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Press Releases:

Staffing Companies cut costs by Integrating Placement, Time Tracking and Accounting Systems

St. Louis, MO and San Francisco, CA May 14, 2009 - Sendouts and Virtual Software announced full integration of the Sendouts Pro and Virtual Time + Expense platforms. The integrated solution offers staffing companies a comprehensive best of breed solution for managing and tracking placements from first contact to final payroll.

Both Sendouts (www.sendouts.com) and Virtual Software (www.virtualsoftware.net) are recognized leaders in on-demand services for the recruiting and staffing industry. Sendouts is the leading single source of on-demand recruiting software for the recruiting and staffing industry and Virtual Software is a leader in on-demand time tracking and expense reporting for staffing companies. The combination results in a complete solution that dramatically reduces costs and complexity for staffing firms.

Sendouts Overview
  • Integrated sourcing tools enable recruiters to source from social networks, job boards and import candidates directly into the Sendouts Pro application
  • Automated Job Broadcasting enables firms to broadcast their jobs to millions of active and passive candidates on the web at no additional charge
  • Streamline daily management and eliminate non-revenue producing tasks with automated pipeline management
  • Gain 360 degree visibility into your business with real-time reporting and ROI tracking
  • Re-allocated valuable time with advanced mobile features, web 2.0 tools, resume importing tools and auto-populated records that reduce data entry by 95%
  • Reduce overhead with a centralized software application, hosted national data center, data security, back-up systems, disaster recovery procedures and 24/7 monitoring systems and technical support.
  • Web-based - Access database from any location in real-time
  • Backed by an industry leading 98%customer satisfaction rate

  • Virtual Software Overview
  • Virtual Time imports key placement data including placement name, job, bill rate, pay rate, approver name, email addresses, user names and encrypted passwords
  • The placement is immediately able to login to the online time tracking system and begin recording time to the job
  • Virtual Time sends an email notification to the approving manager when hours are submitted for approval
  • The approving manager logs on via the web to approve submitted hours
  • Accounting uses the summary dashboard to track approved, unapproved and unsubmitted hours and to send push-button email reminders

  • Accounting Integration
  • Accounting reviews hours, bill rates, pay rates, invoice details and gross payroll summaries in Virtual Time
  • Approved invoice data is exported directly to QuickBooks or Peachtree and the invoices are automatically created in the accounting system
  • Approved gross payroll data is exported to a file format that matches the appropriate payroll service

  • "This alliance ushers in a new era of efficiency for staffing companies. The Sendouts Pro and Virtual Time solution not only automates the placement and time tracking processes but also links all of the key back-office systems. When compared to the labor-intensive processes in place at most companies today, the efficiency and accuracy gains are immediate and impactful" said Chris Farrell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Virtual Software Inc.

    "This partnership not only creates maximum productivity and increased data accuracy, but a new standard in the recruiting software industry," said Jonathan Herrick, Vice President of Sales at Sendouts. "The automation between Sendouts and Virtual Software will enable clients to focus completely on their business - winning job orders and placing candidates."

    To learn more about Sendouts call 877-309-5222 ext. 128 or visit http://www.sendouts.com/demo.aspx?interbiznet

    To learn more about Virtual Software call 888-874-1118 or visit www.virtualsoftware.net.


    About Sendouts
    Sendouts is the leading, single source provider of recruiting software for third party staffing and recruiting firms. Sendouts web-based recruiting software enables recruiting firms to streamline their recruiting process, increase productivity, and make more placements. Additionally Sendouts provides unparalleled training and support and is backed by an industry leading 98% customer satisfaction rate. Sendouts clients on average achieve an internal growth rate of 48% and increase job order fill rates by over 20%. Sendouts helps more than 1000 firms automate and manage the entire recruiting process, from sales to final placement. For more information, visit www.sendouts.com or call 877-309-5222.

    About Virtual Software
    Virtual Software is a leading on-demand time tracking and expense reporting software provider to staffing and professional service firms. Virtual Software's efficient web-based platform is easy to use, configure, and integrate with accounting packages and payroll providers. Virtual Software is an Intuit QuickBooks Gold Partner and Peachtree Third-Party Add-On Partner. For more information please visit www.virtualsoftware.net

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