexible and easily accessible. As Recruitersite Director Mark Jones told us "We're dedicated not only to bringing the UK's first all-in-one job posting tool to the recruitment industry, but to create something that will deliver tangible results for recruiters". Co-Director Scott Taylor added "the recruitment industry has been the driving force behind making these improvements and the result is an impressive service all of their own. With this more flexible and dedicated advertising solution I am sure we will see even more recruiters enjoying the benefits of the recruitersite online recruitment solution".

The new site very much focuses on results, value for money and offering a flexible, no hidden cost advertising medium. Every recruiter will be able to multi-post job adverts to most of the top online recruitment media via an intelligent and easy to use system. And, as Mark explained "the whole process will be backed up by a member of the service team via our new live help section".

The opportunity to distribute job adverts on a pay as you go basis has already seen a growing base of recruiters benefit throughout recruitersite's beta test stage. By having all response directed back to the recruiter direct from source eliminating the need to jump from site to site or rely on third party companies to track candidates, recruitersite will deliver a real improvement in effectiveness.

Scott Taylor said: "We have invested a lot of time and expertise in this project and are looking forward in helping the SME recruitment industry drive down their advertising costs and improve the return on investment". And, as Mark Jones pointed out : "Social media will also increase the candidate reach as all of our jobs will be posted onto Twitter, plus recruiters who join the recruitersite network on LinkedIn can also enjoy regular job posting discounts".

It all adds up to good news for SME recruiters everywhere as they look to maximise the response to their job board posts.

Scott Taylor - Director
Unit 12 Vauxhall Street
Dudley, DY1 1TA
Phone: 01384 457 670
For information visit: http://www.recruitersite.co.uk
or email: info@recruitersite.co.uk

# # #

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