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R4 and Onrec

(September 8, 2008)  Last week was wonderful!

I was hold up at the Intercontinental in downtown Chicago. I swam in the pool that Johnny Weissmuller used to swim in to rehab his leg before he became Tarzan. The very same pool that harbored the pods in the movie, Cocoon, and a scene from Al Capone. Now, I realize that I should have shot a interview pool side that included the lavish tile work and stained glass windows.  Next time.

Walking out the front door put you on Michigan Ave which features great food and shopping.

Ok, now for the important part. The R4 Conference was a total treat. Each of the speakers were captivating and informative. I got to hear many new angles on topics that are essential to understanding the future of the work force. Each segment dove tailing perfectly into the next.

The list is below and I will be treating you to my impressions of the topics over the next several weeks. If you can not wait - go to the R4 Conference site and buy a ticket to gain access to the presentations. It is a real value.

Greg Doersching
Passionate Recruiter
Topic: Dare to Soar with a Top Producer; Greg received the "Dare to Soar" Award for increasing billings over 300% in a single year.

Joyce Reinsma
IRS Agent
Topic: Independent Contractor vs Employee

Dave Copps
CEO PureDiscovery, Futurist - Advance Search Technology Expert Topic: We Are What We Know: How the Semantic Web will Alter the Recruiting Landscape

Dr. Sherene McHenry
Human Relations and Productivity Expert
Topic: Protecting and Promoting Creativity

David M. Szary
Recruiter Academy Founder
Topic: Develop A World Class Recruiting Organization

Scott McQuillan
Deloitte Services LP
Topic: Generational Difference and Retention

Joann Tolbert-Yancy
Jotoski Author, Consultant, Facilitator, Motivational Speaker
Topic: Empowerment

Dr. Russ Riendeau
Behavioral scientist, musician and nationally recognized speaker on talent acquisition and retention strategies.
Topic: Retention Strategies that Rock 'n Roll: How to attract and retain top talent in today's business world

Doug Beabout
CEO, The Douglas Howard Group, Leading Recruiting Expert
Topic: Recruiting Inside and Out

Carol Dawson
President of EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.,
Topic: Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's Off To Hire We Go: Monitoring Your Numbers Carol made it easy to Calculate Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA) without a computer and understand what it means.

Jodie-Beth Galos
Galos & Associates, LLC
Topic: Creating a Jerk-Free Workplace
Personal conflicts are expensive in the workplace. With a sense of humor, Jodie-Beth gave effective and legal methods of dealing with problem employees.

Moises Lopez
The Sourcing Corner, Sourcing Consultant/Trainer
Topic: Internet Research Strategies.

The Roving Reporter has to stay on the move so I have moved from downtown Chicago out to the Sofitel by the O'Hare Airport. On tuesday, the Onrec Conference begins. The speakers list looks stellar and I imagine that the Onrec team will have another winner on their hands.

Onrec's Speakers List:

Tamara J. Erickson, Author
Jason Katcher, Manager of Education and Recruitment Advertising, Google
Amy Richman, Senior Director of Corporate Staffing for Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Rob McGovern, CEO, JobFox
Stephen A. Lowisz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualigence, Inc

Don Ramer, CEO, Arbita
Joseph Daniel McCool, Consultant and Author of Deciding Who Leads
Lizz Pellet, CEO of EMERGE International
Yves Lemusi, CEO & founder of Checkster
Jason Kerr, CEO of QuietAgent

Jennifer Floren, Founder, Experience
Sean Bisceglia, CEO of TalentDrive
Jean Eveld, VP of Recruiting & Client Services , Manpower
Dr Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute
Jeff Hyman, CEO, Strong Suit

Sean Rehder, founder, Rehder Talent Logistics
Paula Santonocito, Business Journalist,
Todd Owens, General Manager, Screening Services, Intelius
Lauryn Franzoni, VP and Executive Editor of ExecuNet
Gautam Godhwani, Co-founder and CEO, SimplyHired

Brent Arslaner, VP of Marketing, Unisfair
Marie Artim, VP, Recruiting for Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Paul Forster, CEO and Co-founder, Indeed
Jayson Sawyer
Paul Harrison, Managing Partner of Carve

Simon Conroy, CEO, Madgex
Lou Adler, President, The Adler Group
Alice Snell, VP of Research, Taleo Corporation
Chuck Taylor, Vice President of Marketing, Affinity Circles
Jose Manuel Montenegro, Director of Account and Media Services, Sensis

Anne Berkowitch, Co-founder and CEO, SelectMinds
Donato Diorio, Broadlook Technologies
Kris Penn, Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications
Margaret Schweer
Dave Mendoza, Principal,

Jeremy Garlington, Leadership Consultant
Chris Russell, President & Founder, Jobs in Pods
Mark Sadovnick, CEO & President, Sadovnick Partners
Aaron Sahagun, Co-Founder, Alumwire Inc.
Jeremy Lappin - Founder and CEO of BountyJobs

Peter M. Zollman, Founding Principal, Executive Editor, Classified Intelligence
David Dalka, Business Development, Product Management and Marketing Strategy Leader
Sheila Greco, President & Chief Executive Officer, Sheila Greco Associates
Jim Fowler, CEO and co-founder of Jigsaw
John Sumser, CEO and founder of The Recruiting Roadshow

Kevin Krim, Vice President of Product & Strategy, Yahoo! HotJobs
Allan Sabol, Co-Founder and CEO, Dayak, Inc.
John Younger, President, CEO and Founder, Accolo Inc.
Colleen Aylward, CEO,
Blair Heavey, President & CEO, My Perfect Gig
Terry Baker, VP of Sales, Adicio Inc.

There may be a ticket or two left - so find a way to get here.
For a $100 Discount use special Interbiznet code (MEYTsm).

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