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IHRIM Unveils New Website

(August 23, 2012) The International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), the world’s leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry, announced the launch of their newly redesigned website.

Through an improved layout and enhanced features, the new IHRIM website offers HR information management professionals extensive information about the association; access to a canon of resources; industry insights; special offers; and easy connection to CORE — its online community enabling members to capture and share HR information management & HR systems expertise and content, as well as enhance collaboration among its worldwide members.

“We are very happy with the new website — its clean layout makes it easy for users to navigate around and improve their web experience,” said Lynne Mealy, President & CEO of IHRIM. “Moreover, the new IHRIM website does not only provide HRIM professionals with information about the association, it also helps users take a more active role in the industry.”

The new enhancements to the IHRIM website will better allow visitors to do such things as
  • find out how the association can help them with their HRIM needs;

  • get in touch with IHRIM’s community of experts through the CORE;

  • follow the association through its social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;

  • research its improved news room for the association’s latest news and information;

  • delve into education opportunities provided by IHRIM;

  • view, register for, and share upcoming events; and

  • explore the benefits of earning IHRIM’s HRIP certification.

“What gets me excited about our new website is the fact that it allows viewers to quickly identify how IHRIM can help them with their HRIM needs,” added Nov Omana, Chairman of the Board for IHRIM. “Additionally, I am very pleased with the new site’s ability to allow visitors to truly engage with us. The overall look and functionality of the site embodies IHRIM’s commitment to arming the industry while developing real-world opportunities for success.”

IHRIM would like to hear visitors’ feedback on the new website and requests that visitors leave a comment on their Facebook page to let them know what you think. Be sure to follow IHRIM on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates, news and industry insights.

About the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM)
IHRIM is the world’s leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry. Since 1980, IHRIM has been the only membership association for HR technology professionals, advancing the industry by providing unparalleled education and professional development opportunities through its annual conference, educational courses and webinars. IHRIM is a community of experts — a dynamic group of practitioners, vendors, consultants, students, and faculty that continues to grow, not just in numbers, but in its scope of knowledge and information.

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