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March 15, 1996: US Web
Just having a website isn't going to be enough in the near future. Well heeledUS Web has just announced their plan to become the Kinko's of the Web. Soon, all of your competitors will have basic web presences and the advantage you gained by being early to the game will evaporate. It's time to start thinking seriously about the next level of marketing and services on your site.

March 14, 1996: Career Crafting
Career Crafting, an electronic Job Counseling Service, promises to offer Live Internet Career Seminars on Tuesday evenings beginning in early April.

This is a simple innovation and an easy way to make your site somewhat more interactive. If you're trying to build solid relationships with your clients,or make your "career fairs" more real, you might want to try this approach.

March 13, 1996: Student Center
Recruiting is often dry and humorless. Levity is a very scarce commodity, particularly in the Websites of our industry. Enter Student Center. Focused on college students and recent graduates, Student Center brings a wealth of useful information and humor to the Employment process. We think you'll find the Odd Jobs and Ideal Jobs sections funny enough to bookmark.

March 12, 1996: Today's Laugh
Joke Alert
Being in the electronic employment business guarantees that you'll get notes like this:

To: jrsumser@interbiznet.com
From: xxx xxx
Subject: Why not employing a dynamic French student from a graduate business school this summer for a training?

Dear Sir,
I am a French student from xxxxx Graduate business school and I am looking for a commercial training of a two-month period this summer at Atlanta. I found your address on the Net and your firm's activities really interest me. I could benefit from IBN experience and offer my dedication to an interesting job at your Atlanta place. I precise that I am bilingual French/American and computer experienced. If you have vacancies and feel interested, please contact me at: xyz@xyz.fr and I will send my application form and more useful information. Thanks for paying attention to my appliance


We're nowhere near Atlanta and we promise that we never looked at his appliance.

March 11, 1996: Web consolidation
The consolidation of key websites and services continues at a brisk pace. The Riley Guide, which we have always considered the premier tool for job hunters, has become a part of Jobtrak. Another claimant to the title "the nation's leading job listing service", Jobtrak does a solid job linking universities, graduating students and employers. An ongoing relationship with the Riley Guide is a great credibility boost and a solid service for its users. Staying competitive increasingly means broadening your alliances.

March 10, 1996: Gender Bias
The embedded gender bias in online recruiting has the potential to rear its ugly head. Targeting the Online Woman is a conference scheduled for April 29-30, 1996. A quick review of the issues and agenda presented on their website may help you think out some of the issues.

March 9, 1996: Content, Content, Content
It just isn't enough to have a website. To be effective as an online recruiter, you have to offer useful material for the users who drop by your site. We think that a rapid escalation of services delivered (for free) to users is in the works.

At least two services now offer instant HTML resumes to job hunters as a return for visiting and using their site. Intellimatch and Newscorp's HTML Resume Maker both effectively raise the bar for effective recruiting service delivery. Expect to see more features designed to give job hunters direct returns in exchange for their attention.

If you're trying to attract job hunters to your site, you must ask yourself a very basic marketing question....What's in it for them?

March 8, 1996: Targeted Marketing
Today's employment numbers....unemployment dropped to 5.5%. In technical specialties, it's even lower. That means that Recruitment advertising placement needs to be ever more precise.

Take a look at Get A Job. Tucked into Conservative Gen X Magazine, the service is a clever means for targeting the younger set of entrants. Pricing is competitive and the group seems to have a real handle on targeted marketing on the Web.

March 7, 1996: Kudos
Major kudos to the folks at Cool Works. The company, a recruiter for jobs in National Parks, understands this medium better than most. Keeping your company's name out in front of your marketplace requires a sort of constant marketing vigilance usually reserved for big players with large marketing departments. The Cool Works team is particularly good at varying their message and getting additional visibility.

March 6, 1996: New Sites
There are 24 New Recruiting sites this week.

March 5, 1996: BigBook
It's critical to remember that whatever is happening currently in the Web based recruiting business is temporary. Being prepared to be adaptive may be the most critical survival skill for recruiters in this marketplace. We offer two interesting examples of what the future may hold.

BigBook has essentially put a home page together for everyone of 11 Million American businesses. Though the page is currently limited to a map and address information, they've managed to lay an incredible foundation for a national advertising sales business. If their marketing budget is big enough, these folks will become very interesting players in a variety of markets. It's pretty easy to imagine a database of job openings linked to the existing infrastructure.

From a completely different direction, Newscorp, the huge publisher has started an interesting web directory service called Iguide. The Your Work and Your Money section (which is a great place to have your website linked) includes an instant HTML Resume Maker. The overall site design is oriented towards audience building....a better model for building a job ad distribution channel than most of the competition. If they're funded well enough to last thru grassroots development, they'll become a major player.

March 4, 1996: IBN
Besides our industry analyses and newsletters, we help recruiters integrate this new technology into their operations. We've added a detailed description of IBN to the website. We'd love to help you.

March 3, 1996: SIEF Presentation
On Friday, Feb 26, John Sumser gave a presentation to the Staffing Industry Executive Forum. The Forum is an annual meeting of the 250 top recruiters in the industry put on by the Staffing Industry Report. We've turned the slides into a short presentation on the Web.

March 2, 1996: Career Site
Searching through massive databases of Resumes and Job Listings is usually a frustrating process. Career Site seems to be moving to the head of the pack in making the process a little more success oriented. Their Knowledge Base technology tries to standardize search concepts automatically. They're currently offering free trial memberships as a way of building their business. It's worth a try.

March 1, 1996: Sunday Paper (online)
The web offers a nearly infinite array of opportunities to troll for candidates through advertising. A site that you may have overlooked is the Sunday Paper. The nice thing about this venue is that you'll be able to tell whether or not it will work for you simply by looking. The Sunday paper is quite effective as a way of finding a certain range of candidate. There are others who'd never think of looking for employment there. (see the classifieds)

As our clients (and managers) begin to look for quantifiable results from the web, it's important to remember that there are a number of ways to approach the advertising problem.

February 29, 1996: Hire Resources Group
The Hire Resources Group is one of two firms that we know of with a specialty in Website Design for Recruiting. The spinning globe on their opening page, and their demonstrated design capacity make them an interesting choice if you're looking for site development from a professional firm that knows the business.

February 28, 1996: Recruiters' Sites
There are 30 brand new Recruiters and companies with job listings.

February 27, 1996: Jobs of the Future Survey
Please take a moment from your very busy schedule to fill out our Jobs of the Future Survey. The results will be used in an upcoming best seller (see the survey for details). It offers an opportunity to get your firm some additional exposure.

We love great graphic design. Though it's hardly the most important part of a great recruiting web-presence, it's not a minor portion either. The new Sybase Careers site sets some sort of new standard for graphic effectiveness. It also raises some interesting questions.

In the Electronic Recruiting Marketplace, a website is a website is a website (so to speak). Image, both graphic and customer perceived, is part of effective corporate communications. Successful corporations (like Sybase) have invested already in clear image dvelopment. This gives them a real edge in the graphic presentation of their message. They know how to do it and have an image ready to go.

Recruiters, on the other hand, tend to spend much less energy on image development and more on network development. Unfortunately, the Web is biased towards "looks". Getting used to defining and redefining the corporate image is a part of the new world of Recruiting. It's a component of the new marketing style required for real effectiveness in this medium.

February 26, 1996: Legal
The Seamless Website is a resource of legal material for consumers. The site includes a resume submittal / discussion area. Although there are currently no actual recruiting functions on the site, it strikes us as an ideal place for a partnership with a firm that specializes in legal recruiting.

February 25, 1996: Fashion Exchange
The Internet Fashion Exchange claims to be "the only Web Site exclusively dedicated to providing a centralized employment marketplace for the Fashion and Retail Industry". Though the site appears to be in an ongoing construction process, we think it's an observable addition to the trend towards professional alignment for recruiting sites.

The site features a very visible link to Karlyn Recruiting and may well be a method for Karlyn to make their web activities profitable.

February 24, 1996: Outsourcing Excellence
The Internet may as well have been designed as the ultimate "outsourcing" vehicle. Part of the underlying reason for the increasing projectization of the workplace is that the right talent for any given job may or may not exist within a company or a specific region. It's no small wonder that many traditional recruiters are moving in the direction of providing whole outsourced functions. While we don't recommend that you follow their design approach, the Virtual Development Team Home Page provides an interesting look at a rudimentary design for Net distributed project management.

February 23, 1996: Unemployed Disc Jockeys
Like most disciplines on the web, the Radio Disc Jockey world is a sea of resources. An interesting start is the Unemployed Disc Jockey's site. The site is a nice accumulation of resources and trade magazines. Although the Job Submittal buttons don't work, the site provides an interesting model of using well organized resources as a way of continuously attracting an audience.

February 22, 1996: Technology Locator Corp
We liked Technology Locator Corporation's Pages when we first reviewed them in early September. With the latest round of redesign, TLC further streamlined its appearance and added several features. The scrolling text at the bottom of this page comes from their interesting new execution. We think they're a solid and enviable model of compact delivery for the small to medium sized contract recruiter.

February 21, 1996: Newcomers
Last week, there were 27 new recruiting related Websites added to the Web. Because they take so much space, we've posted them elsewhere. Take a good look. These are the latest competitors to enter the game. Growth of online enterprises continues at about 10% per month.

February 20, 1996: PEOs on the Web
It's easy to see online Recruiting as a simple exercise in Resume collection and distribution. Really, though, the long term benefits of using the Web are more likely to involve reducing transaction costs for clients.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) used to be called "staff-leasing companies". PEOs take the middle ground between employers and employees. Risk sharing between the PEO and client company allows the client to focus on core competencies while the PEO handles the risks and responsibilities of Personnel Administration.

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) has arrived online. As client companies continue to flatten, their accreditation services will increasingly be a discriminator for staffing firms.

We imagine that, as they find their way around the web, NAPEO is likely to become a major source of transaction cost reduction success stories.

February 19, 1996: Staffing Industry Report
If you're serious about being in the Recruiting Business, you already have a subscription to the Staffing Industry Report. Published twice a month, the newsletter offers a comprehensive look at the trends and events that really shape our industry. Our office copy of their Staffing Industry Resource Guide is well thumbed. It's an absolute bargain and can be ordered online for only $35.

February 18, 1996: Model Press Release
Stetson University is conducting a Job Fair with tight integration to the web. We thought the press release was such an interesting model, we've posted it for you. This sort of event is very likely to become a near-term trend. There's probably a fair market for Web savvy recruiters who want to use it as a model. If you're recruiting in Florida, a business school that could produce this event is liable to have a couple of interesting candidates.

February 17, 1996: NATSS
The National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services (NATSS) website is up and running. NATSS is a classic industry association, headquartered near Washington, DC. They provide industry analyses, lobbying and award winning publications. With over 1400 members, they are one of the largest industry groups in the country. The website is comprehensive and includes a thorough (and searchable) database of their membership.

February 16, 1996: Web Caveats
Large and small firms alike are prone to a tragic mistake on the Web. Given the lack of widely available pricing information and budget grounded success stories, many first attempts at website development are ruined by being overly ambitious. It's not that grand plans and vision aren't important. It's that the landscape seems littered with companies whose sites promise the moon and deliver moon pies.

The problem boils down to a simple thing. Few web developers are able to articulately explain the costs and consequences of doing business on the Web. (modest plug for the Electronic Recruiting Index). The result....lots of links to areas of sites that have no meaningful content.

Rule #1 of the Web is: Don't waste your customer's time.

The Canadian Government is decidedly more pro-business (at least on the Net) than any other National Government. The World of Work is a government sponsored directory of Canadian Recruiting Firms, resources and employers. It's worth a visit.

Besides our industry analyses and newsletters, we help recruiters integrate this new technology into their operations. We've added a detailed description of IBN to the website. We'd love to help you.

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