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The advertising
industry is on
the verge of
being shattered
into a thousand
fragments due to
the knowledge explosion
and the proliferation
of new technologies.
There are no
more grand theories
that hold sway
over the entire
Michael Strangelove

Advertising is
one of the minor
arts, so don't
be intimidated
by it. Try
not to lose
your sense of
Keep it fun.
Robert Bly

is more
it seems.
John Gall

The System
is its own
John Gall

It's better to
do a few things
really well than
than to do
a lot of things
If you can't
make the necessary
commitments of
time and energy
to your
scale back
your plan.
John Sumser


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C l i c k   o n c e   t o   r e c e i v e   o u r   o c c a s i o n a l   N e w s l e t t e r
August 24, 1996

Navigation Design

Webmaster magazine remains on our list of treasured resources. Be sure to give a good look at Finding The Way. The article is a discussion between three webmasters about maximizing site navigability.

August 23, 1996

International Web Usability

As Sun Microsystems' usability guru, Jakob Nielsen tirelessly beats the user interface design drum in his monthly column, Alertbox and in a variety of other books and publications. This month's article talks about some of the minor details to watch in making your site usable for International Audiences.

August 22, 1996

Letters, We Get Letters

Staying adaptive means finding a way to flush your assumptions from time to time. It's no mean feat, particularly in the heart of the info-glut.

We hesitate before suggesting yet another mailing list. Our inbasket fills daily with unread gems that simply exceed our ability to absorb. We're sure that yours does too.

New Thinking is a weekly essay from an Irishman that attempts to help you reframe your assumptions. The distinct cultural perspective is coupled with a hard working attempt to break new ground. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

We purge our mailboxes often and there are many pieces that go directly into the trash without a reading. New Thinking seems to hover close to the edge without quite making it into the trash pile. In one of those increasingly infrequent quiet moments, we open it and are often delighted.

The New Thinking archives will give you a chance to evaluate this resource.

August 21, 1996

Simple Riches

We've been repeatedly reminded over the past couple of days that the Web is more like a telephone system than it is like a neighborhood. The idea that the Web is a "market" has its grounding in the idea that the web is somehow equivalent to a community. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Web is a connector of people, not a gathering place.

Although it's not true universally, in many cases, the "best" website gets out of the way of the relationships that build through the medium. While it's tempting to write simplicity off as a design failure, studied simplicity increases the transparency of the medium and removes place from the equation. In other words, the idea that the web is somehow a place or a market can be incredibly counter-productive.

A recent visit to a website called the Global Translation Alliance has had us considering these ideas for a day or so. Take a quick look.

The site has the chore of matching buyers and sellers of translation services between 46 different languages at three levels of skill. In other words, they have a product line that covers over 6,000 discrete offerings. You'd never guess that the database was so complex from using the site. Rather than overwhelm the user with layers and layers of nested menus and clever clip art, the Global Translation Alliance cuts directly to the chase.

What do you want to do, at what level of sophistication and how big is the job? The result is an instant quote.

We suggest that you use the Global Translation Alliance as a simplicity benchmark.

August 20, 1996

Peeking Through The Keyhole

McKinley, the Internet arm of the Robert Maxwell media empire recently purchased by Excite, offers an interesting slice of raw market research. The Search Voyeur delivers 20 randomly chosen keywords from ongoing searches every 20 seconds. The result is a mind altering stream of juxtaposed words and phrases.

We'd suggest a 10 or 15 minute immersion in this slideshow. While summary statistics are far more useful for marketplace decisions, there's something very educational about a dip in the raw data stream.

August 19, 1996

Can't Live Without 'Em, Can't Kill 'Em

Putting a Web business together requires a broad range of skills, most of which will exceed your core compentencies. Comfortable or not, this means that your operation will depend, to some degree, on a network of alliances and partnerships. Whether it's your local site architect, an advertising broker, independent content generators, a graphics house, an ISP or positions with the big boys (Netscape, Apple, Microsoft, Sun, SGI), position will equal partnership. The right alliance at the right time will provide a shot in the arm for traffic, visibility and sales.

The downside is that those same alliances will dictate significant portions of your capital investment strategy. The Web is increasingly littered with one-shot overnight sensations who were unable to survive an initial success peak. Getting into bed with this kind of alliance partner can have a near term positive effect and a long term penalty. The key question has to be: do you have a rapid exit strategy in your alliance relationships?

August 18, 1996

Views on Who's Making The Bucks

Somehow, the idea that losing money is part and parcel of doing business on the web has taken root in the traditional media. We're tempted to assert that it's a bias rooted in the difficult transition between print and the web. Here are a couple of the best sources of data for dealing with this widespread misunderstanding:

Take a look at the Archives. We've indexed all the past issues with topic pointers.

Try Freeloader

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