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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Week Ending April 27, 1996
April 27, 1996
Part of using the net as an employment tool means an increased level of public scrutiny. The Red Guide to Temp Agencies is a prime example of a component of the industry's future. Rankings and evaluations based on individual customer's experiences with the agencies in question. It's important to remember that this is a very different environment. One mistake can be very costly.

April 26, 1996
Becoming an expert in web recruiting offers interesting possibilities for locking customer relationships in place. As long as you're posting job listings online, why not offer your clients regular updates to their web pages? The difference between your pages and theirs is a template and a tiny bit of time. We can't think of a better, simpler way to demonstrate that you are concerned about their success.

April 25, 1996
There's no shortage of places to promote your site. The largest problems in developing a proactive marketing campaign are: getting started and prioritizing the use of your resources.

We got a piece of email from the friendly folks at 2Ask. Initially we yawned at the sprawling press release until we scanned past the "Free Banner Ad" offer.

2Ask claims over 3.5 Million weekly hits and may well be a great place to advertise. It certainly belongs on your list of places to Free Banner Ad will give you an excuse to get started. It might even help build your traffic.

April 24, 1996
We were sure that we knew all of the ins and outs of the Internet Professional's Association (IPA). We've been watching them quite closely as they've evolved. We continue to say that joining the group is one of the best investments that an online recruiter can make.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that there was a tremendous new feature. While reacquainting ourselves with Ray Shoemake, the CEO of Killion Consulting, we took a quick look at their Website. The simple one page tool includes a button labeled "Employment Opportunities". Clicking it takes you directly to the IPA database and shows only the job listings from Killion Consulting. Many other recruiting alliances (mostly in the UK) have tried to implement a similar feature. This one, though, gives the seamless appearance of technical savvy.

Bill Vick (IPA's heart and soul) continues to push the technology ahead while making it increasingly affordable for a typical recruiter. BRAVO!!!

April 23, 1996
The great recruiters (regardless of medium) develop success oriented partnerships with their client-firms but you'd never know it from the current crop of web based recruiting sites. Even the best recruiting sites use a venus-fly trap approach to attracting clients. That is, they wait passively for potential candidates to arrive and then try to "snag" them.

Proactive web recruiting most often looks like traditional candidate research conducted on behalf of the client. The tricks and twists of Internet based information mining are usually seen as an extension of library research. There are even fantastic variations in practice that capitalize on the aggregate information gathered by the most successful "venus fly traps". Certainly, the process of defining and acquiring a target is more precise using these rapidly evolving tools. It hardly maximizes the potential of the medium.

We get very excited about better kinds of bait and trapping strategies in the passive approach. Job matching services (pioneered by JobCenter and ESpan and perfected by operations like 4work) and free HTML Resumes (initially offered by Intellimatch and spreading like wildfire) are moves in the right direction. They take the passive approach well beyond normal limits and into candidate relationship development. Unfortunately, these strategies are like assuming that the fish will come because you put your pole by the stream.

Aggressive advertising campaigns seem to be working in the short term and will probably always be a significant component of a smart web based recruiting venture. The Intellimatch billboard on Rte 101 in Silicon Valley will be written about in advertising case studies for years to come. (So will their remarkably innovative partnerships with newspapers). But, the strategy remains passive...building value that is available in exchange for a visit.

The ESpan partnership with CMP called TechHunter is a very significant move in the right direction. Our pick as the best single recruiting site of 1995, TechHunter fishes where the fish are and will be remembered as an initial step towards proactive recruiting.

In the long run, though, it's just a step. The potential of the medium is to close the gap between clients and candidates with the recruiter acting as a relationship manager. The excitement begins as recruiters begin to actively reduce the client's per-hire transaction costs

April 22, 1996
We've added 29 websites to our New and Changed Websites series. This represents a 1.1% weekly growth rate.

April 21, 1996
Links are more important to recruiters than they are to most online businesses. In general, web businesses are best served by developing a loyal audience (for retained search firms and internal corporate recruiters, this logic does apply). If you're looking to make a living moving technical professionals from assignment to assignment (either "contract" or "permanent"), however, your audience shifts at a rate that is directly related to the unemployment rate. That means that you are constantly engaging a new audience and that they have to be able to find you amongst all of the (now over 2500) alternatives.

Some examples from a recent survey:

  • The Online Career Center has over 5,000 inbound links
  • CareerMosaic has over 10,000 links.
  • ESpanhas over 4,000

    Successful recruiting depends on being able to be found on line. If you have 50 inbound links to your site, who do you think is more likely to be found?

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