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(April 19, 2006) We're thinking a good bit about referrals these days. As Jobster morphs into a broad spectrum Recruiting services company, they seem to be losing their initial edge as a referral service. The change in focus is the same issue we discussed in our recent pieces on Zoominfo.

So, we're trying to figure out whether or not purity matters. Is referral a discrete segment communications problem or is it smart to merge the various recruitment tools into a single swiss army knife? (Even Victorinox doesn't call them knives anymore. They're multitools.) We're tempted to say that before you go ahead and stretch the definition of things, it's good to get the fundamentals right.

There is a lot to be learned about referrals.

The most obvious questions are:

  • Do referral systems negatively or positively impact diversity programs?
  • On a related note, do referral programs really get you "more of the same"?
  • Is there a limit to the extension of the referral network? (In other words, do you, at some point, reach a set of diminishing returns?)
  • What is the geographical or industrial overlap between competitor referral groups?
  • Are referral processes fundamentally geographical? Do they evolve along professional lines or other affiliations?
  • Are there really "super connected" referrers?
  • What are the things that supplement and/or turbocharge the referral process?
  • Can a referral system be built on a blog (or other publication) audience?
  • Is there enough connection between members of an audience to consider them the foundation of a referral program?
  • Does a purchased audience (using job ads or outright click acquisition) improve or corrupt the value of a referral system?
  • What are the ten things that are most likely to improve referral program results?
  • Is money only useful during an employment peak (like today's environment) or should it be a component of the overall offering?

We've emailed these questions to Jason Goldberg (via Dave Lefkow) and Hans Gieskes looking for answers from the industry leaders (Jobster and H3). We'd be happy to hear from any other network referral software providers. We'll post you as we get info.

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Thanks to Colin Kingsbury at HRMDirect who took the time to explain how this works. It turns out that if you do the process (pick a number, add the digits in that number, subtract that number from the original), you always get a number that can be divided by 9. Then, all you have to do is make all the numbers that can be divided by 9 have the same symbol.  As Colin said so elegantly, "It's a fancy version of a two headed coin."

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