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Room 4 Improvement 9

(April 06, 2006)  Privacy and confidentiality, the next issues on the job board list, are two sides of the same coin. Some candidates don't want their information cycling around the net (Privacy). Some companies don't want information about certain jobs floating around (Confidentiality).

Given the fact that the Recruiting profession is dominated by folks in their 30s, 40s and 50s, it's easy to understand differences in perception on these questions.

We had a group of video game developers and animation majors review the msg.jobs site we reviewed recently. Here is one comment:

I get the sense, just from a little exploration, that they get what's going on. They need US. They need new people who are doing it on their own, because, at least from this GAMER's point of view, their ideas are tired. To me, this says to me, Mr. New-Gen Gamer-Programmer "Uber Geek," you are going to beat us, so let us buy you out. The people they get will be the people who wouldn't get work so freely otherwise. The benefits package is the selling point. If I'm going to make videogames with or without microsoft, money and dental care are really big convincers. They need me, and that's the reason I need them. Actually, the resources are impressive too.

Microsoft is Microsoft. I may be out of date, but I have a pretty negative image of them. This site sort of just plays into that. I bet it sells to the two years out of college crowd better.

All that being said, I almost filled out the form, because it seemed so easy. But then I thought better than to have Microsoft know who I am.

In other words, privacy is a case dependent variable. Microsoft has an employment brand that makes certain demographics nervous about sharing information with them. (You should have seen their eyes bug out when we told them about Shally's operation.) In the sub 30 set, information privacy is a substantial issue. Job boards are unlikely to consistently reach a subset of this group. Identity Theft is a common concern.

Confidentiality, the idea that some employment transactions should be private, is the other side. Ask any competitive intelligence expert how to disect a company. They'll tell you to Google them, look up their SEC information and then go to the job boards. Strategies and plans become manifest once the jobs are assembled into coherent piles.

Revisiting The Job Board:

 John Sumser . - .  Permalink . - . Today's Bugler

SmartPost: Job posting without the guesswork.

If you don't know where your applicants are coming from, chances are you're wasting time and money. SmartPost takes the guesswork out of online posting efforts. How? When you post through our system, detailed metrics tell you the source of your candidates, and help you adjust your strategy accordingly.

SmartPost answers recruiters' burning questions:

  • Where are my candidates really coming from?
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And with the largest variety of job boards, SmartPost has the right sites no matter what you're sourcing for. It automatically recommends the sites that will generate the best response from thousands of choices, including niche, local, diversity and free boards. The result? More posts where the hires are.

Stop guessing. Come take a look [www.smartpost.com]

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