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.. Discussion List Focuses On Disabilities and Employment
    SEPTEMBER 28, 1996 --- ABLE-JOB - Discussion of Disabilities and Employment

    ABLE-JOB is an open discussion list which is dedicated to the advancement of people with disabilities and the workplace experience. Subjects pertaining to research, development and assistance with online job opportunities for individuals with disabilities will be discussed, but not limited to this topic. Suggested topics might include work that can be done at home, companies employing or interested in employing people with disabilities, job development, sources for adaptive technology, disability job related experiences, job training availability, educational opportunities, discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace and the law.

    To subscribe to ABLE-JOB, send an e-mail message to:

    LEAVE THE SUBJECT LINE BLANK and in the body of the mail message type this, remembering to replace FirstName LastName with you name.

    SUB ABLE-JOB FirstName LastName

    Example: sub able-job Pat Jones

    You will receive notification of your subscription.

    If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact the list moderators.


Read It In The Sunday Papers
    SEPTEMBER 27, 1996 --- Converting the Classified ads in your local paper seems like an obvious thing to do, don't you think? It's harder than it appears on the surface. For the most part, the following list includes local newspapers who have earned a sort of "pioneer" status by simply converting their normal ads to web-readable stuff. If you're in a hurry for a "Mac-Job" (need some cash, gotta make the rent), try looking here.
    • AdSearch
      • Classified ads from across the country.
    • The Age,
      • Melbourne, Australia's Newspaper. Lists jobs in Higher Education and the Computer Industry.
    • Boston Globe
      • Employment opportunities from the home of "offensive driving".
    •, Help Wanted
      • More goodies from the home of Fenway Park
    • Chicago Tribune Career Finder
      • One of the best showings from a traditional newspaper. Includes lots of pointers to additional company background and information. Close to what you'd expect a web based newspaper to be
    • Employment Online
      • Search the classifieds of 5 newspapers: The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC; The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA; The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA; The Modesto Bee, Modesto, CA; and the Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage, AK.
    • Houston Chronicle Employment
      • If this is Friday, it must be Houston
    • New York Times
      • The city so big they had to name it twice.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
      • Ads from the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. Covers southeastern PA, New Jersey and Delaware. Mail order a cheese-steak
    • Press Democrat Online
      • Sonoma County, California
    • San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner
      • Poke around a bit. The stuff here is pretty good
    • San Jose Mercury News
      • The Godfather of digital newspaper employment ads
    • Sun Newspapers
      • Cleveland, Ohio newspaper
    • The Roanoke Times Online
      • Employment ads for the Roanoke and New River Valley region of Virginia.
    • The Seattle Times
      • Job ads in the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI. Features high-tech and health care employment sections.
    • USA Today
      • National, Regional, and Local employment ads from the USA Today
The Signs Are Everywhere
    SEPTEMBER 26, 1996 --- Job hunting on the net is definitely not "for high-tech people only". We found the following job listing on the Monsanto corporate site. It's just one of many in their well designed career site.

    Local Market Manager, Crop Protection, Various locations

    Major Responsibilities: Monsanto has an outstanding opportunity for a results-oriented sales and marketing professional, with experience, to assume a critical role within the Crop Protection / Agricultural Unit of the U.S. Markets Group. This individual will assume a critical role in developing and executing micro market tactical sales strategies. Focus sales efforts on large growers and trade partners. Coverage of assigned dealers and growers. Develop and execute sales, marketing, and trade partner strategy and analysis on the local micro market level. Participate in joint business analysis to help develop local marketing campaigns. Enhance and maintain customer relationships that benefit and are appropriate for Monsanto and its trade partners / end users. Meet and exceed short-term and long-term profit goals. Develop local long-range plans for local markets. Responsibility within a local market team for leveraging resources and impacting teams goals / objectives. Responsibility for team budget planning and market development; personal and professional development.

Global Career Advice
    SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 --- Worklife Pty. Ltd. is based in Sydney, Australia and has been providing career services since 1979. They provide career development services to individuals and organizations. The career resources at this site include:
    • Worklife Career Newsletter which covers such topics as Goal Setting, Career Change, Resumes, Interviews

    • Assessing Your Career Resilience: A short test of 26 questions to enable you to check out your attitudes to the new personal career management requirements of the 1990's.

    • Worklife publishes career self-help resources - books, cassettes, software. They cover issues such as resumes, job seeking, interview skills, networking, career protection, entrepreneurship and stress management.

Consultant Is A Big Word For "Contract Employee"

    SEPTEMBER 24, 1996 --- If you're moving around the contract market, check these opportunities out:

    More Resources

    • Companies with Job Ads (Over 500 Links to Companies and their Job Postings)
    • Tools (Everything You need for a Job Hunt)
    • The daily newsletters are archived in weekly volumes in the Archives. Past issues include:
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    Week Ending August 24, 1996
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    • Canadian Job Resources
    Week Ending August 17, 1996
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    • Regional Yahoos
    Week Ending August 10, 1996
    • Asian Speaking Professionals
    • Page Tools
    • Volt
    • Job Smart
    • Choosing the Right Recruiter
    • Avotek Headhunter's Guides
    • British Computing
    Two Weeks Ending August 03, 1996
    • Getting Fired
    • Eudora Pro 3.0
    • Web Taxi
    • Net Business News
    • Job Smart
    • More Resources For Women
    • Much, Much More
    Through July 20, 1996
    • Yahoo!
    • 800 Number Searching
    • 4
    • Net-Temps
    • HR Mailing Lists
    • Editor / Publisher Interactive
    Through July 13, 1996
    • Virtual Job Fair
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    • Effective Networking
    • Intellimatch
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    • LIMRA for Marketing Jobs
    Through July 06, 1996
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    • Informant
    • Microsoft Viruses
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    • Foolish Advice
    • Networking Article
    • New and Changed Employment Sites
    • Much More
    Through June 22, 1996
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    • Scholarly Societies
    • Researching Your Targets
    • Computer Jobs Store
    • Skills Analysis
    • Email Etiquette
    Through June 15, 1996
    • Reorganized Archives
    • Changing Industries
    • Fitness and Nutrition Resources
    • How Not To Send A Resume
    • Job Hunt Spiders
    • One Stop Job Search Interfaces
    • Practice For Interviewing
    Through June 08, 1996
    • Introductions to the Hunt
    • Interviewing Resources
    • IBN
    • Virtual Job Fair
    • Understanding Equity Compensation
    • Internships and Volunteer Opportunities
    Through June 01, 1996
    • Crewlist and DigiCrime, Inc.
    • 89 New Sites
    • Resume Blast Off
    • Tips For Bulk Resume Distribution
    • Haldane's Myths Abiout The Job Market
    • Virtual Job Fair
    • Send Your Resume To 175 Companies
    Through May 25, 1996
    • Jobs For Asian Speaking Professionals
    • Find The Hidden Job
    • Virtual Job Fair
    • How To Tell the Value of an HTML Resume Posting Service
    • Using Agents
    • Job Smart: The Best Introduction To the Web Job Hunt
    • Writing Resources
    Through May 18, 1996
    • Understanding Internet Job Ads
    • Looking For Work In The Last Place On Earth
    • How To Tell the Value of an HTML Resume Posting Service
    • Using HTML Resumes
    • Net-Temps
    • Insurance Opportunities
    Through May 11, 1996
    • 27 New Sample HTML Resumes
    • Hollywood Careers
    • Using Usenet Newsgroups
    • Telecommuting and Working From Home
    • Things You Might Not Need From Archie McPhee
    • Career Related Technology Articles
    Through May 04, 1996
    • Comprehensive Searches
    • Figuring Out What You Want
    • HR Careers
    • Execu-Net
    • Taking The Offense
    • Scannable Resumes
    Through April 27, 1996
    • Industry Specific Newsgroups
    • Summer Jobs
    • Self Assessment
    • On Writing Well
    • More Resume Tips
    • Using Search Engines
    Through April 20, 1996
    • Law Employment Center
    • Get A Job Website
    • Networking On The Web
    • Tripod
    • The HArdest Question
    Through April 13, 1996
    • Internships
    • The Job Hunt As Marketing
    • OutDoor Opportunities
    • Broadcasting Your Resume
    • Companies Offering Job Listings
    Through April 06, 1996
    • Salary Surveys
    • Changes in the World Of Work
    • International Candidates
    • 100 Sample HTML Resumes
    • TAlking About Money
    Through March 30, 1996
    • Knowing What You Want
    • Skills Assessment
    • Internet Help Desk
    • Riverboat Gambling Careers
    • Paying to Have Your Resume Distributed
    Through March 23, 1996
    • Top 25 Recruiters
    • More About Resume Distribution
    • Job Web
    • MBAs
    • Niche Expertise
    Through March 16, 1996
    • Career Crafting
    • Understanding Your Results
    • Art Deadlines List
    • Your Ideal Job
    Through March 09, 1996
    • Intellimatch
    • 24 New Sites
    • Cool Works
    • Resume Maker
    • Electronic Recruiting News
    Through March 02, 1996
    • Infoseek
    • Caveat Emptor
    • Search Strategies
    • More HTML Samples
    • Postal Service
    Through February 24, 1996
    • Disk Jockey Jobs
    • HTML Resumes
    • Technical Locator Corp
    • Professional Newsgroups
    • IEEE
    Through February 17, 1996
    • National Association Of Training and Staffing Services
    • Disney
    • Temp Slave
    • Xing Technologies
    • Valentines Day Project
    Through February 10, 1996
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    • The Resume Doctor
    • AltaVista in the Hunt
    • JobCenter
    • Resume Distribution
    Through February 3, 1996
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    • Recruit Media
    • Career Shop
    • Sample Resumes
    • MArgaret Riley's List
    Through January 27, 1996
    • Learning Your Industry
    • Editor and Publisher Interactive
    • Learning HTML
    • E-Span
    • Kelly Services
    Through January 20, 1996
    • 800 Numbers Search
    • Search Yahoo
    • Resume Help
    • HTML Resumes on OCC
    • Scholarly Societies
    Through January 13, 1996
    • Use a Spell Checker
    • Truck Driver's Jobs
    • Search USENET with DEJANEWS
    • FAxes are Cheaper than Mail
    • Netscape
    Through January 6, 1996
    • Job Center
    • Recruiters On Lne Network
    • WATSON
    • Thomas Register
    • SIFT

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