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CareerCurve Acquires Robin Raybuck & Associate

(January 15, 2013) Cleveland Based CareerCurve Acquires Robin Raybuck & Associate- Expanding Their Career Transition Business

CareerCurve LLC announced that it acquired Robin Raybuck & Associates. The acquisition strengthens the home market capabilities of CareerCurve's career transition business. CareerCurve, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, delivers career transition services throughout North America; Robin Raybuck & Associates will significantly add to CareerCurve's progress toward establishing a leading position in Northeast Ohio.

"Robin Raybuck & Associates is an excellent fit for CareerCurve," said Patricia Wagoner, CareerCurve's president and chief executive officer. "Their business portfolio strengthens our local market and service capabilities, and supplements our strong organic growth with an acquisition strategy. "I have long admired Robin's work in the career transition industry. Robin Raybuck & Associates has earned a reputation for delivering high quality responsive career transition services among their solid customer base," Wagoner further stated.

The company, founded by Robin Raybuck, offers a comprehensive suite of career transition programs at all levels. The Raybuck team has assisted hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals navigating career change for over a decade. They have a strong track record of providing compassionate and responsive career transition services.

"Merging with CareerCurve is a clear win for our Clients," said Robin Raybuck, founder and president, Robin Raybuck & Associates "CareerCurve's management team is very impressive. They are not only experts in the career transition industry; they are compassionate, down to earth individuals. Their approach to providing career transition support is aligned with my passion for inspiring people to achieve their career goals."

"Good people, good reputation and excellent products were key factors in partnering with CareerCurve," said Robin. "Their role as an innovator in designing career transition programs focused on today's business environment is impressive. Their business model meets the needs of today's job seeker, delivering coaching for the duration of the job search, where and when it is most effective." Robin went on to state that "CareerCurve's service philosophy aligns with our organization's commitment to excellence in delivering career transition and management services. Gaining access to CareerCurve's robust technology and superior operational support enhances our ability to provide the best solutions available," Robin concluded.

Under the terms of the agreement, Robin Raybuck & Associates will continue to service their loyal client base while fully leveraging the enhanced resources of CareerCurve.

About CareerCurve
CareerCurve, headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, is a career transition firm that is making significant progress by employing an updated business model. CareerCurve blends exceptional personalized coaching and innovative quality systems to deliver the highest value and most effective career transition solutions. Visit

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