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Labor Shortage 10

(August 30, 2007) Here's a smattering of the news and analysis about the Labor shortage as things heat up for the coming Labor Day in the US.
  • The Great Labor Shortage Lie David Sirota pleads the Unionist view of the labor shortage. There's no labor shortage, there's a cheap labor shortage
  • Labor Shortages: Myth and Reality: If employers are having trouble filling jobs, "perhaps they're not looking hard enough,"
  • Back In Business: After all, if more immigration raises wages, wouldn't fewer immigrants lower wages? Would employers really mind that outcome so much? Can't these people get their story straight?
  • Labor Shortages: Myth and Reality The issue may not be the number of workers, but rather the level of pay.
  • Amid labor shortage, job fair series targets older workers: Older workers and retirees, previously overlooked by companies, are starting to get more attention from employers faced with labor shortages caused by the mass exodus of baby boomers from the work force.
  • The "labor shortage" fallacy: When people aren't willing to supply labor at a given wage, you get a shortage, just as when the price of oil is too low, oil companies aren't willing to invest in new refineries.
  • Denmark Eyes Income Tax Cuts to Counter Labor Shortage: Unemployment has been steadily falling in Denmark for several years, and reached 3.5% in June, its lowest level in decades.
  • A Critical Shortage of Nurses: The U.S. is facing a severe nursing shortage. Already, an estimated 8.5% of the nursing positions in the U.S. are unfilled—and some expect that number to triple by 2020 as 80 million baby boomers retire and expand the ranks of those needing care.
  • Shrinking workforce 'needs to work smarter' The New Zealand Department of Labour estimates that between 2006 and 2017, the labour force will need to grow by 1.5 per cent a year to support moderate economic growth of 2.5 per cent a year.
  • Preparing for a Future Labor Shortage: A systemic labor shortage occurs when the overall number of new job openings exceeds the number of qualified new entrants in a national economy for a sustained period of years. By definition, systemic labor shortages spread across a wide range of occupations and skill groups. Systemic labor shortages have been recorded historically when nations transition from wartime economies to peacetime economies, when widespread health problems or plagues devastate an economy, or when major innovation cycles such as the Industrial Revolution transform work organizations. Today, national and global demographic changes are a potential catalyst for a long-term systemic imbalance.

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