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Relationships Take Time 4

(October 15, 2007) There's an extraordinary amount of emphasis being placed on sourcing these days. Internet search techniques, it is supposed, have created a new function in our industry. This sort of confusion happens every time there is a hiring peak. It might even be a good way to predict the end of a bubble.

Sourcing is a component of market targeting.

The starting point for relationship development is knowing why you want to have the relationship. For organizations, this currently ill defined problem of articulating labor supply requirements involves a hodgepodge of succession planning, workforce planning and strategic planning. Increasingly (though not often enough to be described as "usual"), the workforce/staffing planning process is becoming tightly integrated with the strategic planning process.

(A couple of side notes:

  • Eisenhower is reputed to have said something like "The plan is everything, the plan is nothing." He was referring to the fact that really good planning and logistics (of which personnel requirements are a component) means preparing for a future that you know will never arrive. He was foreshadowing the scenario planning techniques that should inform any manpower forecast project.
  • Some of the most interesting innovations in workforce planning are happening in Southern Africa at ground zero in the AIDS epidemic. In order to account for an infection rate in the 45% range, global organizations (particularly in the energy industries) build succession plans for truck drivers. It turns out that you can live without a vice president but you may not be able to live without a truck driver. Deep levels of succesion planning, where each job is viewed from a strategic perspective, can be the backbone of a meaningful labor requirements survey.)

With a thorough set of requirements in hand, it's possible to really orchestrate the optimal set of "sourcing criteria".

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