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    Jobs in Recruiting

    June 18.5, 1998 Check out our tightly limited job opportunities in Recruiting.


    June 18, 1998 If you're like most folks, considering a career in Retail is something that your parents did. A generation ago, a career as an executive in a store or chain was a prized position with lots of status in the local community. The megamergers of the 1980's and the relentless pressure to reduce expense conspired to make retail a less than enviable choice of vocation.

    It makes for interesting opportunities these days. While everyone else is flocking to the high profile industries, the possibilities abound in retail.

    In the early days, the hours are brutal. However, as a career matures, the benefits stream gets better and the rewards multiply. Like a number of hidden patterns, a person with a modest "portfolio" can simultaneously make a meaningful impact and reap a not inconsiderable compensation. Base salaries in the business have risen over 25% in the past decade. That's faster than lots of other career routes.

    Don't be mislead, the retail universe remains mostly stodgy. The huge companies are as stifling as huge companies can be. They change slowly. But they do change. The pressure to find talented workers and keep them is having an impact.

    You can see the limited evidence of a new beginning by poking around the web.

    For starters, there are a number of recruiters who work the area. Check out:

    You might also browse through the listings of Retail Companies on Yahoo. The job related material is admittedly primitive. The trick in this case is grasping the opportunity. Over history, retail has been the path of least resistance for immigrants and opportunity seekers. During the 1980s, the industry attracted candidates from other areas (the final push of the baby boom). Today, if you don't want to go into high-tech and want a career with solid upward potential, retail bears a closer look than you might initially guess.

    Clog Those Phone Lines

    June 17, 1998

    Perhaps it stands to reason that AT&T is promoting telecommuting. After all, they own a good percentage of the phone lines we use.

    But never mind that--or the discussion of monopolies or anything else.

    Instead, enjoy the concept.

    Do you really enjoy driving an hour or so to and from work each day? Does it cause you pleasure to lean out your window with digit upraised? Is it so utterly delightful to practice your "colorful" vocabulary that you couldn't bear the thought of no more commuting?

    What could you do with those two extra hours each day? Those ten hours a week?

    Yes. You could sleep in. You could watch your kid play soccer.

    You could also work more and be more productive.

    Sound good?

    Look at the how AT&T suggests you create a memo for your boss to convince him or her that telecommuting might be a good idea. Then, take a look at the other Internet resources that discuss telecommuting and its surrounding issues.

    All you need is a computer, a modem, and a phone line. You can do most anything -- we do. And it's absolutely terrific.

    AT&T isn't the only one with the idea. Back in July 1996, Governor Carlson, of Minnesota, declared a telecommuting week. This year, there was a national Telecommute Week during the end of October. New York was involved, as were Minnesota, parts of Arizona, Massachusetts, a few others, and Canada.

    So. Were you at working at home? Or, were you in traffic?

    Washington Post

    (June 16, 1998): If you're looking for work in the DC area, you're in luck. Take a look at the recent makeover that the Washington Post gave their Career Post section. Streamlined (and dominated by a photo of Richard Bolles), the opening page is maturing. The real excitement, though, is the job search engine (driven by a company called Junglee).

    What the Post has been able to accomplish is fairly interesting. They've integrated job ads posted on some DC area company sites into their classified ads database.

    One of the really interesting features of the Post's approach is a regionalized look at the marketplace. A visit to the Job View page shows a matrix of Metro DC communities segmented by job specialties. So, if you want a job in Human Resources in Fairfax, VA, you click in that cell of the matrix. A little clumsy (because of the size of the Job View file), it's a very interesting bright spot in the future of Newspaper advertising. Who else, but the regional paper, would be smart enough to know the precise distinctions between say Arlington and Rosylyn or Alexandria and Crystal City. From a National employment perspective, they are blips in the data. From a job hunter's perspective, they are huge differences in neighborhood and commute time.

    Chicago Computer Jobs

    (June 15, 1998): Part of the problem with job hunting on the net is that the number and kinds of sites with employment advertising changes very rapidly. This year, there will be a lot of growth in sites that focus on the combination of region and professional specialty.

    The Chicago Software Newspaper is a great example. With articles about the industry, a directory of suppliers, employment advertising and a directory of placement firms, the website covers all of the bases for employment searches and research in the industry in the region.

    Over the course of the next year, we expect to see many similar offerings from other industries in other regions.

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