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Bill Vick and XtremeRecruiting

(December 17, 2008) Bill Vick really is an Industry Standard. interbiznet has been covering his moves since 1998.

(November 03, 1998) Few people have driven the acceptance of the Internet as a Recruiting tool with Bill Vick's passion. Bill, the founder, CEO and driving force of the Recruiter's Online Network (RON), has consistently driven the state of the art. Each year, RON introduces thousands of third party Recruiters to the Internet. (more)

Bill's current project is XtremeRecruiting, a place to learn and discuss the changing face of the recruitment business. His LinkedIn profile is at

About Bill (in his words):
As the collision of demographics, technology and recruiting takes place XtremeRecruiting will try to document this change by talking to and interviewing leading recruiters, technologists and demographers so recruiters are in a position to both understand and take advantage of this change. All interviews will be live and presented in an audio or video format.

The passion that drives me is helping others pursue and achieve excellence. Whether it's an organization or an individual I can help.

By definition I'm a HeadHunter, serial entrepreneur, author, publisher, big biller, speaker, recruiting coach, social media and recruiting industry consultant. I believe everybody has the ability to achieve success in life and my goal is to help others succeed.

I've published two books focused on recruiting excellence. LinkedIn For Recruiting about using the LinkedIn network and Big Biller, about million dollar recruiters. Both books are available at

I went from sales and marketing management with fortune 500 companies such as Revlon, Max Factor and Helene Curtis, to the computer and software industries where I launched a chain of computer stores and participated in taking a software company public. I joined Management Recruiters International (MRI) in 1986 and was their National Rookie of the year in 1987. For the last 20 years I have run my own retained executive search business and along the way created a software company focused on software for recruiting and staffing firms, and founded Recruiters OnLine Network (RON), a top 100 site. I sold my software and web businesses in 2002.

I have been a founder and board member of the Pinnacle Society recognizing achievement in the staffing industry, a national speaker for NAPS, served on the Board of Directors of The Texas Association Staffing Services (TAPS), was an officer with the Metroplex Association of Personnel Services (MAAPS) as well as a founder of the local Dallas Independent Recruiters Group (IRG) and a lifetime member of the USMC Force Recon Association (FRA)

Bill has hundreds of interviews on the site. In the category of Industry Executives alone there are 62 interviews and there are 11 additional categories. So, you could easily spend days on the site and still have more to see.

Industry Executives:
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Jorrit Blok - CEO OTYS - Jorrit Blok is ...
Benjamin Yoskovitz - CEO, blogger - Benjamin Yoskovitz. is ...

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