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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Daily News. Archived Weekly. Click Here For The Current Issue.

Legal Eagles

(November 7, 1997) Did you know:
That it is illegal to ask if someone has ever filed for workers' compensation? Or that it is also illegal to ask if they've ever been injured on a job?
That certain psychological tests, such as those which deal with an individual's ability to perform job-related skills or tasks are not considered medical tests under the ADA?
That as of October 1997, federal law mandates new hires be reported within 20 days of the date of hire? Of course, to confuse the issue, you need to also know that states are given the option of establishing timeframes less than 20 days and you must comply with the state's law.
That in light of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), questions concerning an employee's citizenship, such as "are you a U.S. citizen," or "do you have a green card," should be deleted from an employer's application?

If not, then you should try out the 10 day free trial at HR Law Index. Updated daily, the $195-a-year subscription site tries to address the needs of HR professionals by indexing specific law articles rather than Web sites.

The site is easy to navigate with a clear table of contents that allows you to look under general topics of interest. A deal for 10 free days.

From Lame to Modest

(November 06, 1997) We've been evaluating the websites of publicly traded staffing companies. To say that there's diversity in the results would lead you to believe that we saw something approaching excellence. It's safer to say that big dollars tend to yield a wide range of mediocrity.

Our favorite giggle comes from the Olsten Corporation site. Their legal disclaimer reads (in part)

Olsten permits you to refer to its URL in furtherance of the above purposes, but prohibits linking to this Web Site without its prior written consent.
Uh-huh! Someone should tell the lawyers at Olsten that all web traffic comes from those links they prohibit. This is sort of like saying that Olsten literature can't be quoted without their permission. If we didn't think they were somewhat serious, we'd guess that the disclaimer was a parody.

By far, the most interesting gambit in these companies is Manpower's current training offer. If you haven't seen it, Manpower is offering free Java and LiveWire courses. Smart move.

In general, however, the public companies seem to be demonstrating a penchant for hiring that worthless brother in law who became a web designer last week.

We'll be digging into those sites heavily for the upcoming 1998 Electronic Recruiting Index. Expect to see more detailed reviews over the next weeks. We're delighted. It looks like we've tapped into the mother load. There's enough mediocre material in these sites to serve thousands at our annual sarcasm festival.

A Coming Together

(November 05, 1997) Bookie, owner of a free page at Geocities has the right idea. She (we are presuming here, based on the content of her site) doesn't have it all, but she's making a start that the rest of us in the recruiting business can learn from.

Her barely-week-old site, Canadian Home-Based Small Business, is attempting to form a "community" for Canadian home-based business owners. And, while her exhortations about the perceptions of women-owned business and her call to join forces may serve as a turn-off to men who are in the SOHO industry, she is attempting to call together all SOHO owners.

The site will not win an award for design. And it will not win an award for content, at least not at the moment. It should however, serve as a model for us to watch. For Bookie is doing as we have suggested, albeit in a slightly different arena.

She has determined a focus for her interest and her community-building. She has perceived a need to join forces--for the purposes of networking, information sharing, and whatever else comes. And, she shelled out some money to have her site announced on one of the new-site newsletters so that she will start to build traffic. Perhaps her goal is just what she says it is:

to provide all Small Home Businesses with the necessary steps, tools, advise, and listings of resources available to help make [the] journey from employee to employer an attainable goal.
Or perhaps, her business is growing and she needs to recruit workers. In either event, she is providing a service, a forum if you will, and at the same time may be able to avail herself of the services of the people who visit her community.

Bookie's intent appears to be to build a real community. It appears that her site is catering to the needs of others. Asking for their input would be a major step forward in drawing the interest of her compatriots, but that is easily remedied. Her email address appears several times in the few pages that currently comprise the site. A drawback here is that there is no real name, no address, no phone. By now, all recruiters understand that contact information is an essential elements in any site you host. Every page needs to include all the elements of corporate letterhead.

It will be interesting to follow the growth of the site. Certainly, if it takes off, there is immediate proof that this is the way to go to attract prospects.

Microsoft Week!

(November 04, 1997) They're everywhere! After tons of hassle, we finally got the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) installed on our test machine. And, we mean tons of hassle. Although the automated installer appeared to be useful, it ended up taking days to get through the 25 Megabyte download.

With the installation frustrations behind us, we started to look at the features.

On the first pass, it looks like the wait was worth the benefits.

So far, our favorite feature is embedded bookmark monitoring and subscription. At the moment you create a bookmark in IE, you are offered several options including:

  • Notification when the bookmark changes and
  • The ability to have the page downloaded to your machine when the change occurs
In our world, with its intense focus on research and heavy emphasis on timely news, these features alone make the hassle worthwhile.

We're starting to wonder if IE and Netscape are evolving into different niches.

Nice AD!

(November 03, 1997) We couldn't resist showing you this ad from Microsoft. It appears as a rotating banner on the Ziff-Davis Website. It's an example of clever ad design and beautiful targeting.

We didn't want to lift all of the graphics. In case the ad no longer shows in this article, it's a thin graphic with a form attached. Both are stuffed into the space that a regular banner ad fits into. The colors are seamless.

The beauty of the ad is twofold. First of all, the readers of the Ziff Davis site are very logical candidates for a job at Microsoft. ..They follow technology closely. Second, the ad allows readers to target the geographic location of the jobs they want. In that way, the ad tailors the Microsoft website to the needs of the job hunter. This little gem bears a great deal of study.

The site it takes you to includes a chat area , articles about Microsoft culture and a well written posting. It's a great package and part of an emerging service called Career Explorer (a partnership between Microsoft and Ziff Davis). This is a shot over the bow to other recruiting generalist sites.

The commute to Microsoft may be shorter than you think.
Advanced Internet Recruiting Seminars

(November 05, 1997): We will be delivering the Advanced Recruiting Seminars again in December. The schedule is.
Dec 01: Dallas
Dec 03: Atlanta
Dec 05: Columbia, MD
Dec 08: Philadelphia
Dec 10: New York City
Dec 12: Boston
Dec 15: Chicago
Dec 17: Seattle
Dec 19: San Francisco

Click here to learn more about the Advanced Recruiting seminars. Class size is limited to 30 per seminar. The seminars run from 9:00AM to 4:30PM and are designed for owners and managers. Take a look at a list of companies who have been to the seminars.

Recruiting Online:
Options and Search Techniques

(August 05, 1997): We will be delivering an intensive two day seminar around the country. Designed for Staff Recruiters and Researchers, the seminar covers the basics of Electronic Recruiting and Search Techniques. Graduates of the 2-Day Seminar receive
  • A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools
  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Protected Web Site
  • All Course Materials
Click here for detailed information and online registration.

We will be delivering the two day seminars again in late January/ February, 1998. Watch this space for details.

Directions to the hotels in each city are available by clicking on the city name. You can register online or call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

Contacting Us
Call, fax, write, email. We'd love to talk about your project.

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