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The advertising
industry is on
the verge of
being shattered
into a thousand
fragments due to
the knowledge explosion
and the proliferation
of new technologies.
There are no
more grand theories
that hold sway
over the entire
Michael Strangelove

Advertising is
one of the minor
arts, so don't
be intimidated
by it. Try
not to lose
your sense of
Keep it fun.
Robert Bly

is more
it seems.
John Gall

The System
is its own
John Gall

It's better to
do a few things
really well than
than to do
a lot of things
If you can't
make the necessary
commitments of
time and energy
to your
scale back
your plan.
John Sumser


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C l i c k   o n c e   t o   r e c e i v e   o u r   o c c a s i o n a l   N e w s l e t t e r

December 13, 1996

New Advertising Age Supplement

Advertising Age has created a supplement to their periodical called Net Marketing housed in its own web site. In addition to a forum and a glossary of important terms, the knowledge base is a wealth of informative articles accessible by month, category, or a search engine. Plan to visit this site when you have a lot of time on your hands. --Linda Wilson

December 12, 1996

Marketing Awards

If you feel your site qualifies as a trailblazer in Internet Marketing you might want to submit it for consideration in The 1996 Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence. The yearly awards "recognize innovative and significant successes in the Internet marketing industry", and address 4 different areas including contributions that facilitate marketing on the Internet or sites that have achieved financial or PR success. Nominations will be accepted from the general public until January 31, 1997 after which a final selection is made by a review committee made up of Internet marketing experts. --Linda Wilson

December 11, 1996

Newsgroups and mailing lists can be a window to public opinion, and are a valuable tool to monitor whether there is currently any discussion about you, your product, or your company. Off-line you can take advantage of a clipping service, but what about online? You can use a site like Liszt for locating topical mailing lists and newsgroups, but it can be very time consuming to read and monitor these forums on a regular basis. A service like DejaNews is more useful in that it allows you to search mailing list and newsgroup archives for a text string such as your company name. However, you still need to remember to do this on a regular basis. is a new site that combines the best of Liszt and DejaNews and takes the service one step further. In addition to topical and archive searches, registered users can store complicated queries to run at a later date. Queries can also be run automatically at a specified intervals so that each time the search is run, you receive an e-mail message that contains the results found since the last search. This is a valuable tool for marketers to monitor their PR and promotion efforts. --Linda Wilson

December 10, 1996

Using Humour in Marketing

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Fed-Ex is well commended by Sled-Ex. Besides being a parody of the award winning Fed-Ex site, Sled-Ex is a good example of using humour to attract visitors. Interactive Marketing Partners, a web site hosting a design company, has created a timely site to track Santa's gift delivery system that demonstrates their interactive abilities. --Linda Wilson

December 09, 1996

The Cows at TUCOWS

One of the best places to download Windows Internet software is TUCOWS (The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software). Taking advantage of their acronym, they rate free and shareware packages by awarding a number of cows. The most popular software is awarded 5 cows. TUCOWS has now found it self in a copyright battle over their cow images. Gateway Computers has asked TUCOWS to stop using cow-related graphics so as not to "confuse and deceive the consuming public". It seems unlikely that consumers would confuse a large computer manufacturer with a web site that distributes free and shareware software. Now that the web enables us all to publishers, do we have to worry that we will pick a subject for an image that a large company with financial and legal resources will make us "cease and desist" using? Somebody better tell the dairy board. --Linda Wilson

December 08, 1996

AT&T Launches Media Bistro

In an attempt to lure advertisers to their WorldNet Service, AT&T has launched a new site called Media Bistro. Primarily just another link list to online advertising resources, AT&T's new Media Bistro offers links to articles, white papers, and an forum to discuss the issues surrounding online advertising. While there wasn't much new here it will be interesting to see what value this site adds to the debates surrounding the current difficulties advertisers are facing in purchasing and placing online advertising. --Linda Wilson

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