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The Bugler, Web 2.0 Edition

(November 17, 2006)
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Today's Bugler:

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
SumTotal Systems Inc. (
SUMT.O) said it acquired privately-held MindSolve Technologies Inc. for about $12 million in a cash and stock deal. The provider of business performance technologies said in a statement it would pay about $5.2 million in cash and 925,000 shares of SumTotal Systems common stock.

Plateau, a leading provider of software for developing, managing and optimizing organizational skills and talent, today announced that SkillSoft, a top provider of content resources and complementary technologies for integrated enterprise learning, will make SkillSoft courses and Books24x7 content available through iContent's portal. With the addition of SkillSoft and Books24x7, iContent now provides customers with a single point of access and service to more than 20,000 pre-validated content assets as well as hosting and services for any company-specific custom content.

A new service that provides jobs and other resources to transitioning service men and women has just been unveiled by Makibie and ARS Staffing to widespread acclaim at the 2006 American Staffing Association Convention. The service, called the Armed Forces Connection (AFC), is dedicated to helping military personnel and their families make the transition from military life to civilian life. Components of AFC include: a national job search, housing relocation, and continuing education information. AFC's services are free for any veteran to use, and are in high demand for all those facing the challenges of transitioning to civilian life.

Healthcare Republic includes dedicated sections for GPs, nurses, pharmacists and practice staff and features daily news, clinical guidance, drug records and education articles. Key among the website's features is the archive of articles from Haymarket Medical's other titles - GP newspaper, Independent Nurse magazine and eMIMS, the online edition of prescribing reference guide MIMS.

AdStar, Inc. (ADST), a provider of e-commerce transaction software and services for the advertising and publishing industries, today announced operating results for the third quarter and first nine months of 2006. For the three months ended September 30, 2006, AdStar reported net revenues of $1,396,000, compared with net revenues of $1,393,000 in the third quarter of 2005. ASP revenues increased $5,000 from $491,000 in the third quarter in 2005 to $496,000 in the third quarter of 2006. Licensing and software revenues increased 3% to $657,000 in the third quarter of 2006 from $640,000 in the same period in 2005. The increase in ASP and licensing and software revenues were largely offset by a decrease of $19,000 in customization and other revenues.

GMT Corp., an industry leader in enterprise workforce and cash optimization solutions, today announced its newest solution, GMT Performance Management, that delivers affordable, easy-to-use, and rapidly- deployed capabilities that were previously available only to the high-end market and through complicated implementations. Together with the GMT Planet workforce optimization solution, the new offering completes a fully-integrated performance management and analytics system for enterprise-wide visibility down to the individual employee level.

Deck Chairs:
CareerBuilder.com  has appointed Jeffrey K. Cordes, 48, to Managing Director of its new Human Capital Consulting Division. Cordes will drive the strategic direction and manage operations for the new division, which is focused on delivering sustainable, measurable results for customers across all areas of human capital consulting with a focus on talent acquisition....

You Should Know:
Web 2.0:
What's next after Web 2.0?
Nick Carr is welcome to stake a claim for the trademarks on Web 3.0, but I can cite prior art. Judging by the reaction of the blogosphere over the past 24 hours, there's not much value in the term anyway. People are feeling deflated enough about Web 2.0 and have no appetite for yet another spin on the versioning meme. So we can be fairly sure that the successor to Web 2.0 won't be called Web 3.0.A successor will rise out of the ruins of Web 2.0 There will be a successor, though, because Web 2.0 has to be remade before it can deliver on its promises. Perhaps that's at the root of the distaste for talking about Web 3.0. There's a growing realization that Web 2.0 is flawed. Web 3.0 — or whatever we end up calling it — will rise out of the ruins of Web 2.0. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about the ways in which Web 2.0 will have to be recast. This is not an exhaustive list, more of an introductory post to raise some issues that I'll return to and expand on in future postings. (ZDNet)

What in the world is Web 2.0?Demystifying Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is not an application or an upgrade, or a new gadget. In fact, it's not a technological innovation at all. Web 2.0 is a social innovation. It's about people and the ways in which technology enables their Web experience. Web 2.0 is important to associations because one of the main objectives for association leaders is to facilitate collaboration for information sharing, problem solving, and increased innovation. Web 2.0 offers tools that bring great minds together. Competition for your members' time and energy is fierce. If you don't make Web 2.0 a priority, quite frankly, someone else will. And the organizations that embrace the reality of Web 2.0 are the same ones that will happily embrace your members in ways you won't be able to. It's not possible to overstate the impact that Web 2.0 is already having on your association. Organizations that fail to participate in this ever-evolving generation of technology-enabled human interaction now, risk losing relevance in the immediate future. (Digital Now)

Web 2.0 for the Rest of Us
When the dotcom era hit, wide eyed start-ups looking for gold popped up faster then paparazzi at a J-Lo / Jennifer Aniston bar fight. Investors scrambled to invest in anything that smelled like HTTP. And almost every ISV in existence invested heavily in figuring out how to re-invent themselves for the web paradigm. There were billions of dollars to be made and lost just as quickly. But beyond startups, ISV's and investors, the other 99% of the business world had to figure out what this all meant to them, how to properly invest their company resources, and how to take advantage of these technologies as part of their road maps to driving shareholder value. (TechLinks)

Web 2.0, the European way
Google buys YouTube? Wikipedia explodes? Europe must react to the challenge of the second generation of the Internet
Scrooge 2.0, Chad Hurley (Photo: JD Lasica/Flickr) 1,650, 000, 000 billion dollars. This was the record sum shelled out by Google for the purchase of YouTube, the online video site which receives more than 65 thousand clips per day. The announcement came at the beginning of October. And, only days later, the Economist gave column space to the Venice Project, Skype's founders latest project, which aims to provide television over the internet thanks to peer-to-peer technology. This is all news, which until a short while ago, would have just appeared on a specialist blog or a magazine for IT specialists, and which increasingly concerns Web 2.0. (

Web 2.0 - It's Already Happening, What's Next?
Session Topic: Web 2.0 Predictions and Pithy Analysis
Speakers: Roy Desouza, Zedo.com Charles Buchwalter, Nielsen NetRatings
Roy started off his part by looking into the difference between the web 1.0 bubble and the new dynamic world of web 2.0 websites. Charles would seamlessly jump to slides that looked at various data points in internet traffic that clearly showed that these new web 2.0 websites were growing at erratic rates, faster than the big brands and getting more coverage therefore.
- Web 1.0 - built in 97-99. Single user events.
- Web 2.0 - defined these companies by their apps and as tools.


Web 2.0 Summit - where do we go from here?
Various technological shenanigans kept me from live-blogging last week's Web 2.0 Summit as planned so here's my run down of the highlights from my notes. Don Tapscott's workshop and the popular Launchpad session are covered in earlier posts.
The conference has already been covered in depth so I'll try and add my own personal observations that are hopefully somewhat unique. At the keynote, Tim O'Reilly mentioned that some 5,000 people were turned away from attending the conference. The standard admission was north of $3,000 so doing the math on that you can imagine why the organizers have announced a sister show, The Web 2.0 Expo in April 2007, which they hope will catch the folks wanting to attend just to see what all the fuss is about. Tickets will be more reasonable and the sessions will be more like the workshop format that you see at something like MacWorld or PubCon. (Flashpoint)


2006 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Gartner's 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle Highlights Key Technology Themes
Web 2.0 technologies and business models dominate emerging technologies together with Real World Web and Applications Architecture
Gartner, Inc., today announced its 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle which assesses the maturity, impact and adoption speed of 36 key technologies and trends during the next ten years. This year's hype cycle highlights three major themes that are experiencing significant activity and which include new or heavily hyped technologies, where organisations may be uncertain as to which will have most impact on their business. The three key technology themes identified by Gartner, and the corresponding technologies for enterprises to examine closely within them, are:(Gartner)

Web 2.0 means one thing ... Google
n Fortune, Adam Lashinsky has a great piece on Web 2.0. Yes, he spent last week at the much-hyped Web 2.0 Summit. His basic conclusion? The definition of Web 2.0 is simple – it's Google. That is, if a Web 2.0 company has a cool idea, Google, Inc.  will buy the company. One of the most recent examples is the purchase of JotSpot. (BloggingStocks)

Ajax, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a design approach and set of techniques for delivering web applications that are highly interactive and that have a feel and user experience that are more like a desktop application than a conventional form-driven web application. For example, an Ajax application might have user interface features such as "drag and drop," "cut and paste," animated effects, dynamic topic drill-down, "live search," progress indicators, and other UI widgets. Rather than relying on plug-ins, Ajax applications are built using open technologies widely implemented within browsers (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DOM, XMLHttpRequest, and XML). (HR-XML Blog)

Applicant Tracking Systems : The Job Hunter's Friend or Foe?
Every job seeker wants to gain as much exposure to job openings as possible, so by "snail mail" or email, off go r�sum�s to recruiters, job ads, company web pages, or the companies themselves in the hope that someone will review them. Ah, but unfortunately, in terms of initial screening, that "someone" has been increasingly replaced by an "it": the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). You see, thanks mostly to the Internet, companies and recruiters today are being increasingly inundated by r�sum�s sent to them literally at the touch of a button. So given the need for speed, quality, and economy in the hiring process, enter Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), computer software programs that can capture requested information from paper-based r�sum�s or online applications, and then download it directly into an applicant database. (GPS Receiver)

Even My Grandmother - HCM Has A Lot To Learn
Even my grandmother is using the internet on a daily basis. She reads her favorite websites, emails friends and family, orders groceries online, checks weather reports and even emails me pictures of men that would be more appropriate in a firemen's calendar than in my company email. Like other internet savvy 72 year olds, she expects the websites to be user friendly and provide up to date information. It's no wonder that HR organizations are feeling the heat from their customers to provide better employee and manager direct access. People are accustomed to websites that update information immediately and allow them the ability to control their own personal information. You don't have to be a software developer to know that if Delta Airlines can provide accurate on-line flight status, then HR and IT organizations should be able to provide employees and managers with basic HR information and services that are accurate and timely. (Knowledge Infuser)

State job growth predicted
California's job market is expected to expand faster than the rest of the country, a new report says, and analysts believe the East Bay and the rest of the Bay Area could nestle into the vanguard of that growth. Yet the kind of growth that is coming will pose tough challenges for business and political leaders throughout California, according to the study, which was released today by the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy. "There are substantial opportunities and daunting challenges," said Stephen Levy, director of the Palo Alto-based California economy center. (Inside Bay Area)

Taleo Trims 3Q Loss
Taleo Corp., provider of staffing-management software, said Monday it trimmed its third-quarter loss with more customers on its client list. The company reported a net loss of $757,000, or 4 cents per share, compared with a prior-year loss of $2.5 million, or $16.74 per share. Excluding restructuring costs, stock-based compensation and other special items, Taleo said it earned 4 cents per share in this year's quarter, up from a penny in similar comparisons to the year-ago period. Wall Street, on average, expected profit of 3 cents per share, excluding special items, according to an analyst poll by Thomson Financial. (chron.com)

Deep Release:

Authoria Delivers ''Quality of Hire'' with Authoria Recruiting 2007
Innovative Technology Drives Better Collaboration between Hiring Managers and Recruiters, to Deliver Higher-Quality Candidates and Hires

Authoria, Inc., the leader in integrated talent management solutions, unveiled Authoria Recruiting™ 2007, which delivers industry-first capabilities that help employers improve not only recruiting efficiency but the quality of candidates and new hires. Through a set of new Positive Impact™ features that include actionable organization charts, candidate-feedback ratings, in-context analytics, in-context coaching, and advanced search capabilities, Authoria Recruiting 2007 empowers hiring managers to participate actively in the recruiting process and collaborate effectively with recruiters.

Authoria Recruiting 2007 adds important new functionality to Authoria's integrated talent management solution. Of the company's 300-plus enterprise customers, 30 – including Hess Corporation, PepsiAmericas, and Charles Schwab & Co. – rely on Authoria's integrated talent management solution to maximize the ability of their people to achieve business goals.

"Employers recognize that for the recruiting function to meet their critical talent needs, they must go beyond the traditional measures of time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, and find ways to track, measure, and enhance the quality of candidates in the pipeline and new hires," said Authoria Chairman and CEO Tod Loofbourrow. "The key to gaining control of quality of hire is to make it easy and attractive for the hiring manager to be an active participant in the recruiting process, and to collaborate with recruiters. The new capabilities in Authoria Recruiting 2007 directly support that collaboration, and – through integration with the performance management, succession planning, and compensation processes – extend the benefit of improved quality of hires throughout the talent-management lifecycle."

"Technology has made great progress in improving recruiting processes and productivity," said Lou Adler, CEO of The Adler Group. "Authoria has developed some new ideas in this area that are worthy of serious evaluation. I am especially encouraged by the great strides the company has made in focusing on the critical role hiring managers play in the process."

A Positive Impact on Improving "Quality of Hire"

A recent survey conducted by Authoria showed that 67 percent of businesses are struggling to measure the effectiveness of recruiting, with 69 percent of respondents citing improvement in measuring "quality of hire" as a key imperative. In defining the roadblocks to successfully measuring "quality of hire," 60 percent graded the collaboration between their hiring managers and recruiters as less than effective. Until now, recruiting technology that directly addresses these issues has been substantially lacking.

"Regis Corporation is a global leader in salons and hair-restoration centers, with 11,000 locations and such well-known brands as Supercuts and MasterCuts," said Karen Woodson, Director of Talent Management, Regis Corporation. "Coupled with our phenomenal growth, we faced challenges in finding and attracting top talent. Our costs were high, it was taking too long, and we had no way to measure the quality of hire."

"Leveraging Authoria Recruiting, we've substantially improved the quality of the new hires we bring into the company," Woodson continued. "We also cut our time-to-hire in half, and saved over $500,000 in fees in just seven months. Now, we're linking our recruiting implementation with Authoria Performance, so we can track the success of those new hires as they move through the organization; and with Authoria Succession, so we can identify and develop our next generation of leaders."

Authoria Recruiting 2007 includes all the standard features expected of an applicant tracking system (ATS), to improve recruiting efficiency. By incorporating new features built on Authoria's innovative Positive Impact™ technology, though, the solution far exceeds traditional approaches. The Positive Impact technology underlies the product's user interface, content, and workflow, and supports Authoria's unique emphasis on enhancing quality of hire:

  • Positive Impact Organization Charts – Actionable organization charts provide hiring managers with a familiar and intuitive means to access all the functionality they need to participate in the recruiting process. From the Positive Impact Organization Chart, managers can view all open positions, open new requisitions, specify job descriptions and competencies, review candidates, and perform all other tasks related to recruiting.
  • Positive Impact Ratings – Authoria Recruiting 2007 provides a mechanism for hiring managers to give quick feedback to recruiters, ranking candidates on a 1-5 star scale. This gives recruiters valuable insight into the quality of candidates already in the pipeline, and enables them to focus on the top candidates.
  • Positive Impact Analytics – Powerful, in-context analytics and key performance indicators measure the quality of talent hired and the effectiveness of talent sources, as well as the efficiency of the recruiting process.
  • Positive Impact Coaching – In-context coaching provides hiring managers with just-in-time support, drawing from Authoria's knowledge of best practices in preparing job descriptions, developing prescreening questions, managing interviews, and other recruiting activities.
  • Positive Impact Search – Through advanced search capabilities, hiring managers can quickly scan the organization's talent community, including external and internal candidates, to find candidates who match specific criteria for current openings.
    Authoria Recruiting meets the needs of millions of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates for many of the world's largest enterprises.

About Authoria

Authoria® is the leading provider of integrated talent management solutions, helping employers increase the productivity of their workforce in driving their business strategy forward. Authoria's products have been awarded Top Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive Magazine six times, more than any vendor in the history of HR technology. Authoria® 2007 includes recruiting, performance management, compensation management, succession planning, and benefit and policy communication, while providing just-in-time knowledge and coaching for managers and employees. Authoria's award-winning solutions have proven successful for more than 300 large employers, representing more than 10 million employees. Customer companies include Boeing, Pfizer, Reuters, and Unocal. For more information, visit www.authoria.com


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