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Recruiting Ecology

(February 5, 2007)
The Talent Unconference has had some interesting impacts on conversation around the industry. There are a range of threads covering subjects as diverse as networking and vendor-customer interaction sprouting from the Talent Unconference blog. It's useful to see who knows what and from what perspective.

The language is sticky and rarely built on shared vocabulary or experience. The market is so complex (and this is just North America) that it is possible to hear completely divergent points of view articulated. Given that there are 50 Million hiring decisions per year in the North American Market and that there are almost no standards, it's no big surprise. (50 Million transactions valued at $5k is a $250 Billion Marketplace and that's before the staffing firms weigh in.)

Typically, participants in an ecosystem have limited awareness of the overall game. Blissfully engaged in worm-eating, birds never suspect that their poop fertilizes the trees they inhabit. It's worse than that. The people who live in the houses made from the wood in the trees have little idea that birds fertilized that tree during its formative years.

It's really hard to have a view of the game. In fact, almost no one actually needs that perspective to get their jobs done. Unfortunately, larger perspectives are required to solve larger problems.

There are words like vendor or consultant that simply complicate the conversation. Is an internal consultant a vendor? Is an RPO a vendor? The boundary between a particular company and its suppliers often has little or nothing to do with the way that a competitor creates its supply chain (in people or material).

There are number of ways to describe the various food chains and players in the Recruiting Industry. Over the coming weeks, we'll examine some of the pieces and perspectives.

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