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Room 4 Improvement 10

(April 07, 2006)  Fraud and Resume Inflation.

When we asked Hank Stringer (founder of Hire.com and bestselling author) to think about the job board question, we received a dense torrent of ideas in response:

  • Solve the 'results' problem versus creating 'neat' business models based on search or networking technology.
  • Job descriptions at corporate and public job boards are typically not compelling, unique or truthful. This alone ensures a 'channel' of unqualified or no qualified candidates.
  • Filter in engaging steps that are meaningful and do so in automatic ways that enable the recruiter by saving time – drives efficiency and results.
  • Provide the prospective candidate a great experience – this means less gets more. And understand the 'passive' candidate definition is no more…information is too available. Candidates are quiet…they have choice and knowledge through Internet transparency and will become known when they chose.
  • Give people compelling information and ensure a great experience if you want dynamic recruiting results.

We don't think we're stretching the point when we say that there are vastly more fraudulent job postings than there are fraudulent resumes. One of the reasons that some fraud is an inherent part of our industry is that the median performance level is so frighteningly low. Remember what Dub Dubs said?

The job design function (that usually resides in compensation) is critical to the understanding of the recruiting function. All too often, job design is ignored not only be recruiting, but by the organization in general. Job design should kick off and form a solid foundation for recruiting, and it's often not performed, or not updated often enough. Job definitions then become stale and recruiters recruit based on invalid job assumptions.

In plain English, that means that most job ads are written without real access to the truth about the job. From here, it often looks like job ads are designed to troll for a certain kind of person rather than as a way to fill a specific position. In most knowledge based organizations, jobs change so fast that it's hard to pin a specific position down.

So you have job hunters trying to say the right thing to get noticed by job givers who are intentionally vague. Then, both sides complain about the lack of efficiency in the space.

Fraud and dishonesty are harsh words to use in an environment that thrives on ambiguity. A difficult part of the reality that is the employment market is that posturing is required on both sides of the equation. Not all jobs are dream jobs (or even Hot). Not all applicants are all stars.

Revisiting The Job Board:

 John Sumser . - .  Permalink . - . Today's Bugler

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