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Room 4 Improvement 12

(April 12, 2006)  Wrapup.

We've looked at a broad range of perspectives on the Job Board front. While they are not the only tool in the box, job boards are good at what they do. To us, that looks like communicating effectively with 27% of the potential workforce.  Job boards are not good at doing some things, including communicating with the remainder of the group (The other 73%)

There is some reason to wonder whether or not job boards are effective tools for reaching a younger demographic. While the 35 and over set is used to the idea of online classified advertising and the widest possible dissemination of personal data, things are different in the iPod generation. Job boards may not be as smart a method for those cases. The age old question, "Are job boards better for reaching out to some professions, ethnicities, geographies or specific demographic slices?" is somewhat less clear. Job boards reach the audiences they reach.

(If you are trying to assess the effectiveness of job boards for reaching your target market, try the following. Get the number of people in the category you are trying to recruit. You'll probably want to be geographically specific. Then, get the number of resumes for that profession in that geography in the database(s) of the job boards you are using. Divide one by the other. The resulting number tells you what percent of the target audience you might reach (at best) by using the job board(s).)

We asked Dub Dubs for a quick recap:

There do seem to be some old and new solutions to talent acquisition problems. While job boards may not be the end of all recruiting solutions, they are a part of the entire picture. But there are non-technology tools that greatly impact the recruiting function as well.

  • The first solutions is that recruiters need to be more innovative. In the healthcare industry, I've run across hospitals who actively recruit students not to go to work for them, but to enroll in nursing schools. These hospitals understand they are not in a fight with other staffing competitors, but that they are in a fight with other industries. In order to recruit, they try to hire, they try to expand their supplier market.
  • Second, employer branding is insufficiently utilized. Recruiters often think about compensation and benefits, training and growth opportunities. But employer brand is much broader than that and symbolizes often important and un-quantifiable values to potential employees.
  • Third, utilize outsourcers. Talk about drinking from a firehose. How a let an RPO drown in the mess of resumes and filter out the best just for you?

There is no one size fits all job board. Nor is there a one strategy fits all. Each employer is going to find its own best combination of traditional technology, innovative practices, employer branding and external resources. Any employer who relies on less than every potential solution at their disposal will find themselves receding into the pits of recruiting failure.

Over the next month or so, we'll start looking at a range of alternatives for reaching the other 73%.

Revisiting The Job Board:

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