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The Kuwesa Project
Kuwesa (To be able)

The Kuwesa Project assists HIV widows in Western Kenya through various income generating activities.

The widows of Kuwesa are able, and they produce the KUWESA JACKET, a reversible jacket with kanga fabric (with Swahili sayings) on one side and kitenge fabric on the other. Proceeds from the sale of these jackets will support the maker of the jacket, her children and HIV orphans in Western Kenya.

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To order contact kuwesawidows@hotmail.com

Please provide chest size
Sizes: 34-48      $ 45.00 U.S.     38.00 Euro
Sizes over 48     $ 55.00 U.S.     45.00 Euro
Shipping            $15.00 U.S.     12.00 Euro (from Kenya)

Thank you (Asante sana) for your support

(KUWESA is a project of the Rural Service Programme, PO Box 14 50309, Tiriki, Kenya)


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