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February 23, 1996
Finding Opportunities

Want to be a disc-jockey? Like most disciplines on the web, the Radio Disc Jockey world is a sea of resources. An interesting bet is the Unemployed Disc Jockey's site. Don't expect to find actual job listings (the job related buttons don't work). But, the site is a nice accumulation of resources and trade magazines. If you want to be a DJ, just send your resume to each of the listed Radio Stations.

February 21, 1996
Finding Opportunities

As a part of our daily Recruiting Newsletter, we routinely publish a list of new Recruiting sites on the web for the week. Chek out this week's list. Get your resume into the hands of new recruiters as they enter the web.

February 19, 1996
Finding Opportunities

Professional associations really are geat places to turn up opportunities. Take a look at theIEEE Computer Society's Listings or the IEEE-USA National Job-Listing Service

February 18, 1996
Finding Opportunities

Take a long look at the resources offered at the Virtual Job Fair. The Job Search Engine is particularly useful. There's a huge, searchable archive of career articles and a vast set of pointers to career related web-links. The features of Virtual Job Fair are almost too expansive for words. If you're hunting, you'll want to bookmark this site.

February 16, 1996
Job Hunting Tools
Job hunting stinks. Here's an exercise that should liven up your day. We promise that it will help build your job hunting effectiveness in the long haul.

Visit the new Disney site. Plan to spend at least an hour with it. The site is an amazing collection of state of the art add-ons to your Netscape (you are using Netscape?) browser capabilities. To fully explore the site will require that you follow their clear instructions for upgrading with various free plug-ins.

How will this help you in your job search? Two ways really:

  • By making you deeply familiar with your browser...the central tool in your research
  • By ensuring that your capabilities are as state of the art as free can be.

    And, you'll have fun. We spent several hours gooing Wow! It made the dreary sounding job of learning new technical skills a fun adventure with immediate gratification.

    February 10, 1996
    Career Resources

    One of the great sources of contract placement opportunities for job seekers with technical credentials is DICE. You can access their database through a simple interface provided by Jobsight.

    February 9, 1996
    Career Resources

    Take a look at Tripod, a forum for so called genXers (the generation after the baby boomers). As a part of the periodical, Tripod offers services ranging from The Resume Doctor a service that helps candidates write and circulate a resume to The Job Genie where a combination of peers and experts answer career related questions. This issue of Tripod features a pointer to Wet Feet a website by Wet Feet Press who produce "Insider's Guides" for job seekers.

    Feb 8, 1996
    Job Matching Services
    Review the job descriptions in the Usenet newsgroups and be sure to use the relevant terms as Key words in your resumes. The trick to surfacing in a database is having the right Key Words available for matching.

    The very best way to search the newsgroups for this type of insight is to do a search on AltaVista. Do two searches.

    First, simply enter the title of the position you are seeking. Scan the results. Then, place that same title in quotes (like "Web Development Program Manager"). Check the results of that search. Compare your two sets of answers and adjust your resume to make it fit the categories that you'd like to emerge in if someone was searching for the perfect job for you.

    Feb 6, 1996
    Job Matching Services
    We've added a local version of Job Center for your use.

    If you know of a resource that we should review, please let us know at

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