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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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(March 08, 2006) 
  • Ethics in San Diego?
    The Electronic Recruiting Exchange is holding its ERExpo 2006 Spring Conference in San Diego, March 14-16. Great show, great presentations, great networking. What do Heather Hamilton, Jeff Hunter, Michael Homula, Dave Lefkow, and David Gebler have in common? All are part of a Discussion Panel on March 16th entitled, Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Look at Ethics in Recruiting. Aside from Gebler, none of them are attorneys (not that this is a requirement), Research Fellows in Ethics (very impressive), or have conducted numerous training sessions on ethics. Is a background in ethics necessary to discuss ethics? Yes and no. (RecruitingEdge)
  • Remote workers let it all hang out
    The growing trend towards home working is breeding a more productive and certainly in terms of personal habits a surprisingly more liberated workforce. A survey of almost 1,000 remote and mobile workers worldwide by Insight Express and SonicWALL found that three-quarters believe that working remotely is an aid to productivity and six out of 10 are also convinced that their managers agree with them. But the survey also revealed that most are surprisingly relaxed about their personal habits when working remotely. While four out of 10 of respondents of both sexes said they wear casual sweats while working from home, 12 per cent of males and 7 per cent of females admitted that they sometimes work wearing nothing at all. (Management Issues) (via George's Employment Blawg)
  • Trends in HR Marketing: Annual Findings
    We've released a new (and free) research report, revealing best practices in marketing and selling to human resource decision makers and employee benefit brokers. The report, entitled "Trends in HR Marketing: Annual Findings" is the first in a 4-part series. Download the report for free. (HRMarketer)
  • Seven good reasons to blog
    In It's the thought that counts by James Silver of The Guardian it is argued that "an ever-growing band of media personalities are turning to blogging as a means of increasing their profile." He goes on to suggest no self-respecting columnist can survive without a blog. The advantages of blogging, however, seems to be less about following an Internet trend and more about a number of other factors that include: (Work Related Blogs and News)
  • It's all about the user Part 2
    I'm not going to surprise many people by saying point solutions generally have better usability than ERP solutions. Yeah now I've pissed off all the SAP and PeopleSoft users out there. If you think about an ERP, they are attempting to develop software across an enterprise primarily for users who don't have a choice. Finance is going to use whatever they are given. So are the guys over in manufacturing and operations. If we're in supply chain, the vendors/suppliers are definitely not going to complain about your system (generally). HR is one of the few places where the user population has other options. Managers and employees have historically been able to complete tasks through manual effort and facsimile (fax) machines. While this creates more work for HR, it's more comfortable to the manager/employee. (SystematicHR)
  • It is better to be thought a fool...
     In May, Jason Davis, John Sumser, Heather Hamilton, and I are supposed to be on a panel at the Kennedy Expo, talking about the use of blogs in recruiting. So you can imagine my surprise when Mr. Sumser decided to launch an all-out personal attack on Heather for daring to state her personal views on using metrics in HR. I do not know John Sumser personally - never had a personal conversation with him, and aside from reading his column, don't know much about his background. I don't know if he suffered a personal trauma, lost an account, or if he just doesn't like competition from bloggers - but his column was vicious, poorly reasoned, and quite frankly inexcusable in polite company. (Recruiting.com)
  • The Battle to Recruit Intellectual Capital
    When you think of Google, you think: Smart company. Smart people. Recruiters speak of the "Google factor"; companies that fear Google not just because the company could move into their markets -- from newspapers to book publishers, mapmakers and retailers -- but because Google may snag the "genius" talent needed to invigorate today's businesses and think up tomorrow's innovations. So companies are not just thinking about Google, but thinking and recruiting like Google. Attracting smart, creative professionals with the brains needed to build a company's future can mean a pitched battle to recruit top-shelf technical professionals. (Monster)
  • Hear All, Hear All: Internet Job Boards Form New Industry Association
    With all of the available job boards, it should come as no surprise that some 500 of them (!) have announced the formation of a new industry association for job boards.  The goals of this new trade association include getting "relief" from the new OFCCP internet applicant rule. This appears, in fact, to be a major priority for the new group. Their mission is to serve as a reliable source of timely and accurate information about the services, practices, and status of the global online employment industry. (Emblawg)
  • Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point: A Change Agent Manifesto
    Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point, is much more than a fascinating publication that blends epidemiology, psychology, sociology and scientific work to explain current societal trends and behavior in a captivating manner. The bestseller offers some incredibly pithy tips and techniques for guiding organization change, even though that's not the book's central message. Organization development practitioners, change-oriented leaders and other learning thirsty persons should read the book to learn how the three rules of epidemics can also apply in leading successful change efforts. (CenekReport)

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