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    Preparing Your Resume


    Very few people are good at the art of Resume Development. The thought of having to commit a life history to a single sheet of paper is enough to cause night sweats and ulcers for many of us. It's an anxiety producing experience.

    When asked how he dealt with the continual ambiguities of Quantum Physics, a recent Nobel Prize winner said, "You never get comfortable with it, you just get used to it." And so it is with writing a resume.

    Worse yet, much of the advice you'll get is contradictory, at best. The world of Resumes and Resume evaluation is changing rapidly. For instance, it's safe to assume that a resume sent to a firm with over 500 employees will be read and digested by a computer.

    Writing for a database is very different than writing for a person. Computers have problems with verbs and 'enjoy' keywords. Humans seem to prefer action statements and assertions of initiative. What pleases a computer is likely to bore a person and vice versa. A good place to start your thinking about resumes in today's market is

    The Electronic Resume Revolution: Create A Winning Resume For The New World Of Job Seeking
    Joyce Lain Kennedy and Thomas J. Morrow
    $12.95 from John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
    Professional Reference and Trade Group
    605 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10158-0012
    1-800-225-5945 (to order)

    How you approach developing your resume is very much a function of how much time you have. Our listing of Resume Services includes professional preparers, posters and places to put your HTML Resume.

    February 2, 1996
    Resume Preparation Tips

    Take a look at Recruit Media. They provide a very clear description of their "CV" requirements, cleverly disguised as advice for preparing a resume. When a recruiter or employer provides thes sorts of "hints", you can be sure that your resume will be evaluated, in part, by how well you can follow instructions. Be prepared to modify your credentials package to conform with the desires of your targets.

    Jan 18, 1996
    Resume Preparation
    Joyce Lain Kennedy is one of the best sources of information on Electronic Resumes. Check out her article: How to Write an Electronic Resume. The basic points are:
  • Learn to think nouns, not verbs
  • Use Labels or Keywords
  • Less is always more
  • Keep the design simple
  • Don't use abbreviations
  • Use common language
  • A One Page Limit is no longer the rule

    Jan 04, 1996
    Resume Development
    Visit Intellimatch and kill two birds with one stone. Once you've poked around the site a little, take the time to fill out the WATSON resume form. In the process, you'll get a good review of your skills and experience while adding your credentials to their matching database. If you haven't written your resume yet, this exercise will give you a firm foundation and a solid review of potential keywords.

    Jan 03, 1996
    Resume Development
    .Your Resume is going to be read by a computer. Period. If you want to surface in a Resume Database, you absolutely must include a Keywords section at the top or the bottom of your final product. Keywords are nouns that describe your skills and experience. Use somewhere between 30 and 40.

    December 31, 1995
    Resume Effectiveness
    If you send a resume by email, always send another copy of the same material by fax. So, when you visit a Website

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    "Niche Job Sites are more effective" - Forrester Research study
    Why not look for jobs in your specific area?

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