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    Health Careers Links

    April 24, 1998

    Interested in pursuing a career in the health field? Do you know what it takes?

    The University of California, Irvine site offers advice--including majors and appropriate tests. It also has a section on alternative fields in the industry.

    But, before you consign yourself to the field, check out Bard College'scareer information, including forecasts from Recruiting Trends magazine. Certainly the health care field is growing, but so are others. To browse additional fields and how to learn about them, visit the US Government site. It offers all sorts of freebies from what it takes to be a weather person to how to apply for an astronaut opening.

    If you are convinced the health field is where you want to be--but aren't yet--look into programs that accept transfer credits and life experience. This will help shorten the amount of time you may need to spend back at school.

    If you're already in the field, but are looking for a new job, there are several places to go on the Web.

    Complete with animated icons, frames, and hard-to-navigate tables, Health Careers OnLine offers a plethora of opportunities for those in the health care fields--including health information and technology specialists.

    Less flashy, and easier to use, is the Michigan Electronic Library site. It has links to several health care job boards and career information.

    Mingle Overseas

    April 23, 1998

    Interested in Electrical Engineering? Want to talk "shop" with peers? Check out a new site from the UK, the IEE Computer Forum. Heck, check it out even if you're not an EE, because it's all geared toward technology, anyway.

    Registration is required to access the jobs listings, discussion areas, and articles of notes. Currently however, registration is free, during a trial period which lasts for the rest of this year.

    According to the IEE, anyone who works with computer-based systems is welcome. If you go, you'll see a variety of forums to participate in and utilize.

    Forum areas include:

    • Discussions on issues arising from forum items or your own work.
    • Library with multimedia articles on current methods, techniques and processes used in industry and commerce and links to professional information resources.
    • News about current developments and new products.
    • Career center with vacancies from "IEE Recruitment" magazine.
    • Newsletters delivered to you via the oldest push technology--email.

    Right now the forums are a bit sparse. Of course, the site is new. Go add your voice. Perhaps a recruiter or two will drop in, find you, and be overwhelmingly impressed with your knowledge. You never know.

    Fun and Games and Jobs?

    April 22, 1998

    Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler, LLP (or, KPMG for short) has an engaging site for both grads and undergrads. Yes, of course, they have job postings.

    But, they have more. They have interview tips, FAQs, company history, and career info. While some of it is general, most is specific to KPMG. In other words, this site understands that it takes an effort to recruit you and that you'd like to know what you're getting into before you take the plunge.

    How interesting.

    Of course a few other companies have picked up on the approach to lure job hunters to their sites. Microsoft has something similar; so do a few others. So, KPMG has gone even further. They have an email game.

    Huh? A game on a corporate recruiting site?

    But take a look. There are eight weekly rounds of the game. During each round, you're asked three questions, which if answered correctly in any two rounds, advance you to the playoffs. And, we're not talking T-shirts here, people. If you're a playoff winner you get an eight-day Caribbean vacation for two or a funded account with a personal financial planner.

    Of course, there's a method to the madness. Much of the email game involves identifying insightful, famous, or KPMG-related quotes. Do you think they KPMG recruiters might be looking at the mail and making judgments about what you know as you play?

    Get Rich Quick? Nah!

    April 21, 1998

    So, you want to make money on the internet?

    There are lots of said-to-be-proven ways to get rich quick using this amazing medium.

    Mydas Touch has a web site that offers a get-rich-quick scheme that deal with long-distance phone calls. Freedom Starr does also. So do several others.

    Then, there's Opportunity Now's site--complete with a banner to click if you want to get rich now. It even contains, mid-screen where you're sure to see it, the caption "The best programs on the Net!" and offers a URL implying a link to a respectable news source endorsement. Guess what? Following the link brought us to another page belonging to Opportunity Now and, surprise of surprises, no news story.

    Then of course there are the offers to send $5 and get zillions back. In fact, Web Dental's message board offers some of these. But take a look at Synth Fool. It offers the logical and mathematical reasons why this is not only a doubtful scheme but an impossible one as well.

    Then, too, there's even a handy guide to get-rich-quick links. A delightful site it is. The site starts with a straightforward list of links and uses META Refresh to transport you to a site full of frames, color, and advertising.

    But, our personal favorite in all this hype is The Crazier Than Hell Get Rich Quick Page--it's well worth a look.

    As our moms often said, "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

    There are legitimate ways, though, to make a living--either on your own or in partnerships, on the net or off. Check back tomorrow.

    Oh! The Possibilities

    April 20, 1998

    Using the internet as a way to connect to others has enabled an outpouring of innovation which has never been seen before. This new medium fosters, and indeed, dictates that we begin to think of new ways to use computers and information systems.

    There's a whole new world waiting to be discovered, explored, and defined. Sure, some are old pros at maneuvering their way around this new medium. Plenty of others are just starting or have yet to start. The ‘net offers an opportunity to think of new ways to extend our value chain. We can cut across and through traditional business models. In other words, we can use the ‘net to cut out middlemen. We can contact companies directly about open positions or marketable ideas. Or, we can invent new kinds of middlemen to work between us and them. Or, we can even create new businesses or industries.

    The possibility of near-immediate contact through email, chat rooms, listservs, and newsgroups, offers abundant opportunities--if we but know what to do with them. We can easily meet people from around the globe who share similar ideas, attitudes, dreams, and goals-- making most anything possible.

    LinkExchange Member


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