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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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White Papers and so on:
ATS Sourcing Whitepaper written by Jake Firth of JobsInLogistics.com.

Staffing Strategies: Can You Find, Recruit, and Retain the Talent You Need?
Authoria's complimentary white paper

Multigenerational Recruiting Slide Presentation done at OnRec by John and Bridget Sumser.

Reveille and Hyperbole:
The quarterly executive employment outlook survey, conducted by TheLadders.com, a job search service for the 100k+ segment of the employment marketplace, has found 58 percent job seekers think that now is a better time to be looking for a job versus this time last year. The majority of job seekers (64 percent) expect to apply to less than 50 job listings before receiving an offer (31percent say between 20-50 job listings; 31 percent say less than 20). However, 36 percent of those surveyed expect to apply to at least 50-100 or more jobs before getting an offer. Thirty-five percent of executive job seekers believe their search will take less than three months.

Chimes Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Computer Horizons Corp. (CHRZ), hosted its fourth Customer Forum October 5-6 at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. Chimes executives, customers and guest speakers from the research sector gathered to discuss the trends in human capital management (HCM) and Chimes' products and services in this arena. The forum provided an opportunity for Chimes' customers, including HR and procurement executives from industries ranging from healthcare to airlines to financial services, to discuss current challenges and emerging best practices in HCM and exchange views on the future direction of the sector.

Four leading Aon Corporation (AOC - News) executives have been selected as Women to Watch by Business Insurance magazine. Recognized for their contributions to the industry were: Corbette Doyle, global chief diversity officer of Aon Corporation; Kathryn Hayley, chief executive officer of Aon Consulting U.S.; Kathleen M. Burns, chief executive officer of Aon Risk Services Americas eSolutions; and Kelly Smith, executive vice president of Aon Re Global.

Deck Chairs:
Sandra L. West, previously the  executive vice president human resources of Limited Brands, Inc., has been appointed as executive vice president and chief human resources officer of Tween Brands, Inc./...NWP Services Corp. has hired Richard Little as vice president and CFO. Previously, Little was finance chief and secretary of Hireright....Melissa Anderson, who was the  vice president human resources of IBM Global Financing, has been named as senior vice president human resources of The Pantry, Inc....IIC Partners, a global organization of independent, retainer-based search firms, has elected Martine Bournerias as its board chair and appointed Jim Conroy as executive director. Ms. Bournerias is a senior partner of Progress, the fifth largest search firm in France. Mr. Conroy is a former chairman of IIC Partners (2000-2003) and founder of Conroy Ross Partners of Calgary...BioQuest LLC, a retained executive search firms for the life sciences industry, has appointed Karen Skillen as managing director of its biopharmaceutical practice.  Ms. Skillen comes to BioQuest after nearly 10 years at Korn/Ferry, where she worked in the Northeastern pharmaceutical corridor and then in the Bay Area, managing searches for large and specialty drug companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biologics, nutraceuticals and consumer medicines.... Executive search firm Marshall Consultants has named Peter Dowd as chairman.......Jeffrey S. Campbell, a veteran restaurant industry human resources executive, has joined Morton's The Steakhouse as vice president, chief people officer, it was announced today by Edie Ames, president of the fine-dining restaurant group. There are 71 Morton's steakhouses throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, with more scheduled to open. Morton's The Steakhouse is a subsidiary of Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc. ....Kristi B. Bowden was named vice president/human resources for the Detroit Newspaper Partnership Thursday. In her new position, will be responsible for all human resources functions, including benefits administration, compensation programs, employee relations, retention, training and development, staffing, employee communication and labor relations. She was also named to the executive committee of the Partnership, the name for the joint operating agreement between Gannett Co.'s Detroit Free Press and MediaNews Group's Detroit News....Lucas Group, an executive search firm, promoted Neil Handwerker as general manager of its Legal division...Steve Bilsborough has been appointed as head of broadcast media & entertainment for Omni Executive Search and Interim (Omni ESI).

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You Should Know:
Shortage of people, not skills

YOUNG women, indigenous people and skilled migrants should be targeted to fill an additional 70,000 jobs in the mining sector by 2015, industry representatives said yesterday.
A report by the National Institute of Labour Studies predicted an extra 42,000 tradespeople and semi-skilled workers would be needed in Western Australia over the next 10 years, followed by projected figures of 15,000 new positions in Queensland and 5000 each for NSW and South Australia. "Certainly in WA and arguably also in Queensland it is very much becoming a people shortage," said the state's Chamber of Minerals and Energy director Reg Howard-Smith. (
The Australian)

China braced for pensioner boom
Every day at 8am, home help Wei Qing arrives at pensioner Ge Qigong's one-roomed apartment and sets about cleaning the cramped but tidy space. Ge Qigong (right) relies on the state to look after him Mr Ge is not wealthy. Wei Qing's first job is to unlock the bathroom, which is shared by nine families. We're just like friends," she said. "I've been looking after him for a year, when I'm done with my chores we sit down and have a chat." (BBC)

YouTube success to spawn $2bn video ASP boom

ABI Research predicts huge potential for white-label video providers
The phenomenal success of YouTube and other video sharing services has spawned a new breed of application service provider, known as broadband video ASPs, that enable media firms and enterprises to put content online. According to ABI Research, these emerging firms are set to cash in by offering publishing, syndication, commerce, content management, security and other platform components in the form of software-as-a-service. The research firm expects the broadband video ASP market to reach a turnover of $1.9bn by 2011 (Infomatics)

How will you shop for groceries in 2010?
What do rising gas prices, aging baby boomers and a growing ethnically diverse population have in common? They are all factors driving trends in food's ever-changing landscape. With less disposable income, specialized needs and fewer minutes to spare, we shoppers will be increasingly on the hunt for unique, cheap and easy-to-find foods. Club stores (like Costco), dollar stores, and supercenters (like Wal-Mart) have had a huge impact on prices at retail across many different formats, forcing other retailers to offer more competitive prices to compete for the value-oriented customers. This is sending a clear message to grocery stores: Go big, go value, go niche or go away. And while niche suppliers like Whole Foods do well among its targeted demographic (singles and higher earners), there are more areas of the country that can support value retailers than can support the likes of Whole Foods and Wild Oats. (MSNBC)

EU Prepares Strategy to Tackle Demographic Change
Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Making it easier to balance career and family is an EU goal
The European Union Commission on Thursday agreed on a strategy paper to address demographic change in the 25-member bloc, including support for balancing the demands of both family and career. According to EU Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla, the first point of the strategy is to put in place policies and support systems that would allow EU citizens to "have as many children as they wish." In addition, older persons should be able to work longer, said Spidla. According to estimates provided by the commissioner, the number of Europeans of working age (between 15 and 64 years old) will shrink by 20 million by the year 2030, even taking into account 1.8 million immigrating into the EU every year.(DWWorld.de)

Human Capital Study Benchmarks Industry
The Cable Television Human Resources Association has been conducting compensation surveys for almost two decades. But this year the organization expanded on that theme to create the Human Capital Metrics Survey. Companies are increasingly looking for human capital and human resource benchmarking metrics to help HR departments maximize their return on investments, said CTHRA executive director Pam Williams. So the organization teamed up with Saratoga, a PricewaterhouseCoopers division that maintains the world's largest database of human capital metrics and benchmarks, to create a human capital metrics survey that benchmarks cable against other businesses. (Broadcast News)

Corporate America embraces social networking
IAS COLLEGE STUDENTS who are accustomed to finding each other on Facebook and MySpace graduate andstart working, the business world is adopting their social networking habits in the work-a-day world.  A handful of startups have launched social networking services to business users and to companies, hoping that new workers will use them to find customers and contacts the way they once used these sites to find dates. (Inside Bay Area)

Google caches Yahoo!'s top geek in India

Google, which has till now been on a futile search to hire good talent for its research centre in Bangalore, has come up with a prize catch: arch rival Yahoo!'s chief technology officer in India, Prasad Bharat Ram. Ram played a key role in building a 750-strong team of scientists and engineers in the two years he headed the company's Bangalore centre. That must come as big relief for the world's most-used search engine. In the last three years, Google India has been able to grow its R&D team to just around 100 scientists. (DNAIndia)

Sweden: Rethinking the IKEA Syndrome
At the world's largest IKEA, in Kungens Kurva outside Stockholm, what you don't see is as important as what you do. Venture inside, and you'll find wide aisles, dream-home displays, caravans of pushcarts and trolleys and stack upon stack of every conceivable item you could want for your home—not to mention armies of shopping-overdosed families heading for the self-service cafeteria.  Note that "self-service." For what you don't see is a complementary army of salespeople. Indeed, you may not see any. That's because IKEA, planted like so many blue-and-yellow Swedish flags in 35 countries, is even more Swedish than most people realize. It's so expensive to hire people in Sweden that companies from IKEA on down would much rather you helped yourself, thank you. As for the self-assembly presumed by most IKEA purchases? That's part of it, too. ......Until recently, most Swedes liked the idea that life in their country was more equitable than elsewhere. But global competition is now persuading many to rethink the whole issue of employment. McKinsey warned in August that the high cost of doing business in Sweden would force companies to "move 100,000 to 200,000 jobs offshore in the next 10 years." Sweden has enjoyed outstanding economic growth, but it came in part because companies shed jobs to boost productivity. In the run-up to last month's general election, the independent National Institute of Economic Research suggested that Sweden had hit a growth ceiling: unless the labor supply expanded, GDP growth would slow. (Newsweek International)

Realise your potential
If you really want to make sure you press all the right recruitment buttons, call in the experts, says Sue Weekes.
When recruitment management systems emerged in the 1990s, many HR professionals thought their prayers had been answered. They could reduce their reliance on recruitment agencies and handle a high volume of applications, and it meant employers could target and channel potential talent much more effectively. But while these systems have undoubtedly streamlined recruitment processes, many organisations are still failing to exploit their full potential. And with more than 100 recruitment management technology options, choosing and implementing a system is no simple task. (

Disney Recruiters Seek Lubbock College Students
Mickey Mouse is looking for college students interested in the opportunity of a lifetime. Disney is searching worldwide for students willing to spend a semester in Orlando, Florida, as part of a paid internship program. (KCBD!!)

Buffett warns execs to be alert on ethics
Don't be a lemming. That is Warren Buffett's warning to top executives at his company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. According to a story by The Associated Press, Buffett cautioned managers that many corporate scandals arise because questionable activity is accepted as normal behavior. (CourierPost)

Study: Commuting trends changing
• Immigration wave expected to have unexpected impact
• Working from home another new factor
For the tens of thousands of Central Valley residents who commute to work in the Los Angeles Basin or the San Francisco Bay Area, the daily slog through crawling traffic is part of life. But as the nation's population changes its makeup, largely through immigration, those patterns may change as well, a new report says. Commuting trends are changing as baby boomers near retirement age at the same time that a large immigrant population has joined the U.S. labor force, according to "Commuting in America III," the latest decadal review of the nation's commuting patterns authored by transportation consultant Alan Pisarski and published by the Transportation Research Board. (CVBT)

Two kinds of immigration
DEBATES OVER immigration have intensified over the past few years, but the nation's understanding of how immigration affects the economy has not kept up. Both those who want to liberalize immigration laws and those who favor severe restrictions have often provided incomplete or misleading analyses of how current practices affect the nation's labor market. These commentators also often fail to distinguish between the more favorable economic impacts of legal immigration and the more negative consequences of illegal immigration. (Boston.com)

A surge in immigration is spawning a backlashIn Charlotte, N.C., the foreign-born population is growing fast. So is the anger against them.
In the Mecklenburg County jail, an inmate in an orange jumpsuit puts his finger on an electronic pad and watches his fingerprint appear on a computer screen. Within minutes, the computer returns a name - Arturo Romero - with photographs and a rap sheet that details a history of petty offenses and illegal entries into the United States from Mexico. Romero, arrested here for having an open container of beer in a vehicle, now faces a trip to an immigration detention center in Atlanta and deportation to Mexico. In booming Charlotte, where rapid growth and plentiful jobs have attracted thousands of illegal immigrants, Romero is the latest catch in an aggressive new effort to turn routine arrests into one-way tickets out of the country. (philly.com)


Deep Release:
Five ways to defuse the demographic time bomb
Europe's ageing population is an unprecedented challenge for the whole of society, but it is a challenge we must rise to, and we must rise to it now, concludes the European Commission's new Communication on "The demographic future of Europe – from challenge to opportunity". It underlines Member States' ability to meet the challenges of a shrinking workforce and an ageing population. The keys to success are the promotion of demographic renewal, more jobs and longer working lives, higher productivity, integrating migrants and sustainable public finances.
Vladimír Špidla, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities said: "Concerns over the demographic time-bomb must translate into action and reform now. The next 10 years provide us with a window of opportunity. Let's not miss it!"

The new Communication sets out five areas for concrete action to help Member States adapt to demographic change in their own national context:

  1. Helping people to balance work, family and private life so that potential parents can have the number of children they desire;
  2. Improving work opportunities for older people;
  3. Increasing potentially productivity and competitiveness by valuing the contributions of both older and younger employees;
  4. Harnessing the positive impact of migration for the job market;
  5. Ensuring sustainable public finances to help guarantee social protection in the long-term.

Commissioner Špidla added: "The Europe of tomorrow starts today. Public policies need to be adapted to the new demographic order. For example: increasingly women between 30 and 45 have to carry a triple burden: having children, making a career and taking care of aging parents. In a "life cycle approach" we need to make our educational systems and our work patterns more flexible to support those who want to have children when they want them." He added: "It is important that member states give a strong signal to businesses and citizens to change their expectations and attitudes, particularly in the labour market."

The EU's strategy for "Growth and Jobs" is designed to meet the challenges of ageing. It sets out concrete steps for reform: Changes are needed in the way businesses operate, the way we organise work and how we manage change. Today's Communication does not call for a new strategy to deal with ageing, but rather underlines the need for Member States to step up efforts and make the "Growth and Jobs" strategy a reality. The challenge of Europe's ageing population needs to be integrated in all policies.

Europeans are living longer, in better health and women have more equal access to the job market. These are positive developments. But we also have to reform our retirement policies. First results in member states are encouraging and show that Europe can rise to the challenge.

Today, there are four people of working age for every person over 65. Falling birth rates, rising life expectancy and the retirement of the baby-boom generation mean that, by 2050, this ratio will have dropped to two workers paying for one pensioner. But even though the share of Europe's working age population will fall, overall employment in the EU is projected to continue rising until 2017, due to more women and older people entering the labour market and staying in work.

Today's communication follows up on the recent public consultation on demography[1] and the Hampton Court informal summit in October 2005. At the same day, the European Commission is launching a management and labour consultation on balancing professional, private and family life and publishing a communication on the sustainability of public finances (see IP/06/1356)

Launch of the first stage of consultation of the social partners on the issue of reconciliation of professional, private and family life

Much progress has already been made at EU level to ensure maternity and parental entitlements for workers. Member States that have gone beyond Community legislation in this area have shown the benefits of reconciliation policies: combine flexible leave arrangements, quality care facilities for children and other dependent family members and thereby ensure that more women participate in the labour market.

The Demography Forum

Most of the issues linked to the demography debate are the responsibility of Member States but they concern the EU as a whole. As a follow-up to today's Communication, the Commission will be hosting on October 30th and 31st the first biannual European Demographic Forum, bringing together national government experts in the field. The aim is to identify and exchange best practices on ageing policies (See attached MEMO/06/372 for examples of successful policies from Member States), providing Member States with new ideas as well as helping eliminate the perception of ageing as a threat to our economic and social prosperity.


[1] 2005 Green Paper public consultation on demography:

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