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    Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting

    At IBN, we take our mission very seriously. Each year, we compile a comprehensive analysis of the Electronic Recruiting Industry, its potential, its flaws, its strengths and its trends. Called the Electronic Recruiting Index, we've published two earlier editions and are hard at work on the third.

    As a part of our analysis, we're conducting an in-depth survey of current recruiting practices. The survey covers the quality of various online recruiting services and the ways in which recruiters use the Internet as a part of their operations. We're excited about the prospect of developing a quantitative view of online recruiters' experience and requirements.

    We could really use your help.

    The survey will take about 3 minutes to download and 15 minutes to complete. You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine.
    Using Internet Explorer 4.0? Download this file to make Acrobat work properly.

    Please take the time to download, complete, and mail us the survey. We're offering the following incentives as a way of saying "thanks for the help":

    Thank you in advance for downloading and completing the survey.

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