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Press Releases:

Jobscience Brings Power of Google Apps and Salesforce.com to Recruiters

May 15, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Jobscience, Inc., a market leader in automated workforce management, has launched the first applicant tracking system to natively incorporate Google Apps and Salesforce CRM. The application integrates a Google Apps account with any edition of Salesforce CRM. The Jobscience custom recruiting application, developed natively on the salesforce.com's Force.com platform, allows small to medium size companies to publicly broadcast jobs, accept online applications, and utilize Google Docs to manage resumes and other recruitment-related documents.

The launch of Jobscience for Google Apps is the latest in several recent announcements of Jobscience's use of cutting-edge technology for recruitment, including a native iPhone application.

"The recruitment industry is moving toward a candidate-centric, CRM-style approach to applicant tracking, and we're on the leading edge of that movement," said Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience. "We believe salesforce.com and Google have the strongest cloud computing platforms for CRM and document management, respectively. We also believe recruiters should have the best tools at an affordable price point, with functionality that helps them ultimately place higher quality candidates at an accelerated rate."

By partnering with cloud computing leaders Google and salesforce.com, Jobscience is delivering the power of on-demand, Software-as-a-Service cloud computing to Human Resources departments of companies large and small, including Ryder, United Utilities, and TriNet.

To learn more about Jobscience for Google, access a video demonstration here or contact Jobscience at 1(866) 284-1892 or by email at sales_info@jobscience.com.

About Jobscience
Founded in 1999, Jobscience (www.jobscience.com) has a vast portfolio of automated applicant tracking and management solutions that integrate all key hiring and employee management functions through a central web interface. Automating the process tightens the workflow between HR managers, recruiters and candidates, and ultimately decreases hiring costs. Currently offering such functions as standardized job descriptions and job posting, applicant tracking, HR policy, background checking, and employee referral, Jobscience offers solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses as well as comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions.

Google, Google Apps, Gmail, and Google Docs are trademarks of Google Inc.

Jobscience, Inc.
Michael Vicchitto, 415.354.5617 (office)
Marketing Manager
mikev @ jobscience.com

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