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What Happened VI

(March 08, 2007)
The last couple of years have been pretty amazing.

Blogging has exploded into a universe of its own. Center stage is occupied by a throng of pundits and pseudo pundits who write around recruiting. But, their is real work going on in Recruiting Blogs by Recruiters who are using new communication techniques to build value for their companies.

It's more than a little unrealistic to suggest that blogging has been an unstoppable phenomenon that changes everything in its wake. There just aren't that many "pet rocks" or "hula hoops". But, communication styles, techniques and technologies are in a state or rapid evolution. Competitive advantage always goes top the Recruiting entity with the latest and best communications toolset. Blogging has allowed a new crop of players to emerge in the halls of the industry.

Ultimately, the Google rule applies. "A new blog every one second with an audience of slightly less than 1." Although this will seem disparaging, the utility of blogs, my space pages, facebook and other new publishing tools is in their ability to reach tiny audiences. There's no way to have 100 New York Times. But, you can have really valuable tools that reach audiences numbering around a hundred.

It's not an advertising sponsored universe. It's one in which the value of the audience is worth the generation of the content. Intimate conversations with potential employees.

Meanwhile, the long discussed talent shortage is rearing its head. As it stops being a forecast and starts becoming a reality, something interesting happened. People who thought they might retire all of a sudden aren't. In the end, the Talent Shortage means "learning how to recruit and manage a multi-generational workforce." RetirementJobs was first on the scene. The staffing companies are following closely and retuning themselves to manage the incredible opportunities associated with portfolio careers in the over fifty set.

RPOs are getting very muscular. IBM has a rapidly growing set of offerings for the bigs. The Lean Staffing Institute is shaking the bushes and helping companies really understand how to simplify recruiting.

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) arena is heating up. Kenexa (KNXA) started things rolling in 2005 and has been a Wall Street Darling ever since. This year will be a banner year for IPOs in the space.

One response to the fact that friction has fallen away from the candidate end, is to add additional hurdles (in the form of matching criteria) back into the process. While Itzbig will make the largest splash, the market will swarm with imitators.

As long as the unemployment rate continues to hold in the 4.5% range, pressure will continue to build on talent supplies and the people who mine them.

Finally, the level of dissatisfaction with Recruiting as a profession can not be understated. Take a look at this (pdf). No fewer than a dozen well regarded Recruiting experts pick their pet peeves. In sum, it looks like a troubled profession. Be certain to read Mr. Hunter's fine article "Recruiting BS and How to Get Rid of It."

The series so far:

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