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6 Years Ago

(April 05, 2006) We took a quick look back at some of our earlier writings regarding the passive candidate.


(February 11, 2000) To say that our staff has tortured and dissected every brand name in the space would be to miss the long afternoons of laughter as they waded through website reviews. It's easy pickings. Last year's primary pattern, at some levels of the industry, seemed to involve taking perfectly good brand names, throwing them in the trash and paying an expensive naming consultant to develop a ridiculous replacement. As is often the case when spending someone else's money, there was too much cash and not enough sense.

That's why we registered jobmarley.com. Featuring Job-Rasta-Fair-I and beach-level recruiting, we expect that our naming prowess will soon make us billionaires. We are ready to guarantee that jobmarley.com will consistently produce the most passive candidates of any known vendor in the Industry. Our motto is simple: "Got a pulse, get a job; don't apply, just be".

If our candidates aren't passive enough, we'll bet that they know several who are even more passive.

The really good thing about the name is its dual nature. If times get tough, we can switch from a Reggae theme to a Dickensian mood at will. Imagine JobMarley, the ghost of Christmas past, meeting Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim saying "Welcome to the job board for those who are willing to work for a turkey."

Now that we think of it, we could have a Tiny Tim in either setting.

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Keep up with Revisiting The Job Board Series:

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SmartPost: Job posting without the guesswork.

If you don't know where your applicants are coming from, chances are you're wasting time and money. SmartPost takes the guesswork out of online posting efforts. How? When you post through our system, detailed metrics tell you the source of your candidates, and help you adjust your strategy accordingly.

SmartPost answers recruiters' burning questions:

  • Where are my candidates really coming from?
  • Which job boards are performing?
  • Where are we losing candidates?
  • Where are the opportunities for improving my sourcing?
And with the largest variety of job boards, SmartPost has the right sites no matter what you're sourcing for. It automatically recommends the sites that will generate the best response from thousands of choices, including niche, local, diversity and free boards. The result? More posts where the hires are.

Stop guessing. Come take a look [www.smartpost.com]

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