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Lars-Henrik Friis-Molin on Video Use In HR Industry

(May 9, 2008)  Swedish-Californian entrepreneur Lars-Henrik Friis-Molin, is the founder of several successful companies within the HR industry. His latest business is CareerTV (www.careertv.com). It was launched in August 2007 and is already the nation's largest website for recruiting videos.

Being the founder of Universum, the global leader in Employer Branding for over a decade, and also the entrepreneur behind what is today the European arm of Monster.com, Mr Friis Molin had a sense of what the next big thing in recruitment could likely be.

With the development of streaming videos on YouTube and other websites - and the need for companies to brand them self better, it was clear that a new service like CareerTV would be an instant hit.

"We have cutting-edge clients, like Ernst & Young, General Electric, IBM and Deutsche bank, that sets the tone and engulf interest", explains mr Friis-Molin when asked about the secret to the success. "Large financial institutions, along with many high-profile technology companies, were the ones that helped CareerTV to fame. Recruitment videos were a relatively unknown product just a year ago".

Now, only five months after CareerTV's official launch, we have over 400 videos on the site, including over 200 employer recruiting videos and more than 150 career advice videos. Clients range from mid-sized to huge corporations. "I envision that within a couple of years, every single company will have their own recruitment video" - and CareerTV will be the leading destination site, showing them all", says Mr. Friis-Molin.

CareerTV.com is also the most viewed career-related video website on the Internet. It continues to attract viewers very rapidly. Over the last few months, CareerTV's traffic has increased more than 250,000 unique visitors, and the company expects to have millions of viewers during 2008.

Lars-Henrik Friis Molin indicates that CareerTV's success has also been due to the tremendous interest in online videos by the next generation of job seekers - The Millennials - who are currently graduating from college and have been the primary driver behind the success of YouTube and Facebook.

To continue to break ground among the Millennials, CareerTV has developed a number of strategic partnerships including; CollegeRecruiter.com, WetFeet, Yahoo!HotJobs, InternshipPrograms.com. In addition, CareerTV has well established contacts with over 200 Colleges and Universities including: Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Wharton, Duke, University of Chicago, and the University of Miami.

"The millennial's are too impatient to browse around on 10 to 20 corporate websites to find key information about potential employers. They need a "one-stop-shop", and that is exactly what we try to offer them.

CareerTV produces and hosts professional recruitment videos from all industry categories, along with interviewing tips, and dress-code advice. Employer branding has never been more important. That's the reality for both established and emerging global companies that require a constant flow of top qualified young professionals.

"Today's students and young professionals are very demanding and know what they are looking for. Since video has proved to be the most powerful way to capture young professionals' attention, I'm very excited about CareerTV's future," concludes Mr. Friis-Molin.

CareerTV would love to hear from our readers and get their opinions on this topic. Please e-mail Helen Luttemo, CareerTV's Director of PR, for comments and questions related to recruitment. helen.luttemo @ careertv.com. Share your experience or excitement! If relevant for a broad audience, we'll publish the Q&A's. Take a moment to review the CareerTV Introductory Video

Check back next Friday for more coverage on recruitment videos.

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