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Cease Fire: Best of the Blogs

(September 11, 2006) Here's this week's best. Be sure to read the comments.
  • Jobs Boards: A shotgun or a rifle?
    Michael Arrington misses the point about all the targeted job boards popping up lately. I don't want to have my own garden, a sort of mini monster.com. I want to be a part of an ecosystem. There's no way we can compete with the big job boards fighting individual battles. We need to partner, create a distributed system, and win virally. (37 Signals)
  • Handling Negative Blogger Feedback
    One of the hard-learned tricks in blogging is learning when to respond to negative feedback from the community. Jeff Hunter, who writes Talentism and now is working on the SimplyHired blog, demonstrates one way how to deftly handle criticism. (StLouisRecruiting)
  • Rub a Dub Dub
    John Sumser forces the dim-witted among us to google the crypto-heading of his article ZPG to find it means "Zero Population Growth." In his Electronic Recruiting News article, John Sumser bullet points some changes to note as the global talent shortage becomes even more acute. In a rare departure from protocol, he publishes a reply not to save himself the bother of writing something before taking off a long Labor Day Weekend but because Colin Kingsbury is one of the very few in the recruiting bubble who John Sumser endorses, and for heaven’s sake, why not? (Recruitomatic)


  • What If They Threw a War and Nobody Came?
    You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you

    --Leon Trotsky
    Amitai Givertz continues to do what he does best, which is to saunter through the halls, rolling a flash-bang grenade into each room he passes to see who comes running out. The present discussion began with my contention that the talent war may not be what it seems in response to John Sumser's restatement of the conventional wisdom. (HRMDirect)
  • Social media Darwinism - survival of the fittest in a social media world
    A whole different kind of evolution
    A lot of you have heard about the trouble Facebook is having with its new feed and mini-feed functionality. I've been meaning to pick up the thread I introduced about social media Darwinism in my recent post about Digg.com and Newsvine, two other social media communities, and then Amitai got me off my rear by forwarding this related link to me on Facebook. (Exceller8ion)
  • Fakin' It
    We can't stress this enough, if your first pass on applicants is to sort resumes, you are making a big mistake. Granted, you have to look at their history, but odds are you are looking at an embellished document. (HireSense)
  • Profession Outsourcing: Is BPO Taking On A New Twist?
    When you break down business process outsourcing into its individual functions we can start to analyze the impact increased adoption is having on national economies and business infrastructures. With the manufacturing outsourcing of the last few decades, we have been dealing simply with products being made cheaper be it a Volkswagen or a Christmas-cracker with the design, innovation remaining with the Western organization. Economies have tackled this by redeploying workers into other industries, or learning to compete by delivering greater quality or value. (Human Capitalist)
  • Talent Management Must Be Mutually Benefitting for Employer and Employee (or Candidate)
    I was watching NBC Nightly News last week (I really don't watch that much TV) when they featured a segment on MTV turning 25. As they went through the segment, they talked about how MTV helped influence modern pop culture throughout the years including showcasing new pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 80s, the launch of reality TV with The Real World in the 90s, and now Celebrity TV with The Newlyweds and Cribs more recently. (Human Capitalist)
  • Online Publishing
    Dave My friend with the 500 hats has written a post and I am asking if you could come here to recruiting.com and please explain what you are saying. I think I understand it but I need to be sure . (Recruiting.com)
  • 50+ and unemployed?
    Consider becoming a truck driver. Apparently it's all the rage among older couples these days. Faced with a worsening shortage of long-haul truck drivers, freight carriers are turning to the RV generation, aggressively recruiting older couples like the Fords to climb behind the wheel. Schneider National Inc., the Green Bay, Wis., company that hired the Fords and put them through driving school, fishes for applicants through AARP, the advocacy group for people 50 and older, and has a Web page for "mature workers." This fall, the American Trucking Association plans a billboard and television ad blitz to lure older drivers. (Recruiting.com)
  • Does Six Sigma Have a Place in Sales?
    An article on Six Sigma in Selling Power's newsletter caught my interest. We are all quite familiar with Six Sigma in manufacturing and engineering, but Six Sigma and sales? It seems a little far fetched. The article is based on Michael Webb's (founder of Sales Performance Consultants) sales process which is broken down into 5 steps. Webb contends that Six Sigma "applies science to the art of sales to consistently improve results." (HireSense)

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