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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Another Look At "Chat"
(September 18, 1997)

The Internet is a massive global community. What makes it work is that within that community, just as within the world, smaller communities emerge.

In the very early days of the 'net, email and special interest groups, often academic listservs, prevailed. Then in the late 1980s, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) began. This appeared and led the way for other modes of communication including usenet, web forums, and web chat.

Still the best place to interact on a live, global level is IRC. The IRC is a multi-channel, multi-user real-time "chatting" network.

However, for those who want the ease of accessing chat within their graphical browsers, there are also web forums that have integrated chat and others that use web archive features.

Graphically interfaced chat is no longer confined to the rooms of AOL. Nor is it merely for those seeking to flirt, flame, or fantasize. Now, it is a tool recruiters can use to bring prospects (and others) to their site to discuss a multitude of things.

Eventually you may decide to host your own chat group or IRC channel. However, before deciding this, experience its benefits (and yes, disadvantages) first hand. We chose the links below to demonstrate the variety of chats now existing and to provide ways for you to find those that will most interest you and meet your business needs.

Once you're involved in chats, you may decide it would behoove you to create your own. For an in-depth explanation of how to do that, see Richard Selzer's article in the February IBN archive.

Collecting Email Addresses

(September 17, 1997) The temptation to use email as a broadcast tool is overwhelming. In theory, you can reach potential candidates/customers en masse with the push of a button.

There are two tools you might want to consider using to collect email addresses.

  • We're big fans of Roverbot. This spider service collects email addresses from a list of URLs that you provide. Priced at ten cents per name, it's a quick way to generate all of the addresses from a target group. Roverbot offers a free trial for the first 250 names you're after. You simply submit a list of websites and wait. Within 24 hours (often minutes) the service will return your answers.
  • Websnake is a desktop spider that takes a bit more work to use. The tool is like other widely known desk-based spiders (WebCompass or WebSeeker). The application includes a variety of tools ranging from specific site searches and offline browsing to the email acquisition function. Where Roverbot charges by the name, WebSnake retails for $49.95. You absorb the time and cost in your offices.
The real question is whether or not you want to add broadcast email to your arsenal. Make no mistake, broadcasting your targeted message really works. Although the response rate is fractional (measured in hundedths of a percentage point), the results can be produced. The downsides are mostly administrative (lots of bounced mail, bad first impressions, large numbers of angry replies). Whoever you place in charge of the process will need particularly thick skin and solid organizational capabilities.

Inbound Links

(September 16, 1997) We get mail all of the time from recruiters who want us to change links on the site. Generally, the correspondent represents a company who has recently changed their website. Now that they've paid a design team to revise their on-line presence, they want the traffic that used to come from various "inbound links" around the web. Unfortunately, they hired a web design firm who didn't understand the value of those links.

(Inbound links are "pointers" from other sites to yours. Most traffic comes from those links. These days, "eyeballs" are routinely purchased for somewhere between $1 and $5 per set. On average, an inbound link will generate about 10 visitors per week (or 500 per year). They are worth a great deal to your firm.)

Imagine, if you will, all of the work created by the changing the addresses of your web pages. Shortsightedness in site design results in what appears to be a work requirement for all of the webmasters with links that point to the old URL. We imagine some poor recruiter having to find the inbound links and then send a note requesting the change. It creates lots of little tasks that never get done or followed up. Meanwhile, the cool new design doesn't get the same traffic as the old funky version.

Interestingly, the solution can be implemented effectively by the company making the change.

Instead of sending notes out to lots of people asking for volunteer work, it's a simple matter to install "referrer tags" or "auto-refresh" instructions.

Changing your web addresses without considering the inbound links and the effects on your traffic demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the web. It harkens back to the days when people believed that a cool design was an adequate offering.

What's New?

(September 15, 1997) You might have noticed that we're launching a password protected newsletter. Currently, the site will only be available to graduates of our seminars. We've been busy tying up loose ends, filling the newsletter with tutorials and having the design and content evaluated.

The newsletter features solid, self-paced instruction in the basic mechanics of "finding and being found" for recruiters. Updated weekly, the content is devoted to the twin topics of search techniques and industry toolboxes. We're designing the site to function as a platform for recruiting.

So far, the evaluators have loved it.

DICE, the pioneering service for high end technical placements, continues to build their traffic with a very aggressive targeted advertising campaign. With an ad budget of over $600K, DICE is not targeting the conventional web-traffic builders. Rather, they focus on the print/web periodicals most likely to be read by their core constituents. They continue to build a solid brand name in the community of IT pros. We've recently reviewed their traffic development results and are awed by their ability to generate very precise traffic patterns. It's fair to say that DICE is the vehicle of choice for IT job hunters.

Specific market focus (as we've long predicted) is shaping the next wave of web Recruitment project. Recently, Career Mosaic and AccountingNet formed a new service.Accounting and Finance Jobs is a comprehensive accounting and finance employment site designed to provide enhanced employment services specifically for the accounting and finance industries. It provides job listings for these industries from CareerMosaic's JOBS database, which indexes tens of thousands of job opportunities from thousands of employers. Prior to this strategic alliance, CareerMosaic and AccountingNet individually offered accounting and finance employment resources on their Web sites.

According to Bernard Hodes,

"Accounting and Finance Jobs fits into our overall strategy of providing vertical industries, including healthcare, insurance, electrical engineering, and now, accounting and finance, with valuable resources targeted specifically to them."

The new site provides a nice array of services for job hunters and recruiters in the industry.

Recruiting Online:
Options and Search Techniques

(August 05, 1997): We will be delivering an intensive two day seminar around the country. Designed for Staff Recruiters and Researchers, the seminar covers the basics of Electronic Recruiting and Search Techniques. Graduates of the 2-Day Seminar receive
  • A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools
  • Special Offers From Several Key Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription To Our New Password Protected Web Tools
  • All Course Materials
Click here for detailed information and online registration. The schedule is:

Sep 22-23: San Francisco
Sep 29-30: Chicago
Oct 02-03: Houston
Oct 06-07: Atlanta
Oct 09-10: Orlando
Oct 16-17: Metro DC
Oct 20-21: New York City
Oct 23-24: Philadelphia
Oct 27-28: Boston
Oct 30-31: Los Angeles

Directions to the hotels in each city are available by clicking on the city name. You can register online or call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

Advanced Internet Recruiting Seminars

(August 05, 1997): We will be delivering the Advanced Recruiting Seminars again in December. The schedule is.
Dec 01: Houston
Dec 03: Atlanta
Dec 05: Metro DC
Dec 08: Philadelphia
Dec 10: New York City
Dec 12: Boston
Dec 15: Chicago
Dec 17: Seattle
Dec 19: San Francisco

Click here to learn more about the Advanced Recruiting seminars. Class size is limited to 30 per seminar. The seminars run from 9:00AM to 4:30PM and are designed for owners and managers. Take a look at a list of companies who have been to the seminars.

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    We know what you're up against. And we've got the answer.

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