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  • We've Added Daily News

    (December 14, 1996): We think you'll like this one. In partnership with Individual, Inc (the news providers), we're now offering a section of daily headlines for recruiters. Check it out. Registration and Its Perils
    (December 13, 1996): Yesterday, we stumbled on Job Direct is a scrappy little job matching service for college students with big ambitions. With plans for a national bus tour, MTV sponsorship and clever graphics, the Job Direct team is positioning themselves for real success.

    In a market chock full of competitors, Job Direct is targeting college students who are still in school. For companies with an interest in reaching these demographic dip candidates early in the game (for later employment), the service offers a screening program that includes GPAs and career interests. Since the number of new entrants in the job market is at the beginning of a decline that won't start reversing itself for another decade, developing relationships with potential candidates is beginning to take a more aggressive air. If your plans include growing your entry level workforce, you may want to check in with them.

    After publishing a review of their service in one of our sister publications, we began discussing their current approach to requiring registration. Currently (and we're very certain it will change soon), a potential candidate is asked for registration information before being exposed to the "inner workings" of the site. Our take is that this advance registration process is self defeating. It's like trying to close a sale in advance of the sales pitch. If you are wrestling with "conversion rates" (the number of visitors who become registered users), we suggest that you carefully assess the timing of your request for registration information. Ask too early and your rates fall off.

    Keep your eyes on Job Direct. They'll fix this little glitch, execute their intense promotion plan and evolve into a remarkable force at the front end of the market.

    Job Direct offers employers and recruiters a thirty day free trial according to our most recent conversations with them.

    Getting Closer

    (December 12, 1996): If you enjoy our newsletter, you're going to love the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index. Slated for publication next week, the report gives a comprehensive tour of all aspects of the Electronic Recruiting Industry. Creeping up on 800 pages, the report includes a detailed directory of about 5,000 players in the game, reviews of more than 3,000 websites, and, detailed guidance for bringing your firm or HR Department online.

    One of the most interesting features of the book is the in depth dissection of the Top 100 websites in the business.

    When you visit the site, you'll notice a prepublication offer that expired on December 1. If you order through the Web by the 15th of December, we'll extend that offer (this is for readers of the Electronic Recruiting News only).

    The Dating Game

    (December 11, 1996): How do temp-agencies work? A job requirement surfaces and the staff starts calling. Success depends entirely on finding an available candidate to fill the job requirement. All of the rest of the stuff..the search for meaning, career advice, pretty graphics, smooth conversation, depth and poise are second to finding a live candidate to fill the open slot. It's a high pitch, fast paced Dating game. Dates go to the asker.

    Net-Temps, using their monstrous Open Text capabilities, keeps astounding us. They've already made solid breakthroughs in resume database readability. Now, their clients can perform availability based searching.

    As you know, we always wring out new database interfaces with obscure searches. We queried the Net-Temps database for available candidates in Alabama in the first week of January figuring that this search was the least likely to produce results.

    Boy, were we surprised.

    The results were displayed as a call list...Name, Phone number, links to the resume, skillset summary. There were half a dozen candidates. Similar searches for more likely targets produced astonishing results.

    The capability is a "members-only" service. But, taking advantage of the Net-Temps 30 day free trial will give you enough of a taste to get you hooked.

    The Net-Temps team seems to have their fingers on the pulse of simple value for their customers. And, they keep introducing new, straightforward features at an amazing rate. Were we in the contract placement business, we'd surely make our first internet investment here.

    Driven by an astonishing array of tools, the Net-Temps resume database has over 80,000 entries. If you never used any other feature of their service, you'd be wise to have access to the database.


    (December 10, 1996):More on the privacy question. John Blower, a San Francisco web consultant, offers a quick tutorial on Cookies. The key to several innovations on the web, Cookies are a part of the Browser scheme. We think that an educated exchange of information for services is just a part of doing business in our world. Conspiracy theorists see evil lurking under every rock and cookies make a great rock. As the holders of a great deal of information that falls under the rubric of "privacy", recruiters need to be aware of the technology, techniques and issues surrounding cookies. This is a great place to start.


    (December 09, 1996): Is it a big deal? Although we tend to downplay the ultimate role of privacy in the evolution of the Internet, it seems to be a big (and getting bigger) bugaboo. For a comprehensive picture, take a look at the Stalker's Home Page. It's not really a collection of tools for stalkers, it's more of an alarmist's look at the potential of the net to invade privacy.

    Recruiters' Internet
    Survival Guide

    (AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
    Order your copy today.

    See a detailed index of our past issues

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    • Doing The Resume Sift
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    • Corporate Recruiting
    • Managing Links
    • 1997 ERI

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