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Bob v 77

(July 21, 2006)
  • Talent Management Goes Beyond Your Company
    New England has arguably some of the best universities in the world. One would think that talent would be plentiful and limitless. Untrue says a recent study sponsored by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. New England states will face a shortage of educated young workers if demographic trends continue according to the study. In Massachusetts and Connecticut in particular, those states stands to lose tens of thousands of young workers by 2020, a period when the same critical workforce will grow in other regions. Additionally, the working-age population of the key New England states, specifically Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine will shrink over the same period. (Human Capitalist)
  • The Future of Open Source Applications
    Open source technologies have been part of the software and technology landscape for quite some time.  Except for the very notable exceptions of Linux and Java which have acheived mainstream success, other open source applications have not had the same market impact.  Perhaps this is a bit unfair as Java and Linus are applications that are more globally deployed by nature, and other open source applications would by nature be more contained to a specific industry or market segment.  For example, why would I have ever heard of open source CRM code?  I have however heard of open source applicant tracking. (Systematic HR)

  • Building a Bench
    Last week, Dave Lefkow delivered a great article on ERE where he made the point through a baseball analogy that one cannot focus on hiring superstars alone. 'B' Players, as Dave referred to them, are also highly valuable and key contributors to any team, whether that team is in the world of business or athletics. I'd like to add on to Dave's baseball analogy with one of my own, and a timely one at that as the Lerners are preparing to take over ownership of the Washington Nationals and 'Paint The Town Red' this weekend. (from the trenches)

  • Employers Are Destined to be Disappointed, Unless They Can Describe Their Jobs Properly
    I know this article is going to be controversial because businesses that rely on employer and recruiters are very reluctant to admit, that the customer isn't always right.If employers do not put what they are looking for accurately in the job description they can't expect to find it. It is like going on a road trip through New York State with a map of Arizona. Good luck. (College Recruiter)

  • How We As Geeks Are Motivated
    While we are not coders or programmers, Julian and I affectionately think of ourselves as "A Couple of Geeks". We love all gadgets, computers and I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for software and ATS systems. (Exceller8ion)

  • Jobster Redesign
    This past week, job search and recruiting Web site Jobster launched a site redesign that includes interesting new features, as well as an all-new visual look and feel. The first thing that caught my attention is the new visual design. Gone are the illustrated people and thought bubbles that were so recognizably Jobster. In are a red, yellow and orange color scheme, a tech/digital-style wordmark and a new tagline, "Meet your future." Upon seeing the new design, I immediately looked down at my Jobster paper cube and pocket folder and missed those illustrated peeps, whomever they were. (Beyond The Ats)
  • Over the River and Into the Trees
    Just finished a couple of presentations at the Western Benefits conference--a joint annual conference of the Western Pension & Benefits Conference and the American Society of Professional Pension Actuaries. My panel, which I shared with Franklin Templeton's Nicole Smith and The 401(k) Company's Danny Ischy was, as you'd probably expect if you're a reader of this site, about employment brand, but in a benefits context. I began with an overview of brand--what it is, what it isn't, how brand and branding differ, etc.--and concluded with the somewhat faded Southwest case study from Libby Sartain's early years. (Kippen)

  • What is happening in e-recruitment blogging
    Wow, miss a few weeks from reading all of the blogs and look what you miss. Jason Davis and friends have kicked off a really cool idea: Blog Swap Which, of course, I have missed out on - but my old mate Mike Taylor has gotten into. Mike has been around since the earliest days of web recruiting at Nokia here in Europe - and was a great wing man for many of my presentations in the 'how to do online recruitment' seminar series here in the UK. Check out his blog on the CIPD recruitment/retention survey. If nothing else, it shows how slow progress is by the main HR industry body in actually surveying the right things about e-recruitment. (e-recruitment strategy)

  • A Crescenzo Knock-Off
    I was looking at my blog this morning and thinking, man, this time of year no one wants to be reading about whether or not you should include lists of retiring employees in your company publication. So I figured, if I'm going to keep this blog alive between now and September, I may as well provide  you with some light summer reading. Something lively and fun, like my friend Steve C. does so well in his blog, Corporate Hallucinations. (For Your Approval)
  • The Emergence of "Super Commuters"
    My good friend John Campbell of Francis Cauffman Foley Hoffmann in Philadelphia tipped me to an intriguing article on the BBC News website ("The new commuter belt"), by Sean Coughlan (John is a Brit so he does a good job of checking on the homey news and passing on good stuff about the future of work in Europe to me - thanks John!).Anyway, the article describes a new "breed" of long-distance commuters who live in one country but are employed in another. (Future Of Work)

  • Branding vs the blogosphere  
    Just what is true and authentic speech? When does the corporate vs. human speech change?Whom do you trust? On my earlier posts on Employer Branding (one and two), here are two posts, one by Seth Godin who says in Fear of a small enemy (Gautam Ghosh)
  • Follow the Talent
    Since February's publishing of Talent Force, we have been fortunate enough to have seen many examples surface of what we have written about in the book. One of those concepts is the partnership with companies and municipalities to recreate the modern-day version of the "Company Town". Hank likes to say that with 40 acres and a wi-fi, anything is possible. Earlier this year, we wrote a blog that gave some ideas for the Governors of the United States. We would like to go further with that topic here. (Hank 'n Rusty)
  • Be good, be memorable or be gone
    I could never count the number of people I have interviewed in my years of recruiting; many, many people. I've shaken many hands, caught many colds, asked many questions. Every once in a while, I have a candidate whom I've met in the past contact me again. Sometimes they start out with "I'm not sure if you remember me, but...". Based on pure numbers, the answer is usually no. I'm one of those people that can read a book and then read it again a few years later. I don't remember the details of the plot, but I remember if it was a good book or not. I really like F. Scott Fitzgerald, but The Great Gatsby, in my mind, is about a guy who lives someplace on Long Island named after an egg (am I right?..I don't remember). One of the better books I don't remember. (HeatherLeigh )
  • Blog Swap: Talent Wars 2.0 Does your recruiting strategy reflect what's important to your candidates?
    As part of the Big Bad Recruiting Blog Swap, today's post is brought to you by David Perry The talent wars are back --- with a vengeance. Are you ready? Are you positioning your company to win? More than ever in our history, huge value is being leveraged from smart ideas - and the wining technology and business models they create. So the people who can deliver them are becoming invaluable, and methods of employing and managing them are being transformed just as baby-boomers are retiring in record numbers. The pundits refer to this as a candidate driven market. (HireCalling)
  • Google "Office" - A Talent Management Differentiator?
    An office environment can do alot with employee satisfaction and retention.  It can be used as a recruiting tool.  It can encourage creativity and innovation.  It can even cultivate collaboration and teamwork.  SiliconBeat writes about Google's architecture as a competitive advantage and links to a recent news article about this recent undertaking.  It is interesting that they are also using the office design to create an employee brand of secrecy and exclusivity.  According to the article... (Human Capitalist)
  • Talk About Hewitt
    There's been a lot of it lately.  Our own Donald Glade wrote about it here, and Jason did here.
    First off, my response to Jason Corsello:  ADP should not buy Hewitt.

    • ADP does not have a proven track record integrating acquisitions into their business model.  They acquire and then try to turn every acquisition into an ADP.  It doesn't work when the services you provide are so dependent on the people doing the work. (SystematicHR)

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