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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Who's Who

(February 5, 2008) We have been watching the growth of since its launch last October. A great feature at TalentManagementTech is the Industry Who's Who.
Edward Navis, TMT Industry Who's Who:
As an industry consultant for more than 25 years, Edward Navis has contributed a good deal to the field, including two books: "PeopleThink(TM), a guide to business management" and "Confessions of an HR Professional: Secrets for Getting Your Foot in the Door," a job searching guide. Navis publishes a newsletter for business owners, job seekers and recruitment firms, as well, and offers consultation in each of these three realms. Originally a licensed mental health professional, Navis enjoys an in-depth understanding of human behavior that uniquely qualifies him to provide services in the field of talent management. He took his education and experience to the corporate world in 1981 and since has helped companies in a variety of industries nationwide to improve their bottom lines by developing their human capital management practices. A nationally recognized keynote speaker, consultant, educator and author, Navis has written articles on human behavior in the workplace for The Journal of Management Consulting, The Casino Journal, Administrative Radiology and other publications.
Visit completeNavis' TMT profile.

Mark Hamade, TMT Industry Who's Who:
Vice president of human capital at DATASKILL, a privately held consulting firm based in San Diego, Mark Hamade has under his belt more than 12 years of leadership experience at top-tier companies. And he surely draws on this experience every day as he manages staff planning, development and deployment for DATASKILL, as well as administration of staff selection, retention and training for this firm whose client list features a number of Fortune 500 companies. Hamade has a blog, by the way, where he shares his thoughts on talent management.
Visit complete Hamade's TMT profile.

Steven Bonacorsi, TMT Industry Who's Who:
A Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), Steven Bonacorsi has coached top executives in the US Navy in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their Lean Six Sigma initiatives. As vice president of product and sales development at The AIT Group Inc., he has led executive trainings; workshops in leadership awareness and deployment design; and various, related deployments at a lengthy list of Fortune 500 companies.
Visit complete Bonacorsi's TMT profile.

Colleen Aylward, TMT Industry Who's Who:
Founder of the relatively new start-up, Colleen Aylward first created Devon James Associates, Inc. in the 1990s, pioneering the Onsite Recruiting War Room model to help clients who didn't have the resources or time to work with conventionally-operating recruiters. In these roles, she has assisted clients such as Amazon, Visio, Spry/Compuserve, Rhapsody Networks, Cranium and InfoSpace. Barron's, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Washington CEO, Puget Sound Business Journal, Human Resources, Inc. Magazine and have all quoted Aylward on many matters pertaining to the business of talent management.
Visit complete Aylward's TMT profile.
Take the time to create your personal profile on TMT, and you may be showcased the "Industry Who's Who" in talent management. You will become part of a fast-growing community of HR professionals online when you create a profile on TMT.

For more information please e-mail, and Brent Skinner, TMT editor in chief, will be happy to assist you. He is also available at 603-925-1160.

Colleen Gildea

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"Goodness makes greatness truly valuable, and greatness make goodness much more serviceable."

      - Matthew Henry


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