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Outsourcing Task of Posting Job Ads

(June 26, 2008) "With over 50,000 niche job sites for employers to choose from, coupled with aggressive price competition, the net result is that employers are choosing more advertising sources to use when listing a job opening. Recruitment advertising agencies are absorbing the brunt of this as their clients increase the number of advertising sources they use. JobTarget saw an un-served market need to provide a service that allows ad agencies and other firms posting significant numbers of job ads to outsource this administrative task." notes Ethan Bloomfield, VP of Sales Operations at JobTarget.

By removing this expensive, low-profit administrative task, agencies are able to reduce their processing costs while continuing to provide their clients with a high-level of service and support. JobTarget is providing a custom technology solution that is easy and cost-effective for recruitment agencies to integrate, and the agencies grow without having to implement it internally on their end.

"Our job posting volume had grown to a point where we weren't able to profitably handle the execution of our client's needs", says Cameron Byam, Director, Client Services for First Advantage Recruiting Solutions. "Our partnership with JobTarget has allowed us to keep our product offering and reduce our overhead costs."

Since JobTarget's inception in 2001, they have been working directly with Recruitment Advertising Agencies and listening to their needs. "It all started with a conversation with one agency and has evolved into a complete outsourcing solution that services three major agencies and we are in negotiations with several more", says Bloomfield. "The market told us to take this angle. We listen to what the market requests and we turn on a dime to provide what it asks for."

The new service for Recruitment Advertising Agencies provides a number of features including a job board search engine, proposal creator, order status tracking, inventory management, login management, web proofs, and reporting. Besides reducing the cost for agencies, JobTarget designed the system to help the agency data mine their client activity to look for new service opportunities and purchasing efficiency opportunities.

JobTarget sees this as a major growth opportunity for their business. "We see strong demand for companies and organizations that have lots of job ads to post, to turn to a distribution firm to fulfill this administrative task. It makes a ton of sense for companies to offload this function, so they can remain focused on value creation. What value does a firm gain by manually posting their job ads to websites?" says Bloomfield. "It's the perfect function to outsource to save time and money."

About JobTarget
JobTarget is the leading online source for recruitment advertising and job posting management services. As an industry leader in job board development, the company manages over 1000 independent, online job boards for professional and trade associations, publishers, newspapers, and online entrepreneurs. This vast network of job boards, in addition to thousands of other popular sites, are all available through an advanced job distribution service - JobTarget OneClick ( - a one-stop research and job posting solution. Employers and recruiters can now access just one website to post their jobs to virtually any job board on the Internet.

JobTarget has service agreements with First Advantage Recruiting Solutions, Bayard Advertising, and Graystone Group Advertising. These leading recruitment advertising firms have all outsourced their job posting activity to JobTarget.

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