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Blog Job Boards

(February 13, 2007)
There's a big conversation going on. Michael Arrington, the heart of an operation called techcrunch, has focused his attentions on the development and evolution of job boards for blogs. When Arrington focuses on an area, stuff happens. TechCrunch is wildly influential in the technology end of the world.

Read through the comments associated with his article. The Job Board Bubble. If you're like us, you'll get the distinct impression that it's amateur night, that the odds of the assembled group of commenters are way off base and in no danger of doing anything interesting.

Fight the impression. Disruptive competitive threads are rarely delivered by the incumbents. They tend to come from people who "don't get it" just enough to actually try something new and different. The least likely to succeed, from an incumbent's perspective, are the ones who end up eating your lunch. Change never emerges from the anticipated corner.

We've highlighted some key aspects of the ongoing conversation below:

  • Phil Carpenter
    When we first began thinking about the service that launched this morning as Job-a-matic, we did so with job seekers in mind. "How," we asked ourselves, "could we bring jobs to them in their own backyards, those spots on the Web where they spend time each day?"

    We didn't believe the industry needed yet another large job board, even one that was market-specific (Dice and others have already done this well in the tech sector). We still feel that way.

    Instead, we support the "let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend" idea.  from that of the Web 2.0 crowd, for example). Let a panoply of publishers run paid job listings on their own sites/blogs. (Tech Crunch)

  • Google to Crush Monster, HotJobs, Craiglist, etc.?
    Yes. Probably been said a million times before, but what is job hunting? It's job searching. Who's great at search? Google. And after lots of little tweaks, the biggest recruiting boards - take your choice - Monster, HotJobs, etc. - they're all still horrible. Though, I have to admit, Craigslist is not really horrible, and they have low overhead, and community good will, so maybe they survive. But they will probably be hurt just the same. (the art of the possible)
  • The Job Board Bubble
    The world has changed since I wrote about the need for a decentralized job board service last August. Just not quite in the way I had hoped. Job Boards are the product du jour of tech blogs. We have one, and countless others have sprung up as well. The idea is that the best candidates read these blogs, and by definition are up to speed on cutting edge tech issues. By advertising there, you get the benefit of access to those candidates, without the hundreds of unqualified resumes that come flying in from a Craigslist or Monster.com listing. (Tech Crunch)
  • Eric Yoon
    JobThread (http://www.JobThread.com) does offer the functionality to create niche networks of sites. This is what we've done with Slashdot (http://jobs.slashdot.org), Linux.com (http://jobs.linux.com), Freshmeat (http://jobs.freshmeat.net/), IT Manager's Journal (http://jobs.itmanagersjournal.com/) and Newsforge (http://jobs.newsforge.com/). They all have their own job board and custom look-and-feel, but they are all linked, so that a company posting on one board automatically has their job posted on all of the others in that niche network. (Tech Crunch)
  • sam
    i'm laughing at your assumption/assertion that the more skilled/better targeted people are on the tech blogs, and will therefore generate better resumes/fits for jobs. have you actually looked at the majority of the posts/replies to the techcrunch postings/forums??? but to the point regarding job boards. job boards may have their place in the job placement/hiring process, but they're woefully ineffecient and frankly don't really work. there really needs to be a better system that ties placements, applicant tracking systems, distributed reach, open source functionality, testing, past projects/functions, resource rating/ranking, payment for access function, etc… for my $0.02 worth, this area can use a great deal or re-engineering, and thought in a new direction. (TechCrunch)
  • The Job Boards Boom
    Everywhere you browse online these days, you're bound to find some new job board. They're ubiquitous; there's GigaOM Jobs, the 37Signals Job Board, TechCrunch's CrunchBoard, Cameron Moll's Authentic Jobs and countless others. Regardless of which one you end up browsing or using, the concept remains the same - pay a $200 or higher fee and list a wanted job. (paulstamatiou.com)
  • Coroflot.com
    Coroflot.com is a career and community site for creative professionals. Coroflot hosts individual creative portfolios and a database of job and project openings. The thriving community that visits the site daily represents a cross-section of the global design industry-working designers, design managers, internal and external hiring professionals, business managers of design firms, marketing and product management professionals, students, and educators.

    The site covers cross-discipline design, with Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design the three most popular categories. The audience returns daily to monitor the ever changing array of content, and uses a variety of tools and resources found at the site to help them in their careers.

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