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BoB v74

(October 27, 2006)
  • Possibility Recruiting
    Whether you like it or not, recruiters who are believers, agnostics or atheists are all bound by forces at work which are beyond our comprehension, benevolent forces that make effective recruiting possible. Unbelievable? Consider this: (RecruitingBloggers)
  • Aggregate This
    There was a time when if you wanted a job in your area you had to turn to the old want-ads. Sunday's always seemed to be the best, but even there the listings were limited. Good luck if you wanted to look for a job on Tuesday. In most towns you'd be happy if you could find two or three jobs in the entire paper that even kind of suited your needs.Well, the Internet arrived and slowly but surely took over the world, leaving the want-ads behind in favor of the job board. Soon after that, the aggregators came along and started to "scrape" job postings from boards all over the Web in order to create, if you will, the super job board. However, things were not quite as super as they seemed, and people soon began to see the dark side of the job aggregators. Wasted time, pointless postings, and no ability to match your skills to the right job opening were just a few. Unfortunately, those problems, along with many others, still exist today: (ItzBig)

  • Maybe I Don't Like Being Jacked After All
    After skewering Mr. Sumser last week for going to the dark side, I got a taste of my own medicine today. Apparently I am not as big a fan of midnight gardening comando raids as I originally thought.Some recruiters inside our organization noticed that some of our jobs weren't being presented correctly on "Getthejob.com." I went to the site and saw that not only are they not presenting our jobs correctly (factually incorrect data) but that they take our material to create follow-on pages that look like hell so that they generate more space inventory. (Talentism)

  • Poker Party Podcast I decided to create my first podcast at Jay-Dee Jason Davis' ultimate charity bridge party. But, as regular readers know, I'm the kind of guy who likes to write the interview before I go to the meeting. So here it is. And, let me tell you in advance that I went armed with a list of fantastic questions. (RecruitingBloggers)
  • Why Applicant Tracking Stinks: Part I
    Looking around it is not difficult to find recruiting professionals who consider ATS a four-letter word. In this series, I am going to take a walk around the industry and my experiences as a new entrant over the past two years to explore how we got here and how to get out of the rut. The first thing that we need to do is to admit there is a problem in the first place. Perhaps the most stinging rebuke to the industry that I've seen lately was this paragraph in one of Lou Adler's articles on the ERExpo about one month ago: (RecruitingBloggers)
  • Search and Source Part III
    Now that we have our marching orders set out before us; our jobs in a work document with the job's name, title, job description, all the target companies we want to source out of and all the accompanying information we researched on for "names in" to begin our journey, it's (finally) time to get on the phone! This particular search is for a Director of Sales and Business Development. Although the customer wants to hire for that specific title, she wants the person we're targeting to come ideally out of new product development or product development. We're told to target the following titles: (RecruitingBloggers)
  • Traits That Turn a Good Recruiter Into a Great Recruiter
    Identifying what RecruiterX would look like
    As an owner of an IT staffing firm, I am always looking for good recruiters and have had the pleasure to work with some very skilled people over the years. If I could somehow blend the better traits of all of them into one mythical person (RecruiterX), he or she would show the following skills: (ERE)
  • Job-Hop to the Top
    Marshal Loeb has an interesting little article up about job hopping and how it is good for your career: Gone are the days of joining a company after college and staying with it for a promotion-filled 40-year career. Today, more and more companies are seeking talent from outside their own pools, and tenure at one organization is rare. Ok, we'll forgive him for that opening sentence which was sooo 1988. I mean is there anyone out there who thinks that a 40 year stint at one company is likely these days? (Recruiting.com

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