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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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The Top 100 Recruiters as Defined by our research for the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index


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    Getting Started

    This section contains our getting ready tips collected from the daily newsletter.


  • Preparing Your Resume
  • Resume Services
  • Sample Resumes in HTML for you to examine and use
  • Places to send your Resume
  • Resume Databases: Over 60 Places to post your resume


  • Job Search Sites
  • Finding Opportunities
  • Searching the Web (a part of our TOP 25 listings

    Job Guides

  • Catapultbest bet - over 200 links to career resources
  • JobHunt - From Stanford
  • The Riley Guide best bet
  • Other Job Guides

    Top 25 Recruiting Sites

    These are the best recruiting Websites on the web as determined by the
    1996 Electronic Recruiting Index

    Job Ad Sites

    This is where all of the employment traffic is on the web. We've listed over 50 and noted the best of the lot

    Matching Services

  • E-Span - Interactive Employment Networkbest bet
  • Intellimatch On-Line Career Servicesbest bet
  • JobCenterbest bet

    Headhunters and Recruiters

  • Executive Search Firms
  • Technical Recruiters
  • Internet Professional Associationbest bet - online association for members of the employment industry. Offers jobs lists, career advice, free resume uploading and a directory of 1200 member firms

    Newspapers and Magazines

    We've created listings of


    We've organized and indexed over 100 job related Newsgroups. Before you jump in, read up a little on their history, use and peculiar netiquette. We'd suggest that you'll find the alternatives easier to use. When we last checked, there were over 1,000,000 job postings in the various newsgroups.
  • Newsgroup Background seeJob Smart
  • International Newsgroups
  • US Newsgroups
  • Miscellaneous and Professional Newsgroups
  • Searching Newsgroups
  • Companies with Job Postings: Over 1500 companies, their home pages and a link to their job listings page

    We've listed 133.
  • Also, check our collection of Tools for Company Research

    Specialty Areas (More Recruiters and Advisors)

  • Geography
  • Professions/Careers/Special Interests
  • Career Resources

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    More Resources
    • Companies with Job Ads (Over 500 Links to Companies and their Job Postings)
    • Tools (Everything You need for a Job Hunt)
    • The daily newsletters are archived in weekly volumes in the Archives . Past issues include:

    If you know of a resource that we should review, please email Jean Collins

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