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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Top Sites: The Master Sites
(September 18, 1998) Like the skyscrapers on the New York skyline, the Master Sites dominate the field of view in our industry. Generally speaking, they are large databases of jobs with access to large databases of candidates. Ask a novice about Electronic recruiting and they are likely to rattle off a list of these operations. If owned by a parent organization, they can drive the stock valuation of the entire larger enterprise. They are among the most profitable operations anywhere on the Internet today. Read an article about the Net as a Recruiting tool and some or all of them will be listed.

If you've been following the industry for any length of time, you might have the sense that these players have hit some sort of plateau. It's not surprising.

For the most part, the action today is in partnership and alliance development. (We predicted this development in the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index.) Talk of deals, changes in ownership, and, the financial structure of the industry have taken precedence over service delivery or features improvements.

Each one of these services is led by an honest to goodness dirt under the fingernails visionary entrepreneur. In the early days, payroll was a question of timing and loyalty. There is a lot of personal sacrifice represented in this class.

The playing field is hardly fixed in place. Hot Jobs, Excite, Headhunter,, CareerSite and CareerCast have leveraged determination and persistence into thriving enterprises. They are relative newcomers making sense of a chaotic market.

This year's Master Site Winners are:

CareerMosaicBest In Class careers.wsj.comBest In Class
4 Work Excite
CareerCity Virtual Job Fair
CareerMagazine Best Jobs USA
CareerCast CareerBuilder
CareerPath CareerSite
CareerWeb Hot Jobs
ESpan/JobOptions MonsterBoard
Nation Job Online Career Center

We offer another look at these services in our Customer Satisfaction Awards (requires Adobe Acrobat). A complete listing of our customer satisfaction measurements is available in the Executive Summary for the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index (1999ERI). Besides rankings, the 1999ERI offers quantitative measures (including distribution curves) of the performance of 50 key web recruiting operations.

Top Sites: New Models and IT Specific Sites

(September 17, 1998) Many of our conversations about the industry have two wildly different threads. On one hand, the future of internet Recruiting is a fun, speculative sport. On the other hand, the challenge of filling those gaping holes in the IT sections keeps recruiters awake late into the evening. The resulting discussions often seesaw between urgent tactics and long term strategy.

The dichotomy is covered in today's segment of the 1999 Top 100. We are simultaneously recognizing excellence in the development of New Models and the places where specific IT recruiting really works. There's some significant overlap between the two groups on the level of innovation.

If you saw our Customer Satisfaction awards last week, you might remember that the Computer Jobs Store came out at the top of the heap. Combine that with a strategy that reaches into individual regional markets and you have a sure winner. They are the best in class this year.

On the "New Models" side of the equation, the Wall Street Journal's partnership with Korn-Ferry represents an historical milestone on the business. They are the clear benchmark for innovation in a broad segment of the industry and have made many innovations possible for other players. In this way, is setting the pace for the core evolution of the business.

New Models IT Specific (Ad Partnership) Best In Class Computer Jobs Store Best In Class
Consult Link (Consulting Opps) ComputerWorld
MbaFreeAgents (Interim MBAs) EmergIT
CareerCentral (Pricing) InfoworksUSA
Digital Cities (Umbrella Distribution) JobEngine
Tripod (Web Page Recruiting) TechWeek
Virtual Job Fair

The accomplishments, trends and positions of the other entrants are covered in detail in the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index. We're particularly excited about our quantitative evaluations of over 50 Job Boards. The Industry out briefings, scheduled for the second full week of October, are turning out to be exciting gatherings of the key players. Ordering information for either or both is on the last page of the Executive Summary.

Top Sites: Regional and Resellers

(September 16, 1998) Today's components of our Top 100 cover two ways of dealing with the sea of options on the web. Resellers, who offer distinctly different approaches, have emerged as a fast growing component of the marketplace. They help Recruiters effectively target and integrate their web-recruitment campaigns.

We believe that the long term future of web Recruiting has an intense regional flavor. After all, very few people are interested in the whole pile of national jobs. They'd rather find something close to home. This year's top sites in the Regional and Reseller categories are:

Regional Resellers
SmartDog (Rochester) Best In Class Best Internet Recruiter Best In Class
Craig's List (SF Digital) Best In Class HR Sites Int'l
America's Preferred Jobs IIRC
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Philly Online (Jobhunter)
Silicon Alley Daily

The Resellers each offer a different approach to the problem. We love the idea behind HRSites International (targeting and demographics). IIRC offers an integrated network of independent job boards. We gave the Best in class award to Best Internet Recruiter because their automation is so seamless. They've focused on simplification and done a stellar job of it.

Regional sites have regional flavor. We've raved about Craig's List (now called the "List Foundation") and Smart Dog in the past. You can't imagine two more different approaches.

Smart Dog is a hip, regional, irreverent marketing campaign by the businesses in Rochester, NY. It's job is to sell Rochester to digital employees who are looking to leave the rat race behind.

Craig's List (the List Foundation), offers community, networking and job assistance within the San Francisco Multimedia community. While Smart Dog is a hip advertising campaign, Craig's List is simply a hip organization. The folks at the List Foundation are really community organizers. Several smart Bay area recruiters participate regularly.

The other regional winners (most notably the Silicon Alley Reporter's daily emailer), weave interesting webs of local content into their Recruitment Advertising play. Reaching passive candidates in a local market is best done through regional sites or professional niches.

We will be doing a series of industry out briefings in Mid October. These day long sessions will review the findings, results and forecasts from our just completed research, the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index. Ordering information is only available on the last page of the executive summary. The one day sessions will be held in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Top Sites: The Big Companies And 3rd Party Firms

(September 15, 1998) In the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index, we thoroughly scrub the industry, its trends and dynamics. We also recognize key demonstrations of excellence. Our Top 100 Recruiting Websites receive an award for Excellence in the Electronic Recruiting Industry. Known as the "EERI" (eerie), this award signifies that the job board is among the best in its category. EERI winners dominate the recruiting landscape. We give additional recognition to the "Best In Class" in each category.

Today, we are announcing the winners in two categories: Corporate and 3rd Party Recruiters.

Corporate Recruiters 3rd Party Recruiters
Microsoft (Skills 2000) Best In Class Matrix Resources Best In Class
KPMG Campus Butler International
GE Careers Online Financial
Hewlett Packard Interim Services, Inc.
Tax Search, Inc

A quick review of the sites will tell you that we are no longer fooled by slick graphics. The essence of sound web recruiting has more to do with value delivered directly to the job hunter than anything else. From salary surveys to comprehensive introductions to company culture; from free training to immense resources for professional niches, these sites all focus on delivering consistent value, over time, to the people who visit the site. They build return visits from logical target candidates.

Nobody is more effective in the use of the web as a recruiting tool than Microsoft. Their Skills2000 initiative simultaneously builds professional capabilities and feeds the members of the Microsoft food chain with talent. The site itself is fed with traffic from job posting and banner ad campaigns all over the net. Microsoft understands that, in a labor shortage, the space between customers and employees is not the hard wall that it used to be. Spend some time investigating their site.

On the 3rd Party side, Matrix Resources sets a benchmark for delivering the same quality as Microsoft in a much narrower niche. With deep resources and training for the professionals they recruit, it is no wonder that they grow as rapidly as they do. Their web presence builds long term relationships with current and prospective employees.

Web Recruiting is all about building long term deep relationships. These operations all demonstrate effective approaches to executing the process.

The 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index covers these strategies in detail. Be sure to read the executive summary.


(September 14, 1998) Beginning tomorrow, we're rolling out the announcements for the 1999 Top 100 Recruiting Websites. We've notified almost all of the winners and are launching a significant PR campaign.

If you haven't yet had a chance to read the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index Executive Summary, it will give you some context for our decisions

CareerBuilder continues to roll out its "network" with a very recent contract to do the USA Today employment section.

We're glad we didn't think of this. In a fit of bad taste, Bridgepath has published a list of potential jobs for Monica.

- John Sumser, © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

Recruiting Online:
Fall 1998 Seminar Series

(August 02, 1998): We will be delivering seminars in 18 cities this Fall.

Searching and Sourcing Techniques (The Toolkit)
Faced with an overwhelming array of possibility, Recruiters are swamped with opportunities to waste time on the web. In this seminar, you will learn how to mine the data fields and use your Internet Recruiting time effectively. The one day presentation covers spidering, flipping, and depth searching...all of the tools required to unearth the passive candidate. Our emphasis is on the integration of the Internet into your daily Recruiting activities. The course includes a A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools.

Seminar Schedule
Sep 21: Boston, MA
Sep 23: Hartford, CT
Sep 25: New York City, NY
Sep 28: Princeton, NJ
Sep 30: Reston, VA
Oct 02: Nashville, TN
Oct 05: Detroit, MI
Oct 07: Tampa, FL
Oct 09: Toronto, Canada
Sep 21: San Diego, CA
Sep 23: Los Angeles, CA
Sep 25: Walnut Creek, CA
Sep 28: Las Vegas, NV
Sep 30: Denver, CO
Oct 02: Schaumburg, IL
Oct 05: Houston, TX
Oct 07: St Louis, MO
Oct 09: San Francisco, CA

Graduates receive:

  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Subscription Only Web Site
  • A CD with over 30 pieces of useful software
  • All Course Materials

    Enroll today, seats are still available. There is a discount available for early registrations. The seminars have a Retail price of $995. If your payment is received by September 1, there is a $150 discount. For Payments received by September 11, the savings is $100. We also offer group discounts You can learn more about the seminars, register online or call our sales office (415) 377-2255 to register.

    Contacting Us
    Call, fax, write, email. We'd love to talk about your project.

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