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Training As A Recruiting Tool
(July 25, 1997): After reading this week's ComputerWorld (paper version), we were ready to be impressed by their website. This week's issue contains great pointers to companies that include free online training as a component of their recruiting efforts. It's a very powerful approach.

In use currently by both Manpower, RHI Consulting and 1-800 Network, the basic deal is...submit a resume, get access to professional training. With subjects ranging from JavaScript to Novell certification, the companies increase the quality of candidates obtained from the net while building a solid relationship. We think it's a model with staying power.

The ComputerWorld career website is a delicious spot to look for and discover technical candidates.

The site also features solid articles and reporting for recruiters including:

A Modest Proposal

(July 24, 1997): The recent Internet "brownouts" serve to point up the fragility of a Web infrastructure that we are rapidly coming to take for granted.

Admittedly, last week's outage was caused by human error at Network Solutions, the company which controls the addressing system for the entire Internet.

It can be argued, quite persuasively in our opinion, that NSI's monopoly of this service is an affront to any free-market economy. Indeed, both AlterNIC and name.space are challenging it in the courts.

Adding insult to injury is NSI's attempt to claim "ownership" of the TLD's "com", "org" and "net", suffixes it holds in the public trust.

Still, the real problem is that the 'Net is simply becoming overloaded, rather like the road systems in most "developed" [sic] countries. Too many people, not enough bandwidth.

We would modestly propose that the time is right for a measure of government control to allow infrastructure to catch up with demand.

Of course, this would be a temporary measure, and would take the following form:

  • All "novice users" be restricted to an online service (of choice) only for their first 100 hours;
  • Having gained access to the Web, novice users would be prohibited from posting a page until they can demonstrate a minimum of 100 hours Websurfing;
  • First homepages/sites be restricted to 20k;
  • All image sizes restricted to a maximum of 45k.
  • A three-month embargo on the development of all new Web applications.

The overseeing body could be administrative rather than legislative, and be under the direct supervision of the Vice President...


(July 23, 1997): Word on the street is that ESpan has become a part of Nationwide Advertising Service (NAS). Though we still think that the ESpan interface is a mistake (surely it will be fixed soon), this positioning suggests that the trend of ad agency ownership is not declining like we predicted. Hmmmm.

The ESpan team is expected to remain intact. We hope the marriage works. We are huge fans of the ESpan approach to interface design. There is no other recruiting entity who puts as much passion and intensity into the question.

But, ad agency ownership of publishing entities must leave customers wondering where to turn for an objective view. Certainly, owning online resources must make the newspapers nervous. Still, the bottom line will be the combination of results and relationships.

As the labor shortage escalaes, recruiting costs, online and off, are going to grow in a corresponding fashion. In the early phases of the cost increases, media placement decisions will be subject to increasingly intense scrutiny. The ad agencies who own online distribution vehicles will have to be able to provide solid justification for using in-house resources.

Resume Robot

(July 22, 1997): ITTA's Resume Robot delivers a stream of resumes, less than 24 hours old, to subscribers each and every day. Subscribers select the kind of resumes they wish to receive by using ITTA's resume selection criteria template. This template can be changed daily prior to nightly robot processing so subscribers can focus the robot on different types of candidates.

ITTA has developed a robot for individual use that searches all the Internet resume newsgroups, public domain Web sites, and personal Web sites collecting resumes based on the selection criteria you give it.

The results of the nightly robot run can be delivered by:

  • Sending e-mail, containing the resume text;
  • Sending a file containing the resumes directly to an FTP site of your choosing; or
  • Creating a proprietary searchable database located at ITTA

You can also

  • Send automatic e-mail to the resume owners to introduce yourself; and,
  • Capture the e-mail addresses for future recruiting campaigns

This pro-active recruiting service puts a company in the forefront of effective and efficient personnel acquisition. It identifies, pre-qualifies and communicates with a potential candidate in one complete operation. ITTA maintains, runs the subscriber's robot, and distributes the results daily in the requested format.



(July 21, 1997): We caught the Net Temps folks on CNN last night. They're in the midst of developing a legal strategy to protect their domain name. Again and again, they seem to find their way to the front of the issues confronting our universe

The lingua franca of webmasters has undergone a makeover.

HTML 4.0, the next generation of the web's publishing language, has just been released by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) and has already been accepted by Microsoft, which will make the next version of its Internet Explorer browser compatible with it.

Netscape will doubtless follow - ignoring HTML (hypertext markup language) would be like suddenly deciding that Urdu is actually much more practical than English - and users will soon benefit from an array of improvements, including keyboard shortcuts built into page controls, read-only documents that cannot be copied and more friendly interface for blind users.

The ranks of sites that combine web advertising and real life job fairs has grown by one. Career Shop. Their services (in 38 regional markets) include an interesting radio package:

  • Your company name in 20-35+ 60 second radio spots. Click here for radio station info;
  • Your company's logo icon on the "LOCAL Online Job Fair" page of your choice that links to your job postings on Career Shop, or the job opportunity section of your corporate Web site;
  • An unlimited number of job postings - with unlimited ad space;
  • Easy, password protected access to add, delete and/or revise your job postings at any time from your computer;
  • Electronic job distribution service that distributes your job postings to job related newsgroups, the YAHOO! employment classifieds, and 2 other popular career sites for maximum exposure
It sounds like a very interesting deal.

Advanced Internet Recruiting Seminars

(June 23, 1997): We're delivering Seminars around the country in the Summer. The schedule is below. Clicking on the city will take you to a map and information about the hotel:
  • July 28 - Indianapolis, IN
  • July 30 - Denver, CO
  • August 01 - Seattle, WA
  • August 04 - San Francisco, CA
  • Click here to learn more about the seminars and register online. Class size is limited to 30 per seminar. The seminars run from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Take a look at a list of companies who have been to the seminars.

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