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Regional Excellence
(November 13, 1997) The web is a regional thing. The trend, softly emphasized by Metro Yahoo! sites, is increasingly important for well targeted recruiting. Though they often lack the design sophistication of national providers, regional job boards are coming into their own. They uniformly offer direct access to the intersection of geography and discipline. Some of our favorites are: As usual, companies in the IT industry and third party recruiting firms lead the way in this next evolutionary step.

The future of job postings as a recruiting tool is somewhat limited. But, in a time of declining response rates, these precision targeted tools offer an interesting alternative.

Regionalization is not restricted to geography. Imagine, if you will, that professional specialties also constitute regions. We just discovered a marvelous tool for recruiting writers at The Write Resource called The Write Jobs. Currently free, the system will ultimately evolve into a fee based advertising tool. It's audience is what makes it a strong player. By reaching writers where they surf, you overcome the largest obstacle in most advertising efforts: getting your message in front of the right group.

There are two paradoxical trends. On the one hand, it takes less and less effort to have your job postings seen by potentially huge audiences. Unfortunately, results appear to diminish as the audience grows. On the other hand, micro-niche recruiting using very targeted advertising in or on sites with direct geographic/regional appeal reaches smaller audiences with potentially higher returns.

It's a lot more work to find, nurture, manage and use the micro-niche tools.

Alone among the big players, Career Mosaic is attending to this dynamic with its vertical integration program. Tie ins in the Health, Finance, Insurance and Electrical Engineering worlds allow them to respond rapidly to the trend toward regionalization.

Push Yourself

(November 12, 1997) Multimedia Marketing Group's president John Audette, recently announced a new publishing division that uses moderated e-mail discussion lists rather than electronic newsletters. He sees the discussion list as an "untapped area [since] there are more than 350,000 electronic publications, yet fewer than 100 of them have 5,000 subscribers or more." The advantages of moderated discussion lists are several:
  • The moderator determines which postings to include and which to exclude. This keeps the signal-to-noise ratio high by filtering;
  • Moderators can guide, lead, and facilitate the discussion;
  • Discussion lists are interactive--which is a basic and extreme power of the Internet;
  • Moderator/owners can "grow" a community (such as can exist in cyberspace) by focusing on a particular interest group.

Audette has been a moderator since 1995 and has more than 8,500 subscribers. Although it is likely that a new list will not see such numbers initially, a few well placed notices on the Internet can draw people's interest. With initial diligence and patience, you can create your own push -- and have its content be that which attracts those whom you hope to recruit.

There are loads of job seekers in Internet land. There are also loads of newsgroups and Web sites dedicated (supposedly) to helping those seekers find their dream job. But there are only a pitiful handful of discussion lists for job seekers, according to Liszt. But those that do exist are very targeted and include "Employment Issues Concerning Blind People" and "Software Jobs Weekly". There are certainly other areas of employment that seekers are interested in which could become terrific fodder for you.

How To Do It

(November 11, 1997) Take a look at the recruiting website from Matrix Resources. There's a reason that these folks have recently joined the Inc 500 The site oozes competence, credibility and a value stream for returning visitors.

For customers, the company offers a series of white papers including notes on leadership, the Year 2000 problem and a fascinating piece on the Future of the Net.

For Job Hunters, there's a referral program, free online training and well written job postings that are tied to related openings.

It's clear that Matrix wants to build a considerable portion of their enterprise online. This is a standard setter worth studying.

Today, we've released the latest in our attempts to inventory the HR website world. We've grown our "companies with job listings" pages to an astonishing 4,000 websites. All of our arm waving and smoke blowing aside, this changes the game.

Imagine being a job hunter faced with the prospect of wading through all of those ads. At a minimum 5 minutes per site, the 4,000 pages would take 330 hours of concentrated surfing. And, we've just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

We hear a lot of success stories from recruiters who believe that they succeeded because they were smart. We increasingly see the early successes as a question of timing, not brains. If you want long term web success, look at players like Matrix Resources who are investing in the web as a business, not as a plaything. As usual, standing out against a noisy background will require marketing savvy and investment.

If you imagine knowing the name of your candidate before he or she arrives at your site, you're closer than most.

Today we spoke with an HR manager who was worried about sorting the "jokers from the aces". It's a model that predates the web. With 4,000 documented HR sites and a similar number of third party sites, the question will be getting any cards at all.

Don't Push Us

(November 10, 1997) Patrick Crispin, of Internic wrote an article this month that discusses the future of push technology.

As you know, push technology is the stuff that comes to you in your email box or through your browser that you have indicated an interest in. In other words, rather than you going out to surf the Web in search of information, that same information comes to you. Or does it?

Drummond Reed, co-founder of Intermind, the company that created the push notification system called Intermind Communicator, was interviewed by Crispin. Reed's take on the future of push technology is interesting to consider.

According to him, push technology will

"fundamentally be a solution to information overload....[and will grow to offer] intelligent channels with an evolving topic list."

We've tried several of the push technology providers and have yet to be utterly amazed and have yet been delivered from surfing the Web.

Push technology has its place and it is true that as it matures the content providers will probably become more adept at sussing out our needs and providing us with the appropriate content. However, push technology is a filter system which creates, in effect, the same result as a horse wearing blinders. Only a narrow path is seen while the greater whole is missed.

There is a great deal of information out there on the Internet. Plowing through it takes time and making sense out of it all takes intelligence. Push seems to offer an easy fix. But, over-reliance on this technology creates a rather parochial vision, created by and dependent upon those who provide the content.

Sure, have a few channels push your topics your way. But continue your own searching so that what is new doesn't start to elude you. Or, take it another step.

Create your own pushed content. Start a discussion list with a commercial mailing list programs such as LISTSERV. Determine a topic that will interest those you hope to recruit. Notify Liszt that the list exists. Send out a few notices. This way you become the provider of the content.

And, the collector of names.

Advanced Internet Recruiting Seminars

(November 05, 1997): We will be delivering the Advanced Recruiting Seminars again in December. The schedule is.
Dec 01: Dallas
Dec 03: Atlanta
Dec 05: Columbia, MD
Dec 08: Philadelphia
Dec 10: New York City
Dec 12: Boston
Dec 15: Chicago
Dec 17: Bellevue, WA
Dec 19: San Francisco

Click here to learn more about the Advanced Recruiting seminars. Class size is limited to 30 per seminar. The seminars run from 9:00AM to 4:30PM and are designed for owners and managers. Take a look at a list of companies who have been to the seminars.

Recruiting Online:
Options and Search Techniques

(August 05, 1997): We will be delivering an intensive two day seminar around the country. Designed for Staff Recruiters and Researchers, the seminar covers the basics of Electronic Recruiting and Search Techniques. Graduates of the 2-Day Seminar receive
  • A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools
  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Protected Web Site
  • All Course Materials
Click here for detailed information and online registration.

We will be delivering the two day seminars again in late January/ February, 1998. Watch this space for details.

Directions to the hotels in each city are available by clicking on the city name. You can register online or call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

Contacting Us
Call, fax, write, email. We'd love to talk about your project.

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